The Living Dark

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What is the darkness of Lilian Forest hiding?

Adventure / Mystery
Crystal Tokyo
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Timeless Castle

Deep in the Lilian Forest, there is a ruined castle where darkness lives.

The forest was shrouded in mist and eternal night for as long as anyone could remember, and no one but the brave ventured through it.

The golden-haired boy ran swiftly through the swaps that led to the castle, he moved quietly like a beast, and his blue eyes were jolting fast and searching the darkness for places he could hide.

The hunters were coming for him, for he was a murderer. They followed him for two days straight, came close to catching him thrice, and ended up hurting him twice.

The boy was bleeding and exhausted when out of the corner of his eye he saw the towers of a structure deeper in the forest, which shone in the moonlight. So with his last powers, he chose to go towards it.

After the boy entered the Lilian Forest, the trees hid the path.

The mist surrounded the boy and led him to the ruined castle.

The structure was unnatural, it had tall walls and even taller towers, but it had places where it defied gravity and logic, remnants of towers floating without a base.

A strong wind opened the front gates, the golden-haired boy crawled inside the main room. Inside the stone walls, everything looked the opposite of how it looked outside as if time here stopped while outside it continued to flow as it usually does.

There was color inside, while the outside remained grey and dusty. High windows with colorful glass depicting scenes of great importance, carpets that hid the cold stone beneath the boy’s feet, and most importantly, there was a fireplace that made everything look inviting.

The fire created shadows that seemed to watch every move the boy took.

A couple of minutes later the boy sat on a couch and as he was sitting, the pain of every wound he sustained in the chase started to appear.

Suddenly the darkness shifted and there emerged another being in the room.

“I will not be cleaning the blood you leave behind, keep that in mind while you stay here.” the darkness said.

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