Jane Knight Rogue Officer

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That Sinking Feeling

We arrive outside of the venue in our evening wear. Charles is wearing a black suit with white shirt and black tie. I am wearing a black dress that finishes just below my knees. There are two valets in red waistcoats and black trousers with white shirt and black tie. They park our car. Charles has my ticket with his, inside his suit jacket.

The doorman smiles at us and he does not ask us for anything. Charles was right. I was nervous thinking that it was a invitation only. When we walk in, we can see a grand room with the ceiling having mural paintings in various shades of brown and white against a yellow backdrop. The walls have half shaped marble pillars a few metres apart around the room. The carpet was really thick in red. You would not think you were in the Caymans, more like Rome or Vienna.

The room was partitioned by themes such as a roulette area, a musician band with a solo singer, a fancy dress prop and photo booth, drinks bar and a ballroom dance floor. The atmosphere was a corporate party for the executives of Vladimir’s empire. Our invitation was two of his sales executives that he would not recognise. Our clothes fitted in well with the other guests here and so we did not look out of place.

We went to the bar as a starting point.

Charles ordered his brown rum produced by the locals and I had my Amaretto. Once we ordered our drinks, we walk around trying to establish where the meeting will be. We talk to ourselves while observing the employees of Vladimir’s companies. Charles starts the conversation.

Charles says out of the corner of his mouth, ‘I can’t believe that half an hour ago, we were on the bathroom floor.’

I think back to what we did. I still cannot believe that we kissed and all over each other, ‘Did you do that to make me feel good about myself?’

Charles jokes, ‘Spend almost an hour kissing you. I would rather kiss the barman.’

I smirk, ‘So you didn’t kiss me to make me feel better.’

Charles looks at me with a frown, ‘Absolutely.’

The music suddenly stops playing. There is an announcement from one of the employees welcoming Vladimir on stage and I assume to make a speech. The guests notice that he is here and start to clap, welcoming his presence.

‘Thank you!, thank you! Welcome to our annual corporate event. Our half yearly party. Please enjoy tonight’s entertainment of casino, live music and dancing.’

Everyone claps and the music comes back on with everyone continuing what they were doing. I keep my eye on Vladimir to watch where is going. Charles is still standing by my side doing the same as me. There is too many of us for Vladimir to notice us. We know that our intelligence information tells us that the meeting is here and must be at this party. There are only his employees here and is not in a public area to worry about prying eyes.

Charles whispers to me, ‘Jane, don’t make it obvious that you are staring him out.’

I try not to make my lips move, ‘Got you.’

We leave our drinks on a table to go on the dance floor so we do not look as suspicious keeping an eye out on Vladimir. Vladimir is walking towards a door behind the casino area. We wait to see if he goes through the door and assume that the meeting is going to take place there.

I have a surprised look on my face, ‘Charles, did you see that?’

Charles saw what I saw, ‘Yeah. But there are no other people going inside. So they are either already there and arrived before the party started, or they will be going in one by one.’

I am wondering, ‘So we wait.’

Charles is direct, ‘Yes.’

There is no one else going in. We need to get inside and see what the meeting is about. We motion each other to walk over to the door. Once we are at the door, we look behind us and stand for a while observing the other guests before going through.

When we go through the door, it leads through a corridor with wall lamps to light the way.

Charles grabs me around my waist and turns me around, pushes me against the wall and kisses me. I welcome him giggling like a school kid and smiling as we peck each other before passionately kissing each other.

I am the responsible one, ‘We… have to… get to… that m-e-e-ting.’

Charles smiles and laughs, ‘It is… your… fault for being… so… sexy.’

He makes me smile during kissing.

I indicate that we should stop, ‘We need to get going.’

Charles smirks, ‘Okay.’

We reach the end of the corridor. It leads to an open room with a large table with people seated already.

Vladimir is talking.

Vladimir, ‘…we are close to our final destination. We have three more years to complete. In the mean time, I have plans to raise additional funds in two days’ time.’

Xavier, ’What about the intelligence community. Are they happy with the reviewed payments?

Ivan, ‘I had a meeting with key officials including our contacts in England, France, Germany, America and Russia.’

Athena, ’We have new members coming from


Ada, ‘I thought we had standards. Our members go back to pre-nineteen hundred. Our people originated from Spain and the Mediterranean.’

