A Journeys End

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Jessica's Meltdown


Not my sister...

Not my sister...

Not my sister...

That can’t be, it doesn’t make any sense. I’ve been living with them my whole life, and we’re twins you can’t copy someone else’s look. I had to get to the truth, I had to get to the bottom of this and find out what he means...but what if what he’s saying is true? I can feel my body shaking, I don’t know how much longer I can keep my emotions in without breaking.

What’s confusing is that Gavin doesn’t look mad anymore...he looks like he usually does when he’s revealed some sort of secret that he’s supposed to keep. Kind of like the time when he told me about our surprise 16th birthday party our friends were throwing us. Gavin was so excited about it that he accidentally let it slip when he found out...wait a minute...no it can’t be. Building up what little courage I had I said “Oh please Gavin, come on don’t try to play that type of thing with me. We’re twins that’s not something that you can just replicate.”

Gavin let out a sigh, it looks like he’s calmed down now...either that or he’s relieved? I’m not sure anymore...there’s something not right...I don’t know why but something just feels...off.

“That’s right Jessica, I didn’t mean that at all yes you are my biological sister. I was just mad that’s all...”

Hunter stepped in front of me and got right into Gavin’s face. “He’s lying...” Gavin’s eyes went wide and he started looking around the room not meeting my eyes.

“What the fuck are you talking about man! Of course, I was lying why are you trying to start drama.”

I don’t know who to believe anymore, first, there’s this new guy in school who’s a vampire that can see auras, and then there’s my maybe brother who stabbed me in the back and gave me to people that I didn’t even know, and let them do horrible...horrible things to me. Hunter had a smirk on his face as he looked down at Gavin like he knew exactly how to make Gavin crack.

“It looks like someone was unconscious for the first part of our conversation after all. If you were awake or even paying any attention at all, then you would have heard me when I was talking about my ability.” Hunter walked towards the door and leaned his back against it. “I can tell when people are lying, nobody can double-cross me or anyone in the room as long as I’m there.”

The look on Gavin’s face told me all that I needed to know...the man in front of me is not my brother...was he ever my brother at all, to begin with? What about my parents? Was my whole life a lie? I couldn’t take it anymore the torture I endured was ten times better than the moment I was living in right now. I fell to the ground feeling nothing but broken and defeated...I couldn’t stop the tears that were building up. I started sobbing right then and there. I didn’t care if they saw me, why should I care?

The next thing that I know strong arms are wrapping around me in a comfortable embrace. It feels nice, safe. I leaned into the person holding me and let myself sob, letting all of the pain, and emotional torment out.

I heard Alex on the other side of the room yelling at Gavin. Was that even his real name? I don’t know...I don’t know anything anymore.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down, I wasn’t going to get answers sitting here doing nothing. If Gavin’s not my real brother I need to get all the answers I can. I looked up at Gavin, he had an emotionless expression on his face. This bastard has been tricking me for who knows how long. I stood up walked over to him and slapped him right across the face, feeling a sharp sting in my hand as I made contact. I didn’t care though was pissed.

“How long?” I demanded.

Gavin looked back up at me and I swear for a moment I saw a bit of regret written on his face. He looked down, “since you were 2.”

Undeniable rage filled my body and I wanted nothing more than to just punch Gavin right then and there, but I held myself back. Clenching my fist, I walked away from Gavin. My legs feel like they’re going to cave in again. These people I’ve been living with since I was 2 years old weren’t even my real family. There’s still something that doesn’t make sense though.

“Why do you look like me? Why do I resemble...those people? If you’re not my family then why do we all look so much alike?”

Gavin stayed silent and stared directly at me, not breaking eye contact. “Your a clone aren’t you?”

I whipped my eyes towards Alex as he took another step towards Gavin. “What do me by a clone?” I asked,” like a duplicate of my real brother?”

“Not necessarily, the clone species is rare. They are a part of the shape-shifting community, but unlike shapeshifters, clones can only transform into people that they have seen in person or picture form. Where other shifters can shift into any form of animal unless they are werewolves. To make things even more complicated for them, they can’t stay in that same form for more than one week unless they have made a blood contract with a witch, warlock, or vampire. They tend to be very weak and get scared of everything.”

Why is this happening? I looked over at Gavin again and saw my so-called brother. “It looks like you’re one hell of a smart ass aren’t you,” Gavin said.

“What happened to my real family? Where are they? Who are they?” I was practically yelling now “WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM!”

Gavin spoke calmly like this was the most natural thing in the world. “As far as I know Jessica, your family is dead.”

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