A Journeys End

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Truth Bomb


Jessica is really strange for a human, she doesn’t even seem remotely shocked with the information I gave her. In fact, she seems the opposite of shocked, it seems like she expected my answer. This girl is so strange does she not feel fear? I used to feel fear all the time when I was her age, and that was centuries ago. She’s also very perspective she knew just by the way we were walking that we weren’t normal...she doesn’t show it, but she’s the type that analyzes absolutely everything.

Jessica’s eyes popped open for a second at my confession, but quickly she resumed her natural facial expression. She got up and moved to the other side of the room then turned to face us. “So let me get this straight... you’re a vampire? Like one of those creatures that live off of human blood and can’t come into someone’s home unless invited in?”

I took a few steps towards her as I spoke, “you know for someone so smart and detailed you are very dumb when it comes to believing all of that stereotypical crap.” I paused a few feet in front of her. “We don’t have to drink human blood, we can live on animal blood too and we don’t have to feed for two weeks at least and we will still stay strong. As for the being invited in thing...I mean we can ask out of respect, but if we wanted to break into someone’s house without approval then we could.”

I watched as she took the information in, it didn’t seem to faze her all though so she turned her attention over to Alex. “And you...you’re a Nephilim so does that mean you’re half-angel with a bunch of superpowers?”

I turned to look at Alex to see what his reaction would be like. Alex was staring at Jessica using his death glare...it’s not that Alex doesn’t like Jessica, it’s just that he doesn’t trust her at all. With a heavy sigh, Alex crossed his arms over his chest and began his explanation.

“That’s one version my kind...We have three different types of Nephilim there’s the one that you just said half-angel, half-human, then there’s the fallen angel, and finally, there’s the most powerful amongst the three this form of Nephilim is half angel, and half-demon.”

With a scuff, Jessica continued to stare at Alex “let me guess...your half-angel, half-demon?”

The look on Alex’s face was priceless! His mouth was hung open in shock “how could you...”

“It was easy” Jessica explained. “Out of all three types of Nephilim you favored and ended with half-angel, half-demon. You also said that it was the most powerful of the three, and judging by your personality that I’ve seen so far you consider yourself to be untouchable, what made me one hundred percent sure was the reaction you had when you called me a human. You said human with the sound of pure disgust in your voice like you couldn’t wait to get away from me...or kill me. What confuses me is the fact that you were so nice of me on the way here...why?”

Damn this girl is smart, she hit the bullseye on that guess of hers, it’s like she’s just as good as reading people as I am, but that couldn’t be. Alex took a step towards her “you fucking smart ass...how could you...”

“What the fuck are you talking about half-demon! You’re all crazy completely and utterly crazy!”

My eyes snapped towards the now awake Gavin. His face was pale as he stared at Jessica wide-eyed and terrified. This guy really was a little twerp, he is literally scared of everything, including his own sister. Jessica looked at Gavin a look of shock and anger on her face. “You traitor!” She said “How could you just go and give me a way to these random people that we don’t even know! What kind of a brother does that to their own sister?”

Wait...according to Gavin he and his family are supposed to know exactly who the people that took Jessica are. He said that they worked for them...so then why doesn’t Jessica know about them at all? Why does she think that they’re total strangers? “Wait a minute Jessica...you’re telling me that you don’t know who those people were at all? Like no clue whatsoever?”

Jessica looked at me with a confused and bewildered expression. “Why would I know the people who kidnapped me and took me, hostage?”

I nodded my head towards Gavin “because he said that he knew exactly who kidnapped you.”

Jessica spun towards her brother “WHAT!?!?!?!”

Jessica took a deep breath then said in a deep and commanding manor “what else did he tell you?”

Wow...this girl looks a little threatening when she’s mad, a mental reminder to never get on her bad side or she might just kill me with her knowledge...or that look whichever one she uses first. “When I interrogated him in the school bathroom before bringing him here, he was saying that he and his family knew exactly who those people were and that your parents worked for them...”


“He also said that he hopes to work for them one day as well and that by bringing you in he has a guaranteed spot in the workforce. I’m assuming it’s when he’s out of school though.”

Jessica started shaking...her knees were trembling with unbelief and a bunch of pain. I’ll be honest I’m surprised that she didn’t collapse right there. This girl has got some guts that’s for sure.


Gavin looked enraged, he was probably mad because he got caught, or maybe it's because he's still tied up either way, he is pissed.


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