Xavier is white with a full black beard and a slim build. He is wearing a blue blazer with a white shirt.

Ivan is of stocky build with a clean shaven head and a ginger brown full build. He is wearing a grey, blue blazer with a black shirt.

Athena is a slim brunette with dark olive skin like a suntan. She is wearing a black jumpsuit.

Ada has a amazon-like body with big muscly arms. She is wearing a black crop top showing her belly and a black skirt just above her knees.

Charles and I are taking in the conversation. They have not made any sense except for a meeting in two days’ time. We will have to keep our tail on Vladimir to see what the meeting is.

Charles is observing the conversation, ‘Who is running this meeting?’

I think what he is saying, ‘Exactly what I was thinking.’

Charles glares at Ada, ‘Have noticed the amazon woman.’

I am curious, ‘Do you find that attractive?’

Charles questions my insecurity, ‘Jane, are you jealous already?’

I feel inferior to her, ‘Just asking.’

There are a total of twenty men and women at the table. They behave like they are about to create a world war. It is the way they come across as scheming and paying people off in high positions. Charles has an intense face, soaking the atmosphere in.

I am interested in the person in England, ‘We need to find out who in England is paid off. It has to be someone in government.’

Charles wonders what type of person it is, ‘Someone who can influence power.’

For now I am only focused on Vladimir, ‘We focus on Vladimir.’

Charles now believes me, ‘I guess your man Ivor was right.’

I use his favourite word, ‘Absolutely.’

Charles gives me daggers when he hears me say it. Ivor comes in to the meeting from another entrance.

Charles notices him first, ‘Talk about Ivor.’

I think out loud, ‘That is why we didn’t see anyone go in. We need to track these people.’

Charles thinks, ’We have to set up a meeting with


I remember him saying where he was going to hide, ’In


Charles says, ‘Wherever he lives.’

Ivor does not have a seat, so he is standing. He came in quietly and so he is not acknowledged. I feel that we are lucky to have Ivor as our contact.

The meeting lasts for over an hour. I notice that there is a old woman, thin, typing notes of the meeting. Vladimir concludes the meeting like a committee asking for any other agenda and taking note of non-attendees.

We are so engrossed in the meeting that we forget that the meeting is concluded and we must quickly get back to the party. Vladimir is heading in our direction as well. We make a gentle power walk to ensure that we keep our distance from him and blend back into the guest.

Once we are back at the party, we stay at the bar. We order another local dark rum and Amaretto. We take two of the stools at the bar. We just chat to each other about nothing, wondering about when would be a good time to leave.

While we are at the bar, Vladimir comes to the bar standing next to us. We ignore him, continuing our conversation. Vladimir makes conversation with Charles.

Vladimir turns to him, ‘Are you enjoying yourself?’

Charles is natural, ‘It is a great party. I will look to dabble at the roulette.’

Vladimir looks at the roulette, ‘That sounds good. There is a hundred dollars free money.’

Charles is persuaded, ‘Wow. I will definitely go on there.’

Vladimir looks at me, ‘Who is your friend?’

Charles gets my attention, ‘Jane.’

Vladimir remembers her from the photo Ulrik had of her and that he wants to kill her, ‘I don’t think I have seen you here before.’

I think on my feet with being an employee, ‘We have only been in your company for six months.’

Vladimir goes along with Jane’s perfect story, ‘Which office?’

I think of my accent, ‘Naturally, London. I work in the logistics department.’

Charles jumps in and says, ‘I work in the sales department.’

Vladimir remembers that he only invites top management, ‘This party is for executives. How did you get invited?’

I quickly improvise when I see Charles not coming out with anything, ‘That is my fault. I bribed one of the guys in our office. He is a sucker for blondes. He couldn’t make it and so I lied about taking a lady friend.’

Vladimir smiles thinking that she is a complete thicko and looks at Charles, ’Not just a… how do you say in


Charles helps him out, ‘Not just a pretty face.’

Vladimir wanted to say something more demeaning while still looking at Jane, ‘I was thinking more of the line, ass.’

Charles feels something is not quite right and changes the conversation, ‘You have a great party.’

Vladimir turns back to Charles, ‘Thanks. It’s the least I can do. We made a total, shy of two billion turnover last year.’

