Seven Continents

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Hey guys.

I am thrilled to be writing my first ever book here on Inkitt. I attempted to write it on Wattpad but I deleted it and I tweaked the storyline a bit.

As a fellow West Indian, I decided to encorporate some of my culture in this book; our Dominican (Dominica) dialect, foods, drinks, expressions and music.

At the and of each chapter with use of any of the aforementioned cultural aspects of my life, I will be putting a translation of the different words and phrases used. As well as what the foods, drinks and expressions are.

The concept from this book came from my dear friend who actually joked about wanting to have two kids in each continent. I found the idea very funny yet intriguing and thought that it would make a great storyline for a book.

I really hope you all enjoy it and remember to leave a like and comment so I can hear your thoughts.

Half of this book will be completed here and the other half will be completed on Wattpad.



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