A Journeys End

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Bad Dreams


I have to find Jessica before it's to late, maybe with my heightened sense of smell I could track her scent and figure out where it is that they have taken her. The only way that would work is if I was able to get her scent in the first place, but Gavin never got the chance to introduce me to her before he decided to be a prick and give her away. How on earth am I going to find her now, at this rate I'm going to be too late and she could already very well be dead.

Wait...Gavin said that his parents knew the people who took her, maybe he also knows where they are, or where they could be heading. Instead of driving around aimlessly trying to find her, I'm going to have to take Gavin to my special place and get the information I need out of him first.

I made a u-turn and started heading towards my destination. I have to get there before Gavin wakes up, or he is just going to be a pain the entire time and I'll have to knock him out again. After about twenty minutes of driving I could start to see the mountains, and the sun is still beaming very brightly in the sky. If I wasn't in a hurry I would have stopped to admire the mountains beauty. It's not everyday you get to see the sun go past the mountains peak.

I turned down a dirt path near the forest that leads closer to the mountain and continued going straight, when I got to a clearing in the forest I pulled my car over, and hopped out to get Gavin. Thank goodness he didn't wake up yet, or this would have been a hassle. I grabbed Gavin and through him over my shoulder, and started hiking through the forest towards the mountain. I kept going for twenty minutes off the trails until I got to my favourite cave. I walked into the cave and went to the back of the small cave where the tiny fingerprint scanner is. I put my thumb on the scanner, and waited for the door to open. Once the door opened I walked up the stairs and put Gavin down on the chair in the centre of the room and strapped him in.

The room still looks the same as the last time I came in here. Computer in the back left corner, bookshelf on the right, chair in the centre of the room, bedroom in the backroom still isn't made, and the kitchen on the right still isn't fully clean. I guess I'm going to have to come back later and clean it, especially since Alex Dawson won't do it no matter how many times you ask him. That guy is a natural slob.

Well time to get to work, I can't afford to waste any more time. I slapped Gavin hard in the face. "Hey bitch wake the fuck up!"

Gavin didn't move at all? Well...I guess I'm going to have to smack him harder. I smacked him hard enough to make his face go from one side to the next. "I said wake the fuck up!"

Gavin finally started to stir. He blinked a few times than looked around, when his eyes landed on me he tried to get up but soon found out he couldn't move. He scowled at me "Let me go you coward, why don't you fight me like a man instead of this crap?"

I stared at him giving him my death glare, "I'll let you go as soon as you tell me where they took Jessica."

"Please...like I would tell you anything, that's real funny dude."

"I guess you already forgot about what happened in the bathroom at school today didn't you?" I walked around the room to give myself more of a powerful, and intimidate the twerp more. "As a vampire I am faster, stronger, and have senses ten times better then you can ever imagine. I can kill you before you even realize that you're dead."

I went in front of a shaking Gavin and squatted in front of him looking him dead in the eyes. "I will ask you again...where did they take Jessica? Tell me now, and I'll drop you off at home. We can pretend this never happened. If you refuse to cooperate, then you will leave me with no choice but to force you to tell me."

Gavin was shaking a bit, but he was still able to look me in the eyes with determination. "I won't tell you anything, all the information I have I will take with me to my grave!"

I stood up and looked down at him. "I hope you have the balls to back up your big mouth. If not this is going to get very boring, very fast." I grabbed his hand, and broke one of his fingers, my anger clear and true. The first thing I can hear is Gavin screaming in pain. "Where is Jessica?"

When he stopped screaming he screamed again "What the fuck! You actually broke my finger you psycho bitch!"

"One finger down, another nine to go. Unless you tell me where Jessica is...that will make all this pain go away."

He didn't say anything for a second, he looked at me then spit on the floor. "Fuck you Hunter!"

"It looks like someone still wants to play things the hard way." I broke Gavins pointer finger, then his middle finger right after. Gavin screamed louder. He pulled and kicked and tried to get out of the bindings, but I tied him down myself so this kids not going anywhere.


"Well Gavin that's the beautiful part of all this. Nobody will be able to hear your screams."

"I don't see any sound barriers you dumb. HELP!!!!"

I looked at Gavin, "please by all means scream as much as you want, but do you really think anybody will be able to hear you in the middle of a mountain?"

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