I jump in trying to be impressive, ‘Of which two hundred mill was in the UK alone.’

Vladimir does not express any reaction to my comment and orders a vodka. Charles and I decide to leave. Vladimir notices that we are about to leave.

Vladimir gets Charles’ attention, ‘Wait. If you are willing to get this far. Maybe you’re willing to spend a couple of days in my company.’

Charles reacts, ‘We would like that. What is your itinerary?’

Vladimir has not made any plans for tomorrow. He thinks on his feet of how to finally get rid of Jane, ‘A boat trip.’

Charles asks, ‘What time is that for?’

Vladimir tells him, ‘Midday, Foye Street. Where are you staying?’

Charles says, ‘Marriott.’

Vladimir questions his salary, ‘On a sales and logistics salary?’

I was about to find an excuse but Charles is quick thinking, ‘I have a confession. I used the company card.’

Vladimir smiles, ‘Ha ha, it is all claimable.’

Charles smiles with him, ‘Our company makes a tidy profit of about a hundred mill. So a few more hundred on expenses won’t break the bank.’

I feel like I am just an object on Charles’ arm. I am ignored in the conversations. I carry on drinking while they talk. I think about what Charles and I can do tomorrow while we are here, apart from tracking

Vladimir’s movements. I am also thinking that I cannot believe we kissed and that he knows I am suicidal. My head is spinning. I also think if he is weird falling for a suicidal person. I start having negative feelings about what we are having now. I feel that Charles is making a mistake with me. So to save him, push him away.

Vladimir does not need to know Jane’s name, ‘It has been nice talking to you. Now, I have a meeting with a beautiful lady. Goodnight, Mr?’

Charles tells him, ‘May, Charles May.’

Finally the conversation is finished. I am anxious about having the conversation to end what has just started. I don’t want it to end. But I am thinking of him and if I was in his shoes, I would want that.

Charles happy about getting to know him a bit, ‘So, we don’t have to worry how we are going to track his itinerary.’

I want to know what we do now, ‘What now?’

Charles gives it some thought, ‘Bed. We have an early start.’

Vladimir is at his holiday home, one of many. His girlfriend is in her lingerie sat on the sofa in the living room overseeing the beach front. She has her leg up on the sofa. Vladimir walks up to her and starts to kiss her.

Vladimir smiles, ‘Jane is here, in Cayman. We can finally kill her.’

Natalia smiles with excitement, ‘Good. What do you want me to do?’

Vladimir is direct, ‘Wait for me at the airport. Make sure the engine is warmed up. I will be as quick as I can.’

After we get back to the hotel room, I get changed into my pyjamas in the bathroom. Charles gets changed in the main room. I am nervous about having the conversation. I really don’t want to take away my chance of happiness. But just because I find out he likes me, I don’t want him to get hurt. My depressive feelings have not gone away. Once I am changed and go back into the bedroom, I’ll have the talk.

I come across nervous, ‘I need to say something. I am only thinking of you. I don’t think it is a good idea that we get together.’

Charles shrugs it off, ‘Ha, you don’t have to worry about me.’

I sit on the corner of the bed with one of my legs folded under my other leg.

I try to be more forward, ‘It is not you. It is me.’

Charles walks up to me and stands there, ‘I know you are scared of hurting me. One thing I have learnt in this business is that we could die tomorrow. So live for today.’

I am pessimistic, ‘What if I die tomorrow?’

Charles is positive, ‘I will be glad that I did something today.’

Our eyes lock and I cannot resist him. I know I should be ignoring his rational. He waits for me to make a move. I don’t know how, but I kiss him without premeditation. He does not move away from my advances and we start kissing passionately. He motions me to lie back on the bed as he topples me. I feel my nipples getting hard, his chest brushes over my boobs briskly and I feel his length brushing on my thigh which gives me tingles around the inside of my upper thigh. I motion him to roll over on his back so I can topple him and press my body on his. I feel my nipples going hard as I slightly brush my breasts against his chest. I use my leg to rub against his length to arouse him. I feel him getting harder as I press more against him. We both start to get flustered and I feel myself wanting to reach down and touch him down there, but I am too shy and so just rest my hand on his belly where one of my fingers is slightly nudging the end of his length. Charles starts to groan slightly as he starts to raise his hips to rub himself against my body. His length is pressed against my groin as he is pressing his length against me. My belly starts to feel butterflies and go warm. I do not want this sensation to go away as I have never kissed anyone when sober.

