Fenris: The God of Strength

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Everyone has heard the Norse Legend: Ragnarok and the events it portrays. Odin is to die at the hands of Fenrir and he is to lay waste to the world of Asguard, or that's how Loki tells it, of course when Odin hears of this he chains Fenrir up and leaves him to die on Earth. Gaining the ability to shift into a human and betrayed by his father, he has to learn to trust again.. The werewolf world knows who this massive 2 story high wolf is, they let him lead the werewolf world, he is fit for it and he is a god, so he's definitely qualified. Fenrir accepts, with doubts on his mind and desires to name his human form Narok (n.ark). With his trust at a all time low, he slowly learns how to function on planet earth. Of corse, the werewolves tell him he might be given a mate by their beloved moon goddess, thinking of Máni his anxiety sets in. Máni is just another norse God out to get him. He soon learns the revealing truth... His mate..? Is Beautiful.....

Adventure / Romance
Brianna Brown
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I'm going about my day, as usual, running around Asguard and letting the wind blow through my fur before finding my spot and sun bathing in a clearing. My jet black fur soaking up the warming rays of the giant yellow sun as I lay in the soft grass. The trees dancing in the soft but flowing breeze cooling me a bit as I warm in the sun.

"Son, come with me, its urgent." my father, Loki says, I groan and reluctantly push myself up as I notice the fearful look in his eyes as my form towers over him by at least 4 feet.

Even my own father is afraid of me... He recovers, as though he never had that feeling, and turns to lead me to....wherever it is that we're going.

Within minutes I realize, he's taking me to the palace, probably to see Odin. He knows I've been wanting to be more that a wolf in his eyes, wanting to make him proud, almost like Thor but without the childish mistakes.

we stop in front of Odin and we bow, showing our respect to him.

"Rise." His powerful voice is enough to shake the room and make anyone cower with fear, it's riddled with hate and fear as he addresses me.. I can't help but wonder.... Why?

"As foretold by the legends of Ragnarok and reminded to me by Loki, you are now banished and prisoned forever." he calmly states and slams his septer on the floor as guards pile on me and wrap chains around my body, I look at my father one last time with all the anger and betrayal I can muster and his face goes pale..

He knew he messed up when I heard those words... everyone knows he is to die before Ragnarok even happens and it is actually Thor who starts it if we actually think about it. I am a wolf so of course I can't talk, but I can mindlink.

"Great Odin, please reconsider I am not foretold to kill you it is-"

"SILENCE! THE SENTENCE IS SETTLED AND I WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND.!!!" He screams at me, at this point I willingly follow and they take me to the Byfrost. They transport me to a world I don't know and before they leave, one guard speaks...

"Enjoy Earth, and the chains." he says with a smirk and they leave me here, to die I assume. Within minutes I brake these chains as I have overly enhanced strength. I mean I am the god of strength after all.

I choose this time to walk around, I'm now basically a refugee, they never wanted me to leave that spot, so once I left that spot I became one. Walking around this.... Earth.... its not much different than AkjkkNJ b wesguard, just not as advanced. or modernized.

I wonder what this world has to offer... As I continue walking and taking in my surroundings, getting my take on this world I do notice more differences. The grass is much softer, the sun seems to shine brighter and feel warmer. This world is better, more beautiful. I think that may be the wolf talking but, it seems as though Earth is very.... unique.

I soon hear what sounds to be people but with the scent they give off, they smell of wolf, curious i walk towards them. They immediately notice me, then again its hard not to notice a 10 foot jet black wolf.

"Omg... that is a big ass wolf." one of the wemen speak, she's white, almost pale, got blonde hair, brown eyes, round ass, perky tits and a shine on her cheeks that scream mountains of makeup.

"Well obviously thats not a normal wolf, its a werewolf? Right Grayson?" the other woman finally says after a moment this girl seems a bit more....human as her slender form holds more promise, her dark skin and black afro like hair seems to scream 'look at me' her lips are more full and her tits are less perky but more full, and her ass is more slightly round, she sticks out with her blue eyes that seem rare for her skin tone.

"If you ladies brushed up on your history in school. You'd guys know that this guy right here... He's the god of strength. He's Fenrir." the man, Grayson replies and the girls gasp and take me in with more awe in their eyes, Grayson is your average male, tall around 6'2" and carmel brown hair, a 6 pack of abs on his shirtless torso, blue eyes and tanned skin that looks almost as if he worked hard to get it.

"The moon goddess should have blessed you with the power to change forms if you want to test em out... I got some shorts in here if you want.." he explains.

Why would Máni do that? Why would one of those traitors "bless me" with a gift.. I thought, although...

I closed my eyes, relaxed my body and my mind, and imagined what I'd look like as a human.. and as I felt the bones break and change positions... I knew I would love this world. I've wanted nothing more than to be a little bit more....


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