Seven Continents

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What was once a past teenage joke, turned into an adult wish on a bucket list in present time. Given only three years left to live, you embark on a journey to complete your bucket list before it's too late. Three years...Three that enough time to Get Married and Famous? Most importantly........ will that be enough to make your teenage joke now adult wish come true? To have two kids in each seven continent?

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The Gift
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Two Months Ago

Malik's POV

"Aye Aye Aye dat not fair my broda!" Ryan called after me as I laughed and kept on running with the ball.

"Is you dat too slow. Hurry up and try and catch me!" I yelled over my shoulder. I took a left turn around the corner and kept on laughing. Racing was always fun with Ryan 'cause....I always win. I chuckled to myself when I was suddenly tackled to the ground.

"Oof" My cheek scraped against the pavement and I glared up at Ryan smirking mischievously.

"Boy come out on me eh with your heavy self. What you really believe it is nuh. Was that really necessary?" I shrugged him off and got up, rolling my eyes in the process.

"You wrong to cheat....voleh"

"I cheat? Is me dat tell you stop and tie your shoelace den? Smh. Anyways I fed up with you. I going home." I turned to walk away from him but I stopped when an idea struck me. I turned around and gave him an innocent smile.

"You know what, you was right man I sorry." I apologized then offered my hand for him to shake, and when he did, I swiftly kneed him where the sun don't shine and sprinted down the road while he fell to the ground in pain.

"Dat is what you get in your fada head. You wrong!" I threw my head back in laughter and ran backwards to watch him writhe in pain.

"In" He managed out. I smirked and continued walking backwards and as I turned, all I heard was a horn then darkness consumed me.


beep beep beep beep

My eyes slowly opened but were quickly shut when I saw how bright the room was. I slowly opened them again, adjusting to the light. I looked around and saw Ryan sleeping on the couch and my sister on a chair typing away at her phone.

"He-" I tried to speak but my throat was too dry. At the faint sound of my voice, Amelia snapped her head in my direction and ran to the bed.

She engulfed me in a huge hug and placed kisses all over my face.

"You had me scared to death your baboon. I thought you was going to die. Alas, God alone that know I cyah afford to lose you when I done lose mammy and daddy." She sniffled as she wiped away hear tears and gave me a light smack on my shoulder.

I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and she sat the end of the hospital bed.

"I doh even remember what happen nuh. All I see was lights den boom I in hospital bed with my lickle boom boom hanging out." I joked. Amelia tried to keep a straight face but she soon cracked and began laughing along with me.

"Oh you wake up nuh broda. How you feeling?" I turned to see Ryan sitting up on the couch.

"I alright man. Go and call dat doctor for me to find out if everything alright cuz I hungry."

"I will do it."

Five Minutes Later

Ryan came back in with the doctor and I sat up straight bracing myself for the news.

"Good afternoon Mr. Victor and how are you feeling? I'm Doctor Collins and I'll be your doctor for today."

I looked at the young lady standing in front of me and boy was she beautiful. Looked to be in her mid twenties, short with cute glasses.

I cleared my throat and shook my head to rid the thoughts of her beauty so I could focus. "I'm doing good actually. Just wished I knew what happen and if there's anything wrong with me that I should know about."

"I see. Very well then do you want the good news or the bad news first?" She arched a brow at me waiting for my answer.

" even have bad news. Yes fada God help me." I ran a hand down my face and closed my eyes for a sec. "You know what, just give me de good news first man"

"Alright. So the good news is you were lucky enough not to sustain any serious injuries. Just that the impact your head made with the concrete when you fell, will cause you to have severe migraines for at least two weeks so I'll prescribe some painkillers that you can take-." She paused waiting for me to give her the go to continue talking.

I nod my head and she proceeded to tell me the bad news.

"However, in doing some tests, we discovered another illness-"

My breath hitched in my throat and I pinched the bridge of my nose in anticipation.

"We saw that you are suffering from the rare case of Lipiditis."

"Jesus Christ in Heaven." I held my head and nearly passed out on the bed.

