A Journeys End

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Getaway Plan


My mother well...fake mother Diana Reed is here, and she’s trying to kill us all. Does she even know that Gavin and I are in here? I stood there in shock. What is she doing here? I thought that they were both out of town on a business trip. Does this mean that they’re both here? My mother, the one who raised me and I thought could never hurt a fly. Was in the cave we’re all in and is placing a huge bomb right in the middle of the cave. That thing has to be heavy, she couldn’t even carry a table at home so how the hell is she able to carry that thing.

“That’s your mother?!?” Alex said.

“There’s no time to talk about that now, we got to get out of here before that thing blows. What’s worse is that they are blocking our only exit...any ideas?”

I turned to Hunter and he looked tired, he ran a hand through his hair, and then I noticed the bags under his eyes. Can vampires even get tired?

This is so confusing, how did she find us? “How does she even know about this place? I assumed that only you two would know about it.”

Alex was the first to speak up, while Hunter looked down in shame. “Dit-witt over here decided to blindly bring someone into the cave without checking to see if he had anything on the guy that would harm us or allow people to find us. We think Gavin had a tracker on him.”

A tracker? That would mean that she knows that Gavin is here...and she was willing to let him die? Why is she doing this? There has to be an ulterior motive behind all of this.

“Why do we have to worry about getting away anyway? Why don’t we just go through the front door and kill them all?” Alex looked very frustrated as he was speaking.

“And what if they blow up the bomb while we’re in the middle of the fighting and KILL us all?” I said, “then we’re all screwed.”

Hunter and Alex looked at each other and shrugged. “Honestly? Alex and I would most likely survive the explosion it’s you and Gavin we need to worry about.” He looked at me and continued, “Alex you could go out and fight them off while I use my vamp speed to get Jessica and Gavin out of here without them noticing. That’s the only way I see all of us getting out of here alive.”

Alex groaned while running his hands across his face, “really dude? Do we have to bring that Gavin guy? He did help in trying to get his sister killed by giving her away, and he’d just be extra baggage we don’t need right now.”

As the two were talking I tuned them out and focused on the security cameras in front of me, it looked like they were ready to blow up the bomb. I looked beside the cameras on the screen and I noticed green audio lines going up and down. We’re they trying to talk to us? I looked for the control panel and found it on the opposite end of the desk all of the displays were on. I looked for the audio controls and noticed the cameras were fully muted. I unmuted them and then none other than my mother’s voice came through...“I will ask you one more time, let my children go and no harm will come to you. If you refuse to cooperate, then I will let this bomb full crystalized silver loose and kill us all.”

“Wow wait what!?!” Alex shouted beside me, “you got that thing to work? I didn’t even know we could hear out of these things.”

Idiot...I unmuted the microphone beside the control panel so that my so-called mother could hear us. “Hello, mother...or should I even call you that?”

I felt anger building up inside of me...seeing her here instead of on a trip like she told me officially proved to me that my parents were liars. I watched her on the display monitor and she stiffened, most likely not expecting to hear my voice. I muted the mic again, “Grab Gavin and get him out of here, we will keep him prisoner somewhere else until we figure out what to do with him. In the meantime keep him tied up and use your speed to get him out then come back for me. I’m gonna have a little chat with my mom.”

“Jessica, is that you? Are you okay? What did they do to you?” She looked so sincere...it hurt.

I unmuted the mic “the better question is why did you lie to me my entire life about who and what you are? After you answer that, you can tell me who you work for and why they want me so badly? If you answer truthfully I’ll tell them to give you back Gavin, if you lie to me...I’ll let them kill him”

Diana looked stunned like I just slapped her in the face. Good, maybe then she will think twice before lying to me. "Jessica sweetheart what are you talking about?"

"Don't you Jessica sweetheart me! I know everything, Gavin spilled the beans after I escaped, but not before I got brutally tortured by the people you work for! I am going to give you five minutes, then I'll come back and listen to your answer...think wisely...Diana"

I muted the mic again, and Hunter was already back to come and get me. "Did you get Gavin out?"

He looked me in the eye. "Yes, I got both Gavin and Alex out, you're the only one left. Take your time, I'll wait until your done talking until we go."

I turned to look at the woman imposing as my mom. "No, I gave her five minutes to think, and that gives us 5 minutes to get as far away from this place as possible. Let's go we have Gavin and he's all we need for the time being."

"Are you positive you want to leave like this?"

Was I positive? Honestly no, not really, but I don't care...I'm done listening to people when all they do is lie to me and go behind my back.

"I'm positive, lets go."

Hunter picked me up and help me like he would a baby, and then all of a sudden all of the pain, anguish, and reality of everything that was happening came rushing into me all at once. I laid my head into his chest and began to sob harder than I ever had before, and I didn't stop until everything went black.

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