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" I want to feel and connect to life, to be bad and enjoy it. I want to move on to a different stage like others and embrace all the tragedies moments to myself . I want to go deep into adventure and experience a crooked life,I need your help". Callie Anderson tells her best friend Isabella white,who freaks out but agrees to help. Her life gets harder and harder , leaving regrets and disasters on the way. Now she is left facing her family and learning to value what she has.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Heartbreak)

Callie! I heard mom call with her thin voice, Isabella is here. I grumbled and tossed myself over and over again on my soft and comfy bed. Did she just say Isabella was here , shit I yelled as my eye finally opened and I realized it was a Monday morning and I hadn't even had shower nor breakfast I'll be downstairs in a minute I yelled back as I rushed to take a quick shower. Afterwards I pulled out a shaggy top from my closet , wore a faded jean and just put my legs in any shoe and hurried downstairs.

"O Callie don't tell me you just had shower" Isabella asked. Of course not, I replied. "You know you are never good at telling lies " she said harshly your hair is undone and wet. I rolled my eyes, turned to mom and greeted her with my eye focused on the breakfast I was about to miss. I took the sandwich and left the watermelon juice untouched. Izzy and I waved good bye to my mum and exasperating twin brother Cole.

"What's with the rush izzy " I asked as she was pacing very fast, like a fisherman ready to catch a huge fish from the sea. " You are so mean this morning I said as i finally got into the car.

" You know we are twenty minutes late and you act as if we are twenty minutes early " she said. Okay fine, fine I am sorry, i pleaded with my down lip stuck out like a kid denied from taking candies. A cute smile formed on her lip "much better", she exclaimed while paying attention to the traffic light.

Hope way college is one of the biggest college in America and is certainly the most biggest and academic in Los Angeles.

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