A Journeys End

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I am going to find out exactly why my brother betrayed me, and make him tell me more about the people who kidnapped me. How does he know them? Where did he meet them? Does he work for them? Is he a secret agent working for the mafia? How was my brother able to do all of this behind my back, and more importantly why...does he not love me at all?

I feel so betrayed...i'm angry, sad, but most of all...I'm determined. I will figure out why my brother did this to me, and then I'm going to put a stop to it. Then I'm going to have to figure out how to lose the trail of the people who kidnapped me. They know i'm special...but do they know how special? Do they know what I can do? I have both Hunter and Andrew looking at me...waiting for a response, or for me to elaborate. The first thing I have to do though is to make sure I don't break while I'm talking.

Taking a deep breath to calm my racing heart...I turned and looked at the two men behind me. "You are going to help me, and in return I'm going to help you. You've seen what I'm able to do I can be a valuable asset to you."

They both looked at me Hunter was the first one to speak. "Why do you think we're looking for an asset? What makes you think we would need you or your...assistance"

This guy is cute I'll give him that, but he is so stupid sometimes. I'm a very observant person, I pay close attention to detail most of the time unless I'm around someone I trust (like my brother...or so I thought). I now know three things for sure about this guy. One is that he is not normal, and not just because he has a ability like me. I don't think he's human. His movements are quicker than an average person, and by the looks of the whip lashed on my brothers body he must be incredibly strong too. Two is that he's not a high school student, he looks old enough to be in high school, but clearly because of where I am him being a high school student is highly not the case. Lastly, he's only attending my school because he's looking for someone. That's the only thing that makes sense, and if he's looking for someone than maybe I can help him find that person. I have to answer him carefully though.

"Because, I'm very observant when I want to be, and I can heal you whenever you get hurt. You may have the ability to see auras, but you don't have the ability to heal yourself do you?"

Hunter and Alex looked at each other. Hunter chuckled and scoffs "believe me...I don't get hurt that easily."

"It's because you're not human right?"

That got their attention, both mens attention snapped back to me. Alex gave me a death glare, and Hunter just looked amused. "And what makes you think I'm not human?"

"Well now I don't think, now I know...especially considering Alex looks like he's about ready to rip me in two any second now." I took a few steps closer to them, to show them that I wasn't afraid. "I first noticed it in school, when you and Gavin were walking towards me and Melanie. It looked like you were forcing yourself to walk slower to match Gavins pace, and when Alex started walking with me down the trail to get here, he was doing the same thing. Which tells me that he's not human either. The second thing that tipped me off are the whip marks on my brother." I turned and pointed to my brother.

"Any normal person would have left marks that would leave small scratches, as well as a bunch of bruises. Yours however went about a quarter of on inch deep with every stroke you hit him with, all 18 whip marks were that deep and very powerful. Then you healed him only to hurt him all over again. That's the only way he wouldn't have bled to death. So let me ask you this question...what are you exactly?"

Alex started for me "why you little..."

Hunter pulled Alex back, and cut him off. "Well, well it looks like you've got it all figured out don't you?" He was silent for a moment "Okay, if you really want to know I'll tell you"

Alex did not like the sound of that apparently, he pulled out of Hunters grasp and spun around to face him. "What the hell bro? What are you even saying? She's a fucking human, they're not supposed to know anything dumb ass."

Hunter turned his attention over to Alex fully focused on him now. "Dude, did you not just see what she can do? She's not just some regular old human she can heal people, and she already figured it out on her own. Give her another hour around us and she will already know what we are without me even saying anything."

Alex turned his towards me and gave me a wicked grin. "Not only that, but if she tries to say anything we can always kill her can't we Hunter?"

Hunter shrugged his shoulders "honestly man, I don't think she will say a single word. I mean she's obviously kept her own secret her entire life, so she's good at it by now."

Ugh, enough of this. I stomped my foot down to get their attention. "Can someone please answer my damn question and tell me what the fuck you are?"

They both gazed at each other and looked at me. Hunter walked up to me and said "well Jessica...." he glanced at Alex, then looked back at me. "I'm a vampire, and Alex here is a nephilim."

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