When I was drunk, I hardly remember the sensation of kissing and I never became aroused by it as the man I would be kissing was too drunk himself to be able to perform any kind of sexual act. I would have men brush against my breast or fell my bum but it did not do anything for me.

I feel myself getting wetter from my second encounter with Charles. It feels like I have wet myself, my underwear feels soaked through. I am paranoid that it has seeped through my underwear onto the inside of my pyjamas. I am also paranoid if Charles can feel it also via his length. I also feel hot down there as well. Charles puts his hands under my pyjamas to feel my skin on my back. He does not feel my breasts. I really want him to grab my breasts as I am too shy to move his hands there. He moves one of his hands on my belly and rubs it gently but nowhere near my breasts or nether regions.

I start to think about my hymen again worried that he will find it is still there and find me repulsive being a virgin still. He can have anyone he wants. I am making the most of this as I am scared that he will realise that there are much better experienced women out there than me. He is going to laugh at me when he finds out that I have no sexual experience. I am going to wait for him to suggest having sex and then tell him that I have no idea what to do. Until then I am just going to just enjoy first base. Being the woman, I naively think that the woman decides when it is right to have sex when it can be the man also.

I hear Charles’ breathing getting deeper and suddenly his breathing goes shallow and he goes from being tensed to relax. He stops rubbing against my body and I feel something wet on my tummy coming through from Charles’s pyjamas and I wonder why my belly feels a wet patch on his pyjamas. I move my hand on my tummy and the back of my hand brushes against his pyjama where his length is and feel that it is wet, like almost soaked through. I can also smell an odour that I have never smelt before. I panicked thinking that he had weed himself and the horror of smelling the scent of wee. But I could not smell the scent but a musky smell that I have never experienced before. It reminded me of my scent when I have a wet dream, but my scent is lighter while his scent is slightly thicker, but it does not offend me.

After both of us have exhausted our pumped up tensions and both relax, we just lie next to each other and eventually go to sleep. During the night, we both in turn pull the sheets over us but do not disturb one another.

The next morning, I wake up to hear the shower on. Charles has already woken up and started showering. I lie there waiting for Charles to come out of the bathroom. While I wait, I reminiscence about last night and both of us getting hot and bothered from the heavy petting. I cannot believe I used the word ‘petting’. I start to feel my left breast again as I think about my encounter with Charles on both occasions. I think back to feeling Charles’ wet patch and wonder what that was.

Charles eventually comes out of the bathroom fully clothed, ready to go out. He is wearing a pair of surf-board shorts in plain orange with a white V-neck T-shirt. His clothes looks good against his dark black skin. He has not shaved and so he has a slight stubble on his face. He waits for me to get in the shower and then go down for breakfast before going to Vladimir’s yacht.

Charles is attentive, ‘Hi sleepy head. Did you sleep well?’

I stretch out and yawn with a smile, ‘Yes. What time is it?’

Charles checks his watch on his wrist, ‘Almost nine. We have two hours to get to Foye Street. We will use the car hire we still have to drive there.’

I grab his wrist to see for myself, ‘Okay. I will get in the shower now.’

I choose to wear a yellow bikini that can covers my whole bum and a pair of beige jean shorts. My stomach is still slightly bruised and so I wear a summery blouse to hide it. I take with me a straw bag with a inside lining to carry our sunglass cases, sun lotion and sundry.

We are both full from our breakfast and get to Foye Street about ten to eleven. We did not find out what his boat was called. There are a few boats moored up but the big giveaway was the biggest boat there and Russian writing on the back of the boat. All the other boats had English writing and were mere twenty footers. His boat is about eighty feet long. The hull is dark blue and the decking is dark brown wood with the outside cabin brilliant white. Vladimir appears to be on the boat already. He motions us to get on board as we walk towards it. There is a ladder to climb on board and Charles lets me go first. I am hoping he does not think my bum looks too big. Vladimir has a crew member greet us and help us on board. Vladimir is wearing shorts as well and a short-sleeve casual shirt. A lot different than last night. I was expecting the boat to be full of his employees from last night but it seems that we are the only two invited on his boat.

