A Journeys End

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Finally They Meet


I can't believe Gavin hasn't cracked yet, I've been at this all night and he still wouldn't give up any information. How powerful are these people if a guy like Gavin won't even say anything about them? He's even tried lying to me a few times, but thanks to my aura sight ability I was able to tell and punish him when he lied to me.

Gavin looks like a bloody rag doll. His clothes are torn, all ten of his fingers are broken, he got a bad beating with a whip as well as a carving knife. No matter what I do to the guy he will not break, he will cry like a baby and beg me to stop though. The most I've gotten out of him is that he can't tell me anything or else he'll die. It's making me wonder if how they'll kill him or when they kill him that makes him stay quiet.

Gavin hasn't stopped crying like a baby for the past hour, and it's starting to get really annoying. Maybe I should just kill him...I'd have better luck finding her myself.

Just as I was going to end this twirls suffering I hear the door open, and Alex talking to someone as he's coming in.

"This is it...and it looks like my friend is already here. Come on I'll introduce you to him."

What the fuck is he thinking bringing a stranger in here! Gavin with new determination yells at the top of his lungs "HELP!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

"Not until you tell me where those goddamn people took Jessica! I will find her, and I don't care if you're alive or dead when I find her!"

Gavin started staring straight ahead past my point of view towards the open door. He went completely quiet, and just stared. What on earth could he be staring at? "How...did...you???" he whispered.

I turned around and followed his line of sight, and when I saw what he was looking at my mouth dropped wide open. Alex was standing right beside none other than Jessica. Whose eyes were wide open and filled with curiosity and fear.

"Hey Hunter, I'd like you to meet...."

"Jessica!" I blurted.

Why is she wearing Alex's clothes? She looks so scarred and broken, what could they have possibly done to her in there? Also what happened to her ankle? She's favouring one leg over the other. Jessica looked me dead in the eyes with determination and said "what the fuck did you do to my brother!?!"

Jessica runs up to her brother and looks him over, "oh my gosh Gavin you look awful! What did he do to you? Here, let me help you."

Gavin tried moving out of the way, further away from Jessica. Why would he want to do that? She's his way out of here. "No Jessica you idiot, stop...they'll see you."

What is it he doesn't want us seeing? Ignoring Gavins protests, Jessica puts her hand over Gavins heart and closes her eyes. At first nothing happens, then I start feeling the temperature getting warmer in Jessica's direction. To my astonishment, I watch as Gavins wounds get healed one by one. First the whip marks, then the cuts, then the bones start fixing themselves and snapping back into place. Gavin screamed, then fell unconscious. I could do nothing but stare at her in awe, of her unique ability.

So this is the power of her key, her key has the power to heal. So why hasn't she healed herself? Is she even able to heal herself? Does she not know how to heal herself? So many questions are popping through my mind at a thousand miles per minute I don't know which one to start with.

It was Alex who broke the silence first. "What..the...fuck dude! Did you just heal him? How the hell did you end up doing that?"

Jessica says nothing she just sits down on her knees and looks at her hands. She probably doesn't even know why or how she's able to do it. Does she know she was born with it? Well only one way to find out. "You were born with it weren't you? You're healing ability?"

She stared at me with shock, "how did you know?"

"You were born with the ability to heal, just like I was born with the ability to see peoples auras. I can tell you exactly what kind of personality you have, what you're feeling, and if you're lying to me or not. You and me, we're special, we're different from others of our kind"

She looked at me with question, and curiosity. She doesn't fully believe me, or trust me yet, but at the same time she's not afraid...why isn't she scared of me? She just walked in on me torturing, and mauling her brother so why doesn't she seem scared? Whats even more shocking is that she's determined to do something. She stood up and walked closer to me. "If that's the truth, then what am I feeling right now?"

"Right now your aura is the shade of yellow, pink and purple with a golden glow on the outside. The pink is telling me that you're curious, and want to know more about what I'm talking about. The purple is a sign of distrust which is telling me that you don't believe everything that I'm saying right now. The yellow is telling me that you're determined to do something, what I'm not sure. Finally the golden glow on the outside is your personality. It is the most rarest personality I have ever seen. Yours is the only aura that looks like this. The only thing that confuses me is that you are not scared at all by the things you've just witnessed. Normal people would be running for the hills right about now."

Jessica's determination only grew stronger, she took another step towards me and said "The only people I need to be scared of, are the people who kidnaped me. I'm not scared or mad at you because I heard what you said when I walked in. You were looking for me and using my brother to do it, which means you most likely saw what my backstabbing brother did to me." She turned towards her brother, and walked towards him the closer she got to him the angrier she looked. "I am going to figure out why my brother betrayed me...and you are going to help me do it."

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