A Journeys End

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The Truth About Hunter


I knew as soon as I saw her face that she was one of the twelve I've been searching for all this time.

I've spent 7 years searching for the keys to open the gate of hell and get my mother back, but so far I have had no luck. I've been to at least 15 different cities and villages trying to find the keys, but everywhere I've looked I came up empty handed.

According to ancient scrolls about the legend of the gates of hell the twelve people that carry the keys are descendants of their ancestors, but the key isn't an object like most people believe. The key is built into the descendants and gives them each a specific power/ability and that's how they can transfer the key from generation to generation without the descendant having knowledge that they are one of the key carriers.

As one of the twelve key carriers I know more then most, and as a vampire I have had many centuries to learn how to master my ability to see aura's. It allows me to see a person's personality and feelings by the color that illuminates off of the creatures I look at.

The girl I'm looking at has an aura different then all of the other aura's I have ever seen in my 346 years on this planet. It's gold with rainbow colors speckled in her aura. This girl has the most beautiful aura I have ever seen, and it shines brighter then every other person in the entire room. She must be one of the twelve keys there is no other possible explanation for an aura as strong as hers.

"Hey bro are you okay?"

Gavin was looking at me with curiosity and concern.

I looked back at Gavin until he turned and started collecting his tray of food from the counter.

"Who is that girl over there, the one with the brown hair and sundress sitting by the girl with the blue crop top in the middle of the cafeteria?" I asked Gavin.

Gavin looked to where I was looking at and his aura changed, it went from a crimson blue and pink (which is the feeling of calm and curiosity) to a mixture of pure black with a swivel of gray in it (Which is the feeling of shame and regret). Whoever this girl is Gavin had to have really hurt her in the past and he's regretting it, or he is about to something to her that he is feeling really bad about it. "That's my sister Jessica, she will actually be in the same afternoon classes as you, so maybe we can go over there and ask her if she can show you around this afternoon instead of me. I have a biology test this afternoon that I can't be late for anyway."

Maybe this is what Gavin is feeling ashamed about, handing me off over to his sister, but I can't deny that this makes getting close to her ten times easier. "Yeah sure man, and by the way you might not want to hear this, but damn your sister is hot, I'd totally date her."

She is really attractive, her hair is curly chestnut brown with blond highlights and goes down to her shoulders, she has hazelnut brown eyes, and clear skin, she's not to skinny not to fat and curvy in just the right places, best of all she has at least a DD cup in breast size. She's one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and her eyes look so gentle and kind.

"Dude that's gross I don't care if you date her, but don't talk about my sister like that around me. Come on I'll introduce you to her."

We were so close to their table when I heard my cousin Abigail screaming down the hall, I think it was close to the girls washroom. I have to go see if she's okay.

I ran towards the sound of Abigail's screams only to be blocked by a crowd of students and teachers, I had to get to her. If I look around maybe i'll find another way in. On the other side of the cafeteria there is a vent, if I go into the vent it will lead me to the girls washroom, it will lead me to Abigail.

With my mind made up I dashed towards the vent,when I got there I realized that it was quite small, it would take me a while to get there, but it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is checking on Abigail and seeing if she's okay. I bent down and took off the top of the vent, then I lied down on my stomach and started to shimmy into the vent. I should have payed more attention to where the girls bathroom was, it's like a maze in these vents and a new direction to go at every turn.

You'd think after being alive for more then 300 years that i'd learn my lesson by now when it comes to my sense of direction, but nope I haven't learned much. I decided to make a right, then I took a left, and then I took another right again. After a few more guesses as to which way to go, I ended up hearing Gavin talking to i'm pretty sure it's his sister Jessica. I took a peek through the vents noticed them going outside through I think it's the janitorial exit.

Jessica had her back turned to Gavin, and I could have sworn I saw Gavin take something out of his pocket. What was it? I watched as Gavin went up to Jessica from behind and was shocked to see that what he had in his hand was a large rock. Gavin lifted it up above his head and slammed it against the back of Jessica's head.

I have to help Jessica, what was Gavin thinking hurting her like that? Does he know that she is one of the keys? Is Gavin after the keys too? I scrambled to jump out of the vent as I watched her fall to the ground, her eyes shocked with disbelief. Before I could fully leave the vent I heard the sound of vehicles lots of them, and they were parking right in front of Gavin and Jessica. It's probably best if I wait here and then follow their sent when they leave. So I picked up Jessica's sent and watched as they put Jessica into the middle big white Toyota truck with a transformer sticker on the side.

Great, now I have to make a choice, do I go after Jessica, or check on Abigail and see if she's alright...what on earth am I supposed to do now?

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