Vladimir is glad that Jane is here now, ‘Welcome to my yacht. I have lobster for lunch.’

Charles jumps in, ‘Thank you. We feel privileged. Where are we heading?’

Vladimir is staring at me, ‘About ten miles out. Then we will try to look for some fish, then head back. Hope you two can swim?’

Charles looks at me to acknowledge he can swim and then, ‘Yes we can. Are we snorkelling then?’

Vladimir smiles, ‘Yes. But first, we have food prepared and drinks served up.’

It takes about two hours to get ten miles out. During the journey, Vladimir shows us around his yacht, talking about technical stuff. They ignore me as if I am stupid or too thick to understand. So I spend the time taking in the beauty of the ocean and landscape of the Cayman Islands. Once they finish looking over the boat, we all sit down for lunch.

I start the conversation off, ‘I think your boat is very beautiful. How long have you had it?’

Vladimir sits back and says, ‘About a year. I had a previous boat before but got bored of it. How do you say, keeping up with the Kardashians, no.’

He makes me smile, ‘How come we are the only ones on your boat today? I thought all your executives would be here.’

Vladimir smiles at me and Charles, ‘I never let anyone on my boat. Except for my girlfriend. But she wanted to go shopping. Maybe you two should have gone with her. No.’

I find the comment very sexist but smile, ‘I am happy here.’

I am curious how a rich man spends his days, ‘So what do you do in your spare time when you are living like a billionaire?’

Vladimir pictures Jane drowning underwater, ‘I work long days. This is the only chance I have of relaxing.’

Charles agrees with him, ‘Of course. If only I was a self-made billionaire. I would have my office here.’

Vladimir laughs while picturing his girlfriend Natalia destroying Jane in a boxing fight, ‘Ha ha ha. Who said I don’t. Would you give up Jane to be a billionaire.’

Charles was laughing at first then stops, ‘Money cannot buy everything.’

Vladimir agrees, ‘Of course. If my girlfriend was like Jane, I would not choose my billions. You are right Charles. Money does not buy everything.’

I put my two cents in, ‘If I looked like your girlfriend, I would give up a billion.’

Vladimir thinks she is cute, ‘You think you are not attractive?’

My depression kicks in after knowing that Charles cannot replace it, ‘No. Just saying that I would imagine your girlfriend to be stunning, like a model.’

Vladimir says, ‘True, true. But she is like my boats and cars. I still have to find the one. However, Charles seems to have achieved that.’

I smile, ‘I will take that as a compliment. Especially from a billionaire.’

Charles says, ‘Absolutely.’

Vladimir is intrigued how Charles linked up with Jane,

‘How did you two meet?’

We say at the same time, ‘A friend.’

Vladimir finds it amusing, ‘Of course. In Russia, we do not see it as standard, a black face pairing with white. It is something I am ashamed of. Please don’t get me wrong. I love my country. But not what it represents.’

Charles is direct, ‘No disrespect, but I thought all Russians were racists.’

Vladimir admits, ‘Ah, yes. I consider myself racist. I don’t like any ethnics.’

I look at Charles and do not see colour. I don’t see colour with anyone, ‘I never formed any opinions. I see Charles as black. But that is far as it goes. I did not have a great childhood. I have no right to be racist if people were racist to me when growing up.’

Vladimir is intrigued, ‘What happened?’

Charles asks the same question, ‘Yeah what happened?’

I tell them both my past, ‘I was picked on for my appearance and personality.’

Vladimir brushes it off, ‘I on the other hand was not targeted. I was born into a wealthy family. And you Charles?’

Charles is blasé, ‘My childhood was just as bad as the next black guy. I chose to use my intelligence over brawn.’ Vladimir finishes off the conversation, ‘Let’s eat this glorious food before it goes to waste.’

Charles as per usual says, ‘Absolutely.’

We take our time eating the spread he has provided us which includes salad, hors d’oeuvres as well as lobsters. For a man who funds terrorism, you would think from the conversation so far, he is a humanitarian. I don’t know about Charles, but I find it hard for myself to distinguish his hospitality from a dangerous man who is happy to kill anyone in his way. Charles holds my hand while eating with his other hand. I find it comforting.

