A Journeys End

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Secrets Revealed


I watched as Gavin started to struggle against my grip, his eyes wide with fear. I can hear his heartbeat beating at at least a mile a minute.

“What...the fuck...what...what are you?” He was barley even speaking now, his voice just above a whisper.

It makes sense that he doesn’t know what I am, humans made vampires out to be these pale white ass creatures who can’t go into the sunlight and wear a cape. That is so far off from the truth that I don’t even wanna know what other stereotypical thoughts they have about us.

“It doesn’t matter about what I am what matters is that you answer the fucking question! Why did you do that to your sister?”

I was starting to lose control, if he didn’t answer me soon then I swear that this kid is going to end up as a shriveled prune on the floor.

“I had no choice” he cried. “My sisters not normal, she’s a freak and she doesn’t even know it! If I didn’t do it my parents would have done it as soon as they noticed that she was different.”

I can not even fathom how angry I am right now, why on earth would he go and do that to his own sister, even if she is different family is supposed to be there for you no matter what. This guy doesn’t deserve to have a family in the future I really want to just want to rip his throat out.

“Just because she is different doesn’t mean that you can just go and give her away to people you don’t even know! Do you have any idea what they will do to her in there? Have you even acknowledged that they may kill her as soon as they have there hands on her” I slammed him into the wall letting out all of my frustration, but it wasn’t enough. I want to kill this kid for messing with things he doesn’t understand.

Gavin stopped shaking and stared at me dead in the eyes, he started looking and sounding a little more confidant in his words. He also sounds less scared...or am I just imagining that?

“That’s where you’re wrong, I know exactly who those people are and so do my parents. My parents work for them and hopefully one day I will too. As soon as we collect all twelve of the keys and open the gate to hell...then...only the will I be accepted and make mom and dad proud. In fact they are going to be so proud of me, instead of bringing in one of they key holders...I’ll be bringing in two.”

Gavin pulled his knee up and kicked me in the groin making me drop him, he then punched me in the face and sent me sprawling to the ground. What the fuck is going on? This guy is a lot stronger then he looks, I blocked him grabbed him by the and and sent him flying against the wall, hitting his head and knocking him unconscious. I took a deep breath regaining control before I do something I know I will regret.

Enough is enough, I needed to get more information out of this guy, but I also needed to get Jessica back before whoever those people are hurt her...or even worse.

I had to think, people are obviously going to notice me carrying Gavin and wonder what happened to him. It’s a good thing that this guy is super skinny so people are not going to question my strength.

I grabbed Gavin and flung his body over my shoulders like a sack of potatoes. and just walked out of the bathroom like nothing was wrong. Just as I thought...as soon as I got out of the bathroom people started staring and coming towards me to see if Gavin was okay; I told them that I'm taking him home. I was just about to leave through the front door when the Principle Mr. Collins walked right in front of me.

"Where are you taking Mr. Gavin Hart, Hunter? And what on earth happened to him? He looks like he got his head bashed into a wall or something."

I had to think quick, I was hoping that I could get out of here quickly and the teachers wouldn't even notice...

" Gavin fell and hit his head really hard in the bathroom, he hit it so hard that he knocked himself out. I'm taking him home so that he can get some rest that he desperately needs."

Wow, I'm actually a lot better at lying then I originally thought. I actually believed myself for a second there.

"Have you checked him to make sure he's not critically injured?" It looks like Mr. Collins believes me, his face is covered in a mask of worry for Gavin. If only he knew what this guy did to his sister.

"Yes sir I did and I need to get him home immediately before he wakes up, we both know what he's like when he gets injured in school. Even the worst injury this guy will still keep going."

The principle finally stepped out of my way! That's a good sign hes letting me leave with him.

"Hunter, you are a very good friend. Gavin is very lucky to have you. Go and make sure he's okay, and keep me updated on how he is tomorrow alright?"

Pfft good friend! That's actually really funny considering that I'm the one who got him in this state to begin with. "Okay Mr. Collins, I'll let you know. I'll see you later!" Thank goodness that's done and over with, are teachers always this easy to lie to?

I went over to my car and put Gavin in the backseat, then I went to go and get the rope from my trunk. The last thing I want is for Gavin to wake up and pull me off of the road.

Now it's time to go and get Jessica, then interrogate her piece of crap brother.

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