Strong as wiskey

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Chapter 2

Walkin in to the market I make my way over to the aisle with the turps and bought two of the biggest sized turps they had. Paying I walked out of the doors. Making my way back home I made a conversation with my wolf and fox.

' Hey guys do you wanna go for a run after takeing care of the animals?'

' YES YES YES OF COURSE!!' Shouted my wolf Aspen.

' Sure we can.' Replied my fox Ash.

' Ok.' I said and walked inside and sat down the turps. Walking back outside I went to the chicken coop and grabbed all the eggs. After putting the eggs up I walked out to the pasture and yelled for the cows. After milking all 15 cows. I went behind a big tree and shifted into my wolf takeing off as fast as I could zagging in and out of the trees stopping at a Creek when I thought my legs couldnt hold me any longer takung a long drink I layed down and took time to catch my breath. After I changed into my fox and ran back home. Stopping behind the tree I shifted back putting on my clothes I walked back inside. Grabbing a bottle of water I drank it slowly to help save water. Going to the third floor I go inside the room I had made into my bedroom fallin onto the bed I had made out of a cedar tree with a mattress from a thrift shop. With a wolf comforter. I felt my eyelids get heavier by the second slowly falling asleep.

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