The War Hero's Second Chance Mate

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Ellie Miller was once a normal 23-year-old woman who was a soldier from the army and she was once known as a War Hero. The woman respected her empowerment and abilities as a soldier. One day, when she came back to America, she met her first mate, Travis, who was a rogue that got hurt from escaping pack warriors after trespassing on a pack's land. When Ellie treated him, that's when they recognized each other as mates. Long story short, Travis and Ellie got married and they had a pup called Lucy. Ellie's life was happy but, happy moments like this never last. One night, Lucy died in her sleep and then a few months after her death, Travis was diagnosed with cancer but, there was no cure. After losing both of her loved ones, she couldn't bring herself to move on from her first mate and she no longer smiled again. Ellie even pushed her friends away including her best friends from the army. Jackson, the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack, was taking a run through the woods until he heard gunfire. When he sensed a hunter was in the area, he smelled something nice and that's when he spotted Ellie, who was out on another job. The werewolves believe the moon Goddess blesses them a second chance mate after losing their first one. However, Ellie doesn't want anything to do with her new mate and it looks like Jackson has his work cut out for him when he tries to win over his Luna.

Adventure / Fantasy
Kiera Morrison
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Chapter 1


Everyone has a story to tell. Every single turn out to be a kid's fairytale, a legend, a myth or someone's life story. I also have a story to tell, it's about a woman who was once a war hero and then she found her 'happily ever after'. She has a husband who loved her dearly and a daughter who she thought would call her 'mama'. You think this story I'm about to tell you is going to have a happy ending, don't you? well, that's where you're wrong because the story I'm about to tell you doesn't just have a happy ending it also has a horrible end too.

Let's start from the beginning, my name is Ellie Miller. I'm 23 years old, I was once a soldier from the army and now I'm a widow. Yes, the story that I mentioned before, is about me. I believed in happy endings as a child and I believed that I would find the one that I love and start a family but, that all ended tragically when my husband and my daughter died.

Right now, I'm at the graveyard with a bouquet of roses and a daisy that I picked up from the fields before coming here. I walked over to my husband's and daughter's graves. I crouched down and then I placed the roses on Travis' grave and the daisy on Lucy's grave.

I wiped the leaves off of their stone heads and I stared at them sadly before I got the family photo of the three of us together from my wallet where I kept it. I looked at the picture before mumbling.

"I miss you..."

3 years earlier...

I recently got back home from being deployed to Afghanistan and I was bandaged from head to toe. I had bandages and other dressings around my back, collarbone, my stomach and my right arm was in a sling. Sarah, my best friend, ran over to me and she hugs me.

"Ellie! thank goodness you're home!!"

"Ow! ow! Sarah!" I shouted in pain.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Sarah shouted in a nervous tone. She looked at me up and down and asked me.

"When I got the call that you were badly injured I panicked, what the hell happened?"

"A mission went badly wrong that's what happened. My buddies and I were scouting enemy territory until we were captured. The terrorists tried to torture us to get the information about us but, we did our best to keep quiet. I was lucky enough to survive."

"And what about Lousia, Amy and Jackie? are they...?"

I shook my head for a no and told her.

"By the time the rescue team arrived, it was too late. They're gone..." I said as I lowered my head sadly.

Sarah looked at me with a shocked expression and then she placed her hand on my shoulder.

"Oh Ellie, I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault, come on, let's go home."

I said as I got in the car with Sarah. She drove me back home and then I headed inside. I looked around and it was quiet since my previous boyfriend broke up with me before I was deployed. Sarah walked into the kitchen and asked me.

"Do you want tea, coffee or something stronger?"

"No, I'm good thanks. I'm really tired, can you please leave so I can go for a nap?"

"All right, call me if you need anything."

"Thanks, Sarah."

I told her before she left the house. I headed upstairs and I went into my room. I placed my rucksack on the floor and I spotted a note on my bed. It was from Frank, my ex-boyfriend.


