A Journeys End

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I never knew what it was like to truly have a family, not until my adoptive mom came and took me in like I was her very own. She’s the one who made me the person I am today, and took me in when no one else would.

I was brought up in a orphanage since the day I was born. Nobody liked me or even gave me the time of day. The daycare was beautiful with a garden, and a water fountain in the centre of it. There's a landscape and a playground on the side of the massive building.

When I was in school everyone decided that I was the freak because I lived in a orphanage. Then when I went back home to the orphanage the kids would all look at me and scold me for being there the longest and helping out the ladies at the orphanage. A few of the kids would beat me up and call me a piece of trash, but I fought back. I did believe them though when they said that I was a piece of trash...I was nothing.

Until one day about 5 years ago a woman named Krista Toshiba came to the orphanage looking to adopt a teenager, there were so many different options and we all had so many meetings to see if she would like any of us.

When it was my turn I didn’t think she would pick me at all. I thought that she would either go for one of the girls like Amber or Ashley, or maybe even one of the guys like Jeff or Caleb. When I sat down across from her she looked at me and smiled with a very kind and innocent smile. She said “I only need to ask you one question to see if your a right pick for me or not...if you won a million dollars right now, what would you do with it?”

I looked at her and thought about it for a moment. “I’ve never been asked that question before...” she looked at me like she was very weary of what my response might be. I honestly felt very nervous even though she just kept looking at me with a soft caring smile. “I guess I would put a tiny bit of it towards college and getting a education, then I would use the rest to help build homeless shelter that not only gives homeless people a place to stay, but helps them get back on their feet. This place would help people who are homeless get a job, an education, and even help them with learning how to move out and do budgeting stuff.”

Krista looks at me for a few seconds..."If you decide to get an education what career would you pursue?"

"I really want to be an architect, I want to design and build buildings for people who want to live in a beautiful home for people who don't have a lot of money."

Krista looked at me like she was just seeing me for the first time, she put her hand by her heart and whispered "what's your name son?"

"My name is Hunter Woodlock, Mrs. Krista."

"Well Hunter, how about we get the adoption papers ready so that you can come home with me? We'll have to get you a passport, but how would you like to live in America?"

I looked at her with excitement and bewilderment, there's no way this could be actually happening. "Don't you want to see the rest of the kids first? they all have a brilliant personality and are very smart and independent."

"No, I have decided. Excuse me Ma'am, I'd like Hunter Woodlock as my adoptive child. This is the child I have been searching so long and hard for."

The lady standing in the back of the room was non other then Mrs. Brodennie the most hated person worker at the orphanage. Nobody likes her because she always has an attitude, even towards the people coming into the orphanage. She's mainly been hired to keep all of the kids in check, and to make sure that we're following the rules and not trying to steal any food from the kitchen during the night time.

Mrs. Brodennie walks up to Krista with a scowl on her face, she looks from her to me, and then back. "You really want this little twit out of all of them? He is so hated that nobody at his school or even the orphanage want anything to do with him. He's one of the most hated ones here, are you absolutely sure that you choose to adopt HIM above all the other children that you've seen?"

Krista looked at Mrs. Brodennie in a calm and meaningful demeanour. "You just haven't seen what I saw ma'am, this child may be quite awkward and anti-social, but he is incredibly considerate and caring unlike any of the other children that I have spoken to. All those children are quite selfish and want nothing but things for themselves...but this boy...even though he is living in a orphanage, he still only wants what he knows he needs, and will give everything else to a soul that would very much need it! Yes, I am sure, get the paperwork for Mr. Hunter ready for me as soon as possible."

Once Krista adopted me she took me to go and get my passport, and we got to know each other more, she became my favourite person very quickly, and we got along very well. We spent the first 2 months in my country, but then my passport finally came in and we were on our way to America where my new life would begin!!! Little did I know that this trip to America would change my life, for as long as I live.

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