A Journeys End

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Jessica is a normal high school girl living in Kenora and everything was fine until a tragedy happened that changed Jessica's life completely. Will she survive? Or will she drive herself to insanity?

Adventure / Drama
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The Journey Begins

It’s finally lunch hour here at Hamilton High and it couldn’t have come faster. I spent the entire morning listening to Mr. Aikins tell us a legend about the different supernatural beings that control the elements.

According to the legends, twelve supernatural beings possess the eternal key that keeps the gateway to hell sealed and hidden from our dimension’s line of sight. One key was given to each form of a supernatural being, but nobody knows what the keys look like, who has them, or where they could be.

Melanie snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Hello, earth to Jessica, are you even paying attention to a word I’m saying?”

I jumped in my seat and looked at Melanie, “I’m sorry Melanie, I was just thinking about what Mr. Aikins was talking about in class this morning. What did you say?”

"I said isn't the new guy like the hottest guy you have ever seen or what?"

"New guy? What new guy?"

"You haven't heard? He's all everybody has been talking about, look he's right over there talking to your brother Gavin."

I looked to where Melanie was pointing and sure enough right beside Gavin was the hottest guy I have ever seen his hair was straight, long, black, and thrown up into a ponytail. His body was built, but not all muscle; he's skinny, lean, and pretty tall. He turned and caught me staring and I realized then that it was his eyes that made him sexier then any guy I have ever seen in my life...his eyes are beautiful, one eye is a deep ocean blue, and the other was the color of an emerald.

He smiled and started walking towards me with Gavin in tow behind him.

"Oh my gosh Jessica you were staring too long he's coming this way!!!"

He was about 15 feet away from us when I heard a girl screaming from the girls' bathroom. He turned and bolted towards the girls' bathroom. Curious as to what was happening Melanie and I got up and started chasing him down the hallway.

When we reached the bathroom there was already a crowd forming, and teachers keeping the students away. The screaming isn't what shocked me the most though, what shocked me the most was watching my friend Abigail walking out of the bathroom in her pretty little white dress...balling her eyes out and covered in blood...

"Abigail, oh my gosh what happened?!?"

I tried to race passed the teachers to catch up to my friend but Mrs. Whither (my biology teacher) stopped me. "Jessica leaves her be, there is nothing to see here. Now go back to enjoying your lunch."

I couldn't stop looking at the direction where Abigail had gone. Melanie grabbed my arm and started steering me away from the scene lying before me. When we got back to our table Gavin took a seat next to Melanie and said "I wonder what happened?"

I would like to know that too...it couldn't have been a period accident there was too much blood on her dress for that. Did she accidentally get a cut or breaks a mirror in the bathroom? Anything could have happened in there.

"I'm not sure." Melanie explained, "but by the looks of it, it must have been something bad because here come reinforcements."

I looked towards the bathroom and saw police officers and paramedics surrounding the area. Two paramedics went in with a gurney and a few minutes later while the police were talking to the principle, the paramedics came out with a filled body bag on the gurney. Well at least I know what happened now, one of the students at Hamilton High got murdered.

"Hey, wait a minute where did Hunter go?" Gavin asked.

"Hunter? Is that the new kid you were talking too's name?" I asked.

"Yea, the guys cool he came all the way here to Kenora from a small village in Spain. I'll go see if I can find him, I was supposed to finish showing him around the school and taking him to his next class" Gavin explained.

"You should let Jessica do it!" Melanie chimed in excitedly.

"What?!? Why me?"

"Because you two were checking each other out and I think he likes what he sees." Melanie winked at me while also giving me her 'you better go talk to him and thank me later' face.

"There's probably not going to be any class this afternoon or for the rest of the week. If you haven't already forgotten somebody was just murdered in the girls' bathroom were probably gonna have the week off" I said

As if on cue the principle Mr. Collins spoke through the school's speaker system "Attention students' attention. This is not a drill we are going under lockdown until further notice effective immediately."

Gavin sighed and heaved as he got up from the table "I hate lockdowns, who's up for ditching the lockdown and leaving the school before we get caught by the teachers or principle?"

My brother and I didn't agree with a lot of things. We're twins so we look alike, but our personalities are complete opposites from one another, but on rare occasions, we agree (like wanting to avoid a lockdown for hours because someone got murdered). "For once I agree with Gavin we should leave and go home for the rest of the day."

"OK, well I don't wanna get in trouble so I'm going to go int my homeroom and sit for who knows how long. Bye girl has fun, and don't worry I'll cover for you both."

Gavin and I snuck out of the school through the janitorial exit that's on the other side of the school and away from all of the chaos. When we got passed all of the teachers and made it outside I was greeted with something hard and solid hitting me in the back of the head. The last thing I see before I hit the ground was Gavin looking down at me with regret in his eyes. The last thing I heard him say was "I'm sorry it had to be this way Jess, but it had to be one of us."

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