A Journeys End

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Hunter's Choice


Why were so many things happening all at once? Now I'm stuck making a choice between Abigail and a girl I didn't know who was most likely going to die because her brother gave her over to some creeps. I watched as Gavin watched the van drive away, then went back into the school like nothing had happened at all. That bastard, how could he do that to his own sister? Did he have a death wish or something, because if he did then I would be happy to oblige.

The teachers most likely took Abigail with them into the principles office or calmed her down or something. The scenario before me was by far more important. This girl could die if I didn't do anything to help her. Abigail will understand, and i'll figure out what happened to her when I get back. First things first though, I have to figure out where that van was going. I already have Jessica's scent so I can just follow it. Before that...I have to deal with her bastard of a brother and put him in his place...or kill him. Either one works for me.

I waited until I was sure no one was around before opening the vent and sliding out. I made sure to put it back exactly where I found it so that the school didn't think someone was breaking in and put us on a lock down.

I took the same entrance that Gavin took to get into the school. Hopefully I can catch up to him in time before he gets to his next class. When I left the janitors closet and entered the schools hallway, I was surprised to see that there was nobody in the hallway. Normally there would be stragglers and kids who would wanna ditch class and hang out in the hallways, but it's like it turned into a ghost town or something. The only sign of life that I was was the principle Mr. Collins walking towards me with a very stern look on his face.

"You! What are you doing in the hallway during a lock down? You're supposed to be in your home room young man."

Wait...what there actually is a lock down? What the fuck happened? "I'm sorry Mr. Collins, this is my first day and I still don't know where my homeroom is, i'm a little lost, my room number is 306." Guess there are some perks to being the new kid in school.

"Oh, well that's alright! It's on the top floor to your left at the very end of the hall in that small divided hallway. Sound good?"

Thank goodness he bought it, I have to find Gavin before it's to late, I'm gonna have to start watching out for teachers and other staff. "Thank you Mr. Collins, I'll head there right now."

I left before he could say anything further or worse offer to take me there himself, if he did that then I would be screwed and stuck in there all day.

I inhaled deeply, so that I could pick up Gavin's scent. He was still in the school that much I knew for sure. I tried my best to pinpoint where his scent was coming from, after a few failed attempts I finally found Gavin hiding out inside the men's washroom. He was leaning on the bathroom sinks in front of the mirror checking something out on his phone.

Fury cursed through me, just the thought of what he did to his sister was enough to put me on edge. Just play it cool for now, and see how he will react. "Hey man."

Gavin looked up at me and smiled...he fucking smiled even after what he did. That heartless fucking bastard, how dare he smile after what he did. I should just do everyone a favor and suck him dry. "Hey, Hunter. What's up man?"

I looked him straight in the eye. "Have you seen Jessica? You did say you were going to introduce me to her remember? I haven't stopped thinking about her since the cafeteria."

Gavin froze for a second at the sound of Jessica's name. His aura had the guilty color of blood red seeping into his aura. "Man I honestly don't know, we were supposed to ditch the lock down together but we got split up in the crowd. I haven't seen her since, she probably went home without me."

I had to force myself to keep myself from snapping, that fucking lying bastard. He has the guts to lie to me right in front of my face about his sister. If there's one thing I hate, It's people who hurt their family, or give them away to a psychopathic lunatic that will most likely kill her. "You know that's funny because I saw you guys leaving the janitorial exit together, and get this..." I chuckled as recognition of what I was saying was getting through to him...slowly. "I could have sworn that I saw you..." I jabbed his chest with my index finger "hit your sister in the back of the head with a rock, knocked her unconscious, and watched as a bunch of people in white vans showed up and take her away!" I was yelling at this point. I had to tone it down a bit or else the teachers are going to find out that were in here.

Gavin starred at me, his skin turned into the color of a ghost, and fear was dripping into his aura now...and...anger. He lunged at me and I stopped him by grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up into the air. I bared my fangs and hissed at him out of pure hatred. His mouth fell open and he started to shake uncontrollably. He was terrified, looks like he's never met a vampire before...good that will make him talk faster. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't fucking kill you and leave you to rot? No wait...first tell me why the fuck you did that to your sister, then tell me why I shouldn't kill you right here right now."

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