Strong as wiskey

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This story is about a teen girl named Swifty who can turn into a wolf and fox both. As I walked back to my house from the trail through the woods I had a strange feeling. Like something bad was going to happen. When I walked into my family house the tangy metallic smell of blood over powered my nose. Looking around every piece of furniture was turned upside down. I ran into the kitchen using the counter to help turn the corner. I felt my feet do a Charlie Brown move as they went back and forth until I fell on my back. Looking around on what I slipped on seeing blood I felt a blood curling scream rip out of my thought.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

Waking with a start I shift to get out of bed. Freezing in my spot as I feel a arm over my waist. Trying to remember what all happened last night my mind blank. Looking back at the male in the bed still trying to figure out what happened. He was pretty to look at. He had light blond hair that was cut in a neat style with a light complexion. Carefully removing his arm from my waist I slowly get up instantly felling the head ache from a hang over make it's presence known. Slowly walking around the room putting my clothes on I walk down the stairs of the three story building that was all down in modern high class attire. Putting on my rockstar black healed boots that matched my black leather booty shorts and jacket with my skin tight tank top. Walking down the side walk to the abandoned part of town going to the old warehouse. Going upstairs I take a shower amd put on my black sweat pants and black sports bra. Looking at myself in the mirror seeing myself lookimg back at me with my golden dirty blond hair that hung down to my butt with my country tan skin complexion and blue grey eyes. Heading to the biggest room there I looked up but looked back down real fast as the sun was right over head. Makeing a mental note to buy a new turp to cover the hole before it rained this week. Going over to the punching bag I warm up bounsing back and forth on my feet leeping my guard up. After two hours of workimg out I go outside and grab the two five pound buckets by the door walking down to the river I filled up the buckets and started back on the mile and a half walk back to the house. Once I got home I dumped the water in the old tub and turned on the three boilers under it and went back down stairs pulling out a pan and boiler. Walkimg outside I began digging after five minutes I pulled out the tin box. Opening it I pulled out the eggs taking the whole container inside. Turning on the burners I cracked the eggs cooking them. I put the eggs on a paper plate. After eating them I put the paper plate back on one of the old shelves I used for countors. Going back up stairs I stripped and got in the tub as I had turned off the burners earlier. After takeing my bath I got out and dressed in a pair of torn jeans and a skin like tank top. Slipping on my black converse I headed outside and to town.

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