After our lunch, we go snorkelling. The sea is so clear, you can see the sea bed even though it was twenty feet away. The water feels lukewarm, like having a very warm bath. Charles looks confident snorkelling by my side. I find it natural touching him and hold hands periodically.

Vladimir does not snorkel with us. His yacht is anchored and we swim around the hull of the yacht.

After about half an hour, we are done and get back on the yacht. Charles lets me go first. I feel Charles wants to see my behind. When we get back on, we are welcomed by a gun pointing at us. Charles stands in my way to protect me. A crew member is holding the gun. I cannot see Vladimir. Charles sees towels on the rail of the yacht and puts one of them round my shoulder. We look around the decking while having a gun pointed at us.

I see rope on the floor and I can hear chain rattling. I look at Charles to see what he could be thinking, but he looks a little nervous himself.

Charles eventually talks, ‘Well I enjoyed our boat trip.’

Vladimir appears, ‘You’re wondering what I am doing.’

Charles takes the lead, ‘What happened to the hospitality?’

‘Well I saw a video of you two.’

I ask, ‘Was it our dancing skill?’ Vladimir doesn’t respond, ‘We didn’t pay for our drinks?’

Vladimir cannot understand why all spies have looked-after bodies, ‘I must admit. Spy people seem to have physique bodies. Furore, your body is rather sexy. Is that the job description?’

I pretend to be confident, ‘If you let us live, maybe you could have some of this.’

Vladimir raises his eyebrows, ‘A terrible waste.’

Charles does not like the idea of Jane sleeping with him, ‘Even still, she has had black. So she won’t be going back.’

Vladimir smirks, ‘Still, soon you will not be a burden to me anymore.’

Charles looks at the sea, ‘At least it is not the English Channel or the river Thames.’

After our hands and ankles are individually tied up, the crewman then ties Charles and my hands and ankles together. I see my wrists have red rope marks, from being tied too tightly.

We are standing side by side while our arms are tied together in the middle. I notice that I can no longer see two diving tanks that were to our right, on the decking. The diving tank had diving masks hanging on the top.

Charles notices that there are diving tanks near them. I wonder what he is looking at but don’t think any more of it.

His crew member ties our ankles and hands really tightly with old frayed rope. He ties my hands really tightly and it really hurts. I wince as he finds it amusing. He then ties the spare anchor to our rope that is around our ankles via the long chain attached to it. I am becoming to accept that I will die here. I know Charles will survive.

I thank God for giving me a glimpse of what it is like to be with a man. God. I know. I know. I am not afraid. If I am asked what I did with my life, I will say I spent it finding Charles.

Charles puts his arm over my head and hugs me tightly.

It feels wonderful. I look up at Charles and a shed of tears rolls down my cheek.

Charles smiles at me, ‘It is okay, sweet pea. Don’t cry baby.’

I hold back the tears, ‘If we do not make it, I just want to say that you are the best thing to happen to me.’

Charles grins, ‘Absolutely.’

He makes me smile, ‘I don’t see the colour of your skin. I don’t see the colour of my skin.’

Charles kisses me on my forehead, ‘Thank you. You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.’

I smile, ‘Thank you.’

I pray to God. God, I pray that I will be able to experience what it is like to be loved, fall in love. I also pray that one day, I will find out what it is like to have sex, make love.

Charles seems to be preoccupied, ’Jane. When we get out

of here, why don’t we say we will kill him?’ He makes me smile again, ‘Absolutely.’

Charles sees that I am mocking him, ‘Yeah ha ha, absolutely.’

Vladimir interrupts, ‘Yeah yeah. Dump the chain.’

Charles looks at the tanks again. He smiles to himself. He looks on the ground to see if the tubes can be tangled in his legs. Charles looks hopeful. I look at Charles wondering why he looks pleased.

I look confused, ‘What?’

Charles just smiles, ’Nothing. Isn’t it a beautiful day.

Why don’t we go for a dinner later.’

I smile, ‘I will hold you to that.’

The crewman kicks the anchor into the sea. The anchor makes a loud dunking noise. We look into each other’s eyes as the chain links are clunking on the edge of the decking into the ocean. Before our ankles are yanked into the sea, Charles pushes us into the sea to avoid ligament damage.

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