The cake will bake

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My story is about a baker that loves his shop, who wants to help others and above all else, be close to nature. In his world most things are not what they seem.

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The cake will bake

In the hills surrounding, a lovely sun was waking up to give all those he saw a good day. Below him , someone was walking in the dark with a smile on his face to also give those he would meet, a good day.

When he stopped, in front of him the little bakery known as: “The cake will bake” shinned like a butterfly opening its wings for the first time.

The lights turned on and views were given to the stacked window full of sweets. Tarts, cakes, buns full of sugar, glistening syrups on top of layers made whoever looked salivate abundantly.

At the helm of this tasting experience was a man small of stature with bushy eyebrows and a white apron.

He had a lot of ingredients that served his cause justly, turning themselves from average butters and creams to custards and caramels. You could feel the care he put inside his pies, nothing went to waste.

After each morsel he put on display his eyes rolled, always looking at a jar on his desk but never opening it. It was his treasure.

All through the day he served his treats to customers that were attracted to how antique yet how clean the place looked.

In the evening the sun moved on to the west, being pushed aside by clouds that brought buckets of rain, making all those they touched feel like they had a been under a summer shower.

Such an event brought change into our little bakery as well.

A woman walked in, dressed in a yellow shirt wearing a black skirt and black shoes. She was buzzing with delight at the surrounding smell.

“Hello, sir!”

“Hello, young lady! How can I be of service?

“I’ve come here, on several recommendations made on your behalf. My mother’s birthday is coming up and she wants something special. Can you help us?

“What kind of special does she desire?”

“My mother is sort of a sweets sommelier, each season she goes out and probes different places and venues in search of the unknown. To put it in simple terms: she wants something that no one has tasted before and is exceptionally delicious.”

His every sense tingled with the thought that the woman in front of him did not have good intentions, but went along with her request.

“How much time do I have?”

“I will be back in 3 days to pick up the result. Looking forward to seeing you again! The woman just walked out, not looking back at the man who’s perplexed figure hid a clock like brain that was spinning its wheels.

After running all the numbers of the day in his head, he turned the door sign to “closed“ and walked out.

Looking ahead, he saw in the pouring rain a woman with 2 kids fighting the wind. The wind was winning.

He rushed to their aid with an umbrella and then he lead them back to his cozy bakery shop

“Are you ok?”

“Yes we are, thank you for saving us!”

“It was nothing, relax! Here take this!” He handed them a croissant that lushed out a blue jam.

“This is delicious, thank you mister! Its just as good as the one grandmother makes!”, said the little girls that were relishing their snack.

“We are the Doryline family. They are quite the hard workers, my little ones. Luckily they weren’t hurt.”

“Now, that I think about it, they are twins."

“Yes they are, its a family trait, to have twins. I want to thank you for helping us. My family runs an import export line of sweets. If you ever need produce that is hard to find please call this number 181528693.

The next day, he was taken by surprise when the doorbell rang while getting ready to leave for the bakery. Outside, he saw a woman with a little boy.

“Anna, mio Caro, how are you darling, are you ok? Why did you come at this hour?”

“I wanted to bring you something special, we gathered this up last night from our garden, a jar of nectar. Its really colorful and tasty if you cook it right, I’m sure you can do it.

“Thank you, come by later and I will prepare you something crunchy."

“That sounds wonderful!”, both the boy and his mother were gleeing with excitement.

After reaching the shop he left the jar on the counter.

“I’ve never seen nectar so bright in my entire life! I wonder...”

He opened up a cooking book his mother had given him and inside he saw a recipe that surprisingly had eluded him until now. It was called: “The sun cake XIV”. Reading through it he realized what this recipe required was nothing short of magical:

“4 parts Freshly gathered hummingbird nectar, 4 parts The juiciest pod from a honeypot ant”

“2 parts peanuts that have marinated in rose water for 10 years”

At that very moment he knew that he could make something special. The cake will bake.

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