A Journeys End

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Jessica's Prison

I woke up to the feeling of cold metal up against my back with a bag over my head. What happened? Where am I? I tried to think back to the last thing I remember, but my memory is foggy. The last thing I remember is seeing Gavin. Gavin looked like he was upset about something...or was it regret? I tried to take the bag off my head, but then I noticed that I couldn’t move my arms or legs. My arms and legs were stretched apart from each other and strapped down to what I think is a table of some sort. I pulled and pulled but the straps wouldn’t budge.

I can’t remember what happened or how I got here, did I get kidnapped? Was I going to die? No! I can’t die yet there’s still so much that I have to do and so many people worth living for.

I stopped struggling when I heard footsteps heading towards me. I heard a door to the right of me open and then close again the footsteps continued, then they stopped. I felt someone’s hand go up my arm then stopped when I flinched.

“Well, well, well it looks like your awake Jessica. I would ask you how you are but it seems that your a little tied up at the moment. You know it was very nice of your brother Gavin to bring you to us, he has always been so helpful when we needed him.”

Gavin? What is he talking about? Gavin would never hurt me or hand me over to these freaks. The mans voice was deep yet it sounded oddly familiar. I pulled and pulled again trying to break free. “You're lying!!! Gavin would’t do anything that could harm a fly let alone hurt and betray his own sister.”

“Do you really think so? I’m so sorry to say this my dear but it was Gavin who led you to the janitorial exit in your school and it was Gavin who knocked you unconscious so that we could take you with us.”

I started to remember everything. He was telling the truth it was Gavin who hit me. I remember the last thing that he said to me “i’m sorry it had to be this way Jess, but it had to be one of us.”

Why would he do this to me? His own sister! He was never a violent person, and he always liked to keep to himself. Has he been working for these people the whole time? Is my brother really a criminal or something? I started to cry...it was to much, the thought of my brother being around these kind of people and hurting his own sister just to please them...it's sick.

"What do you want with me? Why am I here?"

"You my dear have something that is very valuable to us and we want to know where it is."

Valuable, what could he be talking about, I don't own anything that could possibly be valuable. I have to keep it together if I want to get out of this alive, and crying isn't going to solve anything. Ill deal with Gavin when I get out of here."I don't even know what it is your looking for...and I don't own anything worth value...can you just please let me go? I promise that I won't say anything to anyone."

He was quiet for a moment, that I actually thought he would listen and let me go. Then I heard a sound, I can't make out what it is though. "You will either tell me where the key is now, or I will make you tell me. Your choice girl."

Key? What key? The only key I can think of is the key to my house but that can't be it or else they would have just used Gavin's. Wait...has Gavin let these people in our house before? Oh I am going to kill him when I get out of here. "The only key I have is my house key, I don't have the key that your looking for, so please let me go!"

I heard the sound of the whip before I felt it, he whipped my chest from my shoulder to my stomach. I screamed and he whipped me again. He started to say a word after every whip he lashed out at me, the current always more painful then the last. "I...want...to...know...where...the...key...is...right...now...!!!"

I pulled and pulled and pulled trying to get my hands or feet free so I could do something to make this excruciating pain go away, but I just couldn't get free no matter how hard I tried. It hurts! I have to find a way out of here before this man kills me or worse.

"I'm going to ask you again, where is the key? I know that you have it, so tell me where it is now!"

He was yelling in my ear now demanding that I answer him, but what am I supposed to tell him? I have no clue what this whack job is even talking about. "I really don't know what key your talking about...! I know nothing about a key...! What key?!?" I ended up yelling at him while I was sobbing from the pain.

"Still not telling me the truth I see, well I'll give you one thing you are strong willed i'll tell you that. Looks like i'm going to have to do some damage that's a little more...permanent..." He took of the bag that was on my head, I had to squint at first so my eyes could adjust to the light. "I want you to see what I'm about to do to you."

My captor had shaggy blond hair that flows to his shoulders, blue eyes, and he was wearing a lab coat? I honestly can't really tell if it's that or a white robe.

He walked towards a table that was to the left of me, he put down a whip...and picked up a carving knife and a hunting knife..."No... no... no... no... please...please...I don't know anything about a key I swear...please let me go...I won't say anything I promise."

The man looked at the blades he had in his hand and then pointed the hunting knife at me. "You are going to tell me where that key is one way or another...so what would you like to do first? I could either carve a satanic symbol onto your chest...or I could cut off your fingers or toes one by one?"

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