I'm sorry I wasn't there when you left and I'm also sorry for not being there when I heard you got hurt. But, I have my reasons. I'm sorry that we broke up but, I just to let you know, I kept the place clean and spotless for you when you come back and I have cleared out my stuff so you won't have to see the consent reminder. I hope you feel better and I hope we can still be friends.

From Frank.

I smiled a little when I read the note. At least he made a bit of an effort to clear out his things instead of me going Hulk smash on him. I chuckled at that thought before putting my stuff away. Once I was done putting my stuff away, I looked at the last group picture of me and my best buddies. We were grinning happily during the new year's eve party and Amy decided to take a group selfie before we were deployed.

I sighed sadly after recalling my last moments with them before they were killed. I looked at myself in the mirror and the body that I loved was now scarred.

"I'm sorry my friends..." I mumbled quietly before I sat alone in the darkroom.

A few months later...

A while had passed after I came back and the funeral for my army buddies. I know some people would say to me that it takes time to for my injuries to heal but, the one thing that didn't heal was my heart. I feel...sad all the time and I didn't have the energy to do anything anymore.

I was sitting in the pub with my hood on and I gulped down another drink of cider. I sighed again and I thought to myself.

'Some war hero I turn out to be...'

The reason why I was known as a war hero is that I'm known for my bravery in battle and how well I fought in the battle. But, those days are way behind me ever since I left the army. I still get flashbacks every now and again but, no matter how hard I try to sleep at night, they always get worse and I can still hear my friends' screams of pain as they were being tortured.

Those night terrors get worse each day and I couldn't tell anyone about them. I started taking sleeping pills to help me sleep at night which did work for a while but, not for very long. I sighed again before I stood up and paid for my drink and leaving the pub. I walked through the dark streets as the rain started to fall and then Sarah spotted me.


Sarah looked both ways before crossing the road. She came over to me and she was surprised when she saw the state I was in.

"Ellie...oh god, what happened to you?"

"Night terrors," I spoke in an emotionless tone.

"Oh Ellie, why didn't you tell me or anyone else for that matter?"

"I did but, all I've been doing is taking sleeping pills...they help but, not for very long."

I spoke with no emotion in my voice. Sarah sighed a little after smelling my breath.

"Oh for goodness sake, have you been drinking?"

"I might have had a drink or two..."

"Ellie, drinking and taking pills are a very bad combination."

"I don't care, now please leave me alone."

I told her before I walked away with a frown on my face. I continued to walk through the streets with the dark thoughts still haunting in my mind until I heard someone groan in pain. I looked to the side and I spotted someone in a dark ally. I cautiously approached the man and I called out to him.


I asked as I approached him. I noticed he has dark brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin. He was wearing a black T-shirt, a black hoodie, baggy trousers and black and white canvas shoes.

I crouched down and I said to him.

"Are you okay?"

"Do I look okay?" He rudely spoke to me with a frown.

I looked at him again and I noticed that he was injured. He was clutching his side and I said to him.

"What the hell happened to you?"

"I rather not say."

"Well, it doesn't look that bad but, I'll bring you back to my place, just in case. Come on."

I said as I placed his arm over my shoulder before helping onto his feet. I felt strange sparks when I touched him but, I shrugged it off as I helped this mysterious man back to my place. Once we got back to my place, I placed him on the couch and I went into the bathroom to grab the first aid kit.

I got back to the man and I carefully lifted his shirt and I was shocked when I saw the injury. It looked like some kind of animal had attacked him. I opened the first aid kit and I said to him.

"I'm going to help you, here this outta help to numb the pain."

I said as I gave the man some painkillers and then I stitched his injury. The man groaned in pain a little and then I placed a dressing over his injury.

"There you go, that will do for now. If it gets worse let me know."

I looked at the man and he was already asleep. I giggled at the sight of him before I stood up.

"Well, I better leave him to rest."

I was about to leave until the man grabbed my wrist to stop me from leaving. I looked at him and he was mumbling in his sleep.

"Please...don't leave me..."

I grabbed a chair and I stayed beside my mysterious guest all night.

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