The Warrior's Expedition (The Descendants #1)

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In 200 BC, a sex-worker by the name of Koleus leads a group of outcasts on a quest to searching for the legendary demigod warrior, Heracles.

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The sun was up. It was at least ninety degrees outside. Two armies stood about thirty feet away from one-another. It was quite clear that the war had already begun. Neither said army reacted; at least, not physically. As much as they wanted to, the majority of soldiers from each side knew wisely not to make any move of sort.

This was up until, within five seconds later, a (what appeared to be) falcon flew up into the sky. To whom said falcon belonged to was, not only ambiguous, but irrelevant to the highest degree. Each and every one of the solders, presumably so, looked up and watched as the bird flew; the higher it went, the less visible it had soon become. But that soon escalated as, within less than seven seconds, a large bolt of lightening appeared and struck the falcon clean cut. Oddly enough though, the bird did not appear to be terminated by said bolt, as the body of it did not hit the ground.

The matter it was not though as one of the soldiers (that being one from the right-hand side) raised and blew what appeared to be the signal horn. Right then and there, all hell immediately broke loose.

Odysseus and his wife were sound asleep. There was not a disturbance that came upon them. That was right up until someone else quickly entered the room. Presumably speaking, it was their butler, as he stood directly in front of the right-hand foot of their bed. “My king and queen,” he quietly exclaimed, “you must wake up.”

Within three seconds, the two did just that. Both Odysseus and the queen sat up forward. While he looked up at the butler with inquisitiveness, she looked up while holding the blanket up over her chest.

“What is it, your grace?” Odysseus asked immensely.

“You are at great risk,” the butler informed, “You best leave, immediately.”

“What for?” the queen asked.

“What is the threat you speak of?”

Instead of giving him a direct answer, the butler looked directly at Odysseus with urge. “See for yourself,” he lightly commanded while pointing his head over to the window on the left-hand-side of the room.

Immediately then, Odysseus, having nothing on any inch of himself, got up from the bed and headed straight over to the window. Out there, he saw what appeared to be a large riot as most (if not, all) layers of the city was in flames.

“What is, Dear?” the queen asked.

Odysseus turned to face both her and the butler himself. “You must wake Koleus, for the palace is yet to be under attack.”

The queen, having nothing on herself either, quickly stood up from the bed. “Are you certain of this?”

Odysseus then glared. “I have spoken, my queen.”

Hesitantly, the queen went and immediately ran out of the room.

Right then and there, Odysseus, taking slow, firm, steps forth, headed straight over to the bedroom entry. “Your grace,” he called out, “immediately before exiting, “fetch me the torch.”

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