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As a virus unexpectedly takes over the whole country, Mikayla Simmons is immediate on finding her sister Ahbey so they could meet their Mother in Westgate and be free from the infection. Not only does she have to worry about Ahbey's whereabouts, she has to face the horrors that are happening constantly around her. Horrors that she was now forced to accept as her new reality. People are getting infected left and right, quickly turning into disease-carrying rotting cannibals. And if that wasn't hard enough, these infected aren't the only enemies she'd have to face. With the disappearance of the law people are now free to do anything at this point. And the on-going apocalypse may trigger a man's biological hard-wired survival instinct, it could not keep everyone from being thrown first to the grave. It's a race to outlive the people who are now driven by power, murder, betrayal, greed and lust. And Mikayla is forced to make decisions to keep her morals intact and to keep everyone else she cares for from dying. What if Ahbey's dead? And What about Westgate? Will she even make it? Please be warned that some content might be upsetting for some readers.

Adventure / Thriller
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Before the Story


-Joseph Heller


This story may contain strong language, descriptive acts of violence and inappropriate content for young audiences.



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Author’s Note

Hi guys! So, this is my very first zombie apocalyptic story. I’m so excited to share this with you. I’ve always loved zombies- watching them in movies or just about reading them! And it inspired me to create this which hopefully, will leave you hanging onto the very edge of your seat you’re currently sitting on—and if you’re in bed well, the edge of your mattress. Happy?

Anyways, Jokes aside, I hope you enjoy reading this one hell of a ride of an adventure as I did when I was writing it. So I won’t take this any longer than it is, Happy Reading!

P.S. If you just feel like it, let me know what your favorite zombie movie is in the comments. If you liked the chapter, vote and all that biz. Thanks xx.

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