A Journeys End

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Gosh, I am really starting to feel sorry for Jessica. Her brother betraying her, being tortured, then finding out that her whole family lied to her and that they are not her family at all. Oh and on top of that, that her real family is most likely dead, and finding out that things paranormal stories are true. That’s a lot for someone to take in, even for me.

Jessica hasn’t moved for a second, she is literally just sitting there and staring at Gavin. I have no idea what she’s thinking, but she’s been there for about five minutes now and we need to start getting to work. After Gavin told Jessica that her real family is most likely dead Jessica got super upset and completely knocked Gavin unconscious and that’s where the staring began. I snapped my fingers in front of Jessica’s face.




Still nothing.

I turned towards Alex and nodded my head towards Jessica, “Man can you help me out here? I may have to smack her just to get her attention.”

Alex had a smug smirk on his face, “would pleasure my friend.”

He walked across the room towards me and Jessica and full-on smacked her in the face hard enough to leave a mark on her cheek.

He actually smacked her...holy crap I didn’t mean I was going to do it. “What the hell man, I didn’t actually mean to smack her.”

Jessica fell to her knees on the floor next to me, she then blinked rapidly and turned towards Alex.

Alex turned to me, “I know you’re too much of a softy to do it, so someone has to be the bad cop here.”

Jessica did not look happy at all, she got up to her feet looked towards Alex, and punched him square in the jaw. “That’s what you get for hitting a girl.”

“Ya, I guess I kind of deserved that,” he said.

Finally, everyone was functional and listening. “Okay, now that I’ve finally got your attention, we have a bunch of things that we need to discuss based on what we learned. The first one is what are we going to do to Mr. knockout over here? And then we need to figure out where Jessica is going to live.”

She turned to me with a startled look “wait wait wait wait wait...live?!?!”

“Yes live, these people know everything about you, they’ve been living with you for years now, and they were willing to give you a way to the people that they work for. They know you’re friends, and basically, every other person that you know so you can’t stay with any of them. Also since they’re most likely going to try to give you away again, you can’t go home it wouldn’t be safe for you. I’d rather wait until we dealt with him first” I pointed at Gavin “before discussing this though since he will most likely be listening halfway through the conversation.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Gavin tied up helplessly and unconscious. What could we do with him? His parents are most likely looking for him...and the people they’re working for are probably looking for him too. We can always kill him, but I honestly don’t think that Jessica would allow us to do that, she could get very emotional. We also can’t let him go, he knows too much...there is one thing we could try though...it’s a little much and it would drain me completely dry, but it could work.

Jessica was the first to break the silence, her voice was breaking as she spoke: “We have to kill him don’t we?” Alex and I both turned our heads towards Jessica. She looked completely broken and shattered. “That’s what your both thinking isn’t it? He knows too much so he can’t leave, the only option is to kill him? ” When neither of us spoke she continued “isn’t there anything else we can do? I know that he isn’t really my brother, but I still lived with him ever since I was young...it feels wrong to just kill him like this.”

I know how to fix this, “there is one thing we could try.”

“Hunter no! We are not doing that, do you remember what happened last time?”

“Yes I remember, but it’s the only way we can...”

The rest of my words were cut off by the sound of the alarm coming to life and killing my eardrums. “What the hell?” I said.

Alex went over to the security room to check out what set off the alarm, a moment later he shouted “Hunter, you may wanna come to take a look at this.”

I used my speed to get into the room in no less than a second. On the security cameras, there were a group of people with guns, and armored and I’m assuming bulletproof vests in our cave, heading dangerously close to where the entrance of our hideout was. What the fuck how did they know where to find us? Wait a minute...

“When you saw Jessica, did you check her for any trackers that could have been on her?”

“Dude, she was barely wearing anything and she was barefoot, of course, I didn’t check...did you check that Gavin dude before you brought him in here?”


How could I make such a simple mistake? I was so focused on finding Jessica that I didn’t do a thorough check to see if he had anything on him.

“Hunter look!”

Alex was pointing to one of the security cameras, someone was walking past the entire group of people. This person wasn’t just carrying anything, oh no...she was carrying a bomb and a very big one.

“It looks like these people don’t care if we all died.”

I could hear Jessica enter the room, “what’s wrong, why were you guys gone for so long...”

She looked at the screen where Alex’s finger was and gasped “MOM!?!?!”

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