"Lipiditis? What? But first time I hearing dat but it sounding too serious."

"That's because it is. It's a cancer like disease developed in the pancreas. There's only been recorded 1,000 cases recorded in the world. And although it's incurable-"

"Incurable? So dat going to kill me then?" My eyes went wide in panic.

"Not necessarily. There is treatment you can take to lessen the effect of it. And I'll recommend starting treatment right away. 86% of the 1,000 cases, were able to live with Lipiditis and carry on with their normal lives. Early treatment is key here. And lucky for you, the treatment isn't expensive and is nothing like chemo. Actually the treatment only lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. It's also not contagious so your family and friends are safe. Any questions or should I come back in a few minutes to give you some time to digest the news?"

I blinked at her lost. Lipiditis. Incurable. Treatment. My head starting to spin and before you know it, darkness consumed me again.

"Leek....Leek wake up." I felt someone shaking me,so I opened my eyes to Amelia's face directly in front of mine. I pushed her face away and sat up. I looked around and saw the doctor still there and handing me a glass if water. I took it gratefully and drank. I placed the glass on the night table and stared back at the three pairs of eyes staring at me- Doctor Collins, Amelia and Ryan. I sighed and prepared myself to speak.

"Waw ummm. I wasn't expecting this news at all but hey, is have I have it already eh so I just want to focus on getting treatment and keeping myself healthy. How much will the treatment cost?"

"It's $100 per session which will be every two weeks."

"Alright fair enough. I doh have that kind of money on me right now to pay for dem but I'll ask my parl rep to help me out. Matter of fact, hand me a phone lemme call de baldhead."

Amelia unlocked and handed me her phone and I dialed his number. After two rings he picked up.

Parl Rep: "Naftanoon Amelia."

Me: "Malik dat dr my boi. Wassup?"

Parl Rep: "Oh Malik you dat nuh? Mwelah Mwelah. Sa ka féte?"

Me: "I will be better once I get your assistance."

Parl Rep: "Anything for you man."

Me: "So I at de hospital right now cuz apparently vehicle jam me so they run some tests on me but they find out I have an incurable disease called Lepiditis but it not contagious but I can enjoy my full life the sooner I can start treatment. And de treatment is $100 per session every two weeks so I was wondering if you could cover the expenses for me since... know."

Parl Rep: "That not a problem man. Give the hospital my details let me work that out now now for you."

Me: "Thanks a lot eh pawéh. I really appreciate what you do for Amelia and me."

Parl Rep: "Your most welcome son. I'm just concerned in keeping you healthy. Now come out on de phone so I can work something out with the hospital."

Me: "Alright Alright. Thanks again. One love."

Parl Rep: "Bless up."

I ended the call and Doctor Collins gave me her clipboard and pen to write down my parl rep's information then exited the room, leaving Ryan, Amelia and I alone.

I stared down at my hands in my lap and a tear slipped from my eye. They came and sat next to me, engulfing me in a hug.

"Everything will be alright." Amelia cooed and rubbed my back.

"Yah man. You have us. You safe." Ryan spoke up.

"I hope so." I mumbled an sighed in the hug.

Author's Note

Hi guys. Hope you all enjoyed this prologue. I completed more than half of it sleepily so excuse any mistakes. I shall be editing it.

As promised here are the translations in the right context cuz they may mean different stuff based on how they are used.

Aye Aye Aye: Hey Hey Hey

Dat: That

Broda: Dawg

Voleh: Cheater

Fed up: Done with

In your fada head: Well....Idk how to really explain dah one😂😂

Alas ( A-Las not Ah-Las): Oh Lord

Cyah: Can't

Doh: Don't

Den: Then

Lickle: Little

Fada: Father

Parl Rep: Parliamentary Representative of A Constituency

Dem: Them

Naftanoon: Good Afternoon

Dr: There

Boi: Boy

Mwelah/ Mwelah Mwelah: I'm good

Sa Ka Féte: How are you?

De: The

Now Now: Right now

Pawéh: Godfather


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