Jane Knight Rogue Officer

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Life Is A Beach Then You Die

Charles uses his body to push me off the deck, into the ocean. His body is then pulled by mine, as I plunge into the sea on my left side. We both wriggle in the water to try staying afloat with our heads above sea level. While we are struggling, I can see the chain of the anchor sliding into the sea at great speed. It sounds like bags of coins being emptied out on a pavement. I can also hear Vladimir and his crewmen laughing at us as we struggle to breathe in and out, in between going under water. The chain is still sliding into the sea which suggests that the anchor has not hit the sea bed yet.

I keep trying to see how Charles is doing while keeping my head above water. I keep almost taking in sea water in my mouth.

Charles is trying to speak to me, ‘We… are… al-mo-st… go-in-g. T-a-ke… de-ep… brea… breath.’

I respond, ‘o-ka… okay.’

We both take our final deep breath within seconds of the anchor pulling us down. The noise of them jeering at us gets drowned out as our ears submerge under water.

All I can make out is lots of air bubbles around our bodies as the anchor drags us to the bottom of the ocean. It is preventing me from seeing how far we are from the sea level and how close we are to the sea bed. Before I know it, my feet hits the sandy sea bed, then my bum and back. Our bodies stir up the sand from the sea bed. This makes my vision even worse.

I look up to the sky to see if I can make out the hull of the yacht. I just make out the silhouette of the boat through the sandy water.

Vladimir barks at his crew to take him back to shore. He gets his mobile out and texts someone. The message reads,

‘They are lost at sea. The blonde’s dead.’

He then puts his mobile back in his trouser pocket. The engine of the boat starts up quietly and gently moves away. Vladimir feels relieved that he has finally killed the woman who caused his father’s death.

I feel myself starting to struggle to contain my breath and think of death coming soon. Charles is frantically looking for the two diving tanks that he kicked overboard. The sound of the chain rattling had hidden the plunder of the tanks. Eventually after a few seconds, he spots them. Charles is now starting to run out of air and assumes the same for Jane. As the sand is starting to settle back on to the sea bed, Charles hits his knee against a hard object and feels what it was. He realises that it is one of the diving tanks. I see Charles trying to grapple for the diving regulator with the mouth piece. This is a long plastic tube that the gas travels through to breathe in from the mouthpiece. I close my eyes to focus on the last bit of air left in my mouth. I start to feel faint and light-headed. I find myself having flashbacks of my past seeing my siblings, nephews, nieces and finally my parents. While I am having flashbacks, something is shoved in my mouth and I feel air going through my lungs. I open my eyes to see Charles holding the mouthpiece.

Our wrists and ankles are still tied as we share the mouthpiece of the diving regulator. I see Charles looking along the sea bed in between taking in gas. I see something poking out of the sand bed and get Charles. attention. He goes to grab it, pulling me with him and together we pick it up. It looks like it is a, empty sea shell that is no longer occupied. It is shaped like a doughnut corner. It is has brown and white stripes with rivet-like jags, around it. I hope that the edges are sharp enough. Charles starts to rub the jagged edges against the rope around our wrists. I hold the mouth piece to the diving tank. Each in turn I give Charles and myself gas. I check my watch for the time to see how long we have been cutting through the rope. It takes about ten minutes to break our wrists free. Charles grabs the mask on top of the diving tank and puts it on his face. He then looks up at the sky, pulling the bottom up. He then breathes through his nose and the water drains out of his mask. I give him some more air, then he starts cutting our ankles free.

I am so glad that we are not in the river Thames back in England. The sea is warm and we can see what we are doing, which makes our predicament more bearable. Eventually, Charles cuts through the rope and our ankles are free. Charles then swims to the other diving tank a few feet away and drags it towards me. He then gives me the mask and I copy what he did, after taking another intake of air. I panic, thinking I will drown, but it worked first time. Charles then puts the diving tank on my back before putting the other on his back. Now we are able to breathe. Charles motions us to swim to the surface. As we do, we see a fishing line drop towards us and then see the hull of the boat. God must be looking down on us. We reach the surface and then shout and wave for their attention.

Vladimir is ready to leave the Cayman Islands on his private jet. His girlfriend is with him and they are already on the plane. The pilot is getting ready to leave. Vladimir appears to be satisfied that Jane is dead and asks for the air stewardess to get champagne. His girlfriend is pleased for him. Ulrik is also on the plane.

Ulrik is distracted with plans for two days time, ‘Vlad, we have only a day to move the shipment from the warehouse. Our Syrian buyers are not the type of people to annoy. We should have left this morning but someone wanted a certain blonde dead. Did you have to kill the black guy? I don’t believe he was involved in your father’s death. Now you have what you wanted, we can get back to schedule.’

Vladimir looks distracted by his girlfriend, ‘His was collateral. Besides, they appeared to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He would have wanted to avenge her death.’

Ulrik sighs and looks out of the window, ‘They were secret agents. Their people will be after us.’

Vladimir confident, ‘Please. This will deter them from going after us. With our contact in M-I-Six, the agency will be shut down for failing to stop me.’

Ulrik brings up Geegore Industry in Wales, ‘Have you forgotten? They took down your company in Wales. They were not set up then. Now they are powerful.’

Vladimir waves his hand as if there is a fly, ‘They have no jurisdiction in Russia.’

The conversation finishes with Vladimir and Natalia going into the back of the plane. They go into a separate cabin and Natalia takes her dress off to her underwear. Vladimir takes his shirt off and undoes his belt to push his trousers down. Natalia sits on a side box at Vladimir’s waist height. She opens her legs and rests them on his forearms. He has already pushed his underwear down to his ankles with his trousers. The appearance of looking at his girlfriend with a toned body and underwear clinging to her crotch gets him aroused easily. He slides her underwear aside and enters inside her. She sighs quietly to herself as he enters her fully. She can see him going in and out of her which makes her further aroused. She likes him to be rough and fast, so he goes in slow and pauses before coming out. He smiles at her, almost laughing as he sees frustration in her facial expression. After five minutes of teasing her body, he changes tempo and gives her what she likes. After a few minutes, her body stiffens as he still goes in and out. He does not relent until he eventually relieves himself. He then pulls out of her and puts her underwear back in position. He then rubs himself against her underwear to wipe off her sexual fluid. She finds it a turn-on. He also wipes his excess bodily fluid on her underwear as well.

They both have a weird sexual appetite which makes them attractive to each other. Their wavelengths are the same. He has a fetish for women boxing and so finds it a turn on that she is a professional boxer.

We are back at our hotel. I have just finished in the shower, coming out in just a towel covering my boobs and private bits. I have had to wash the sea salt from my hair . Charles is in a robe waiting to go in after me. I want to be in his arms and be relieved that we made it. But I am too shy to make the fist move. Charles appears to be distracted and brushes pass me with no expression. I lie on the bed with my knees up, looking at my mobile for text messages and emails, both personal and work. Waiting for him to come out from his shower to discuss the next move.

When he comes out, he has a pondering look on his face and takes a look at me, then looks away pondering some more.

He has a frown on his face when he says, ‘We need to find out what his next move is. Can you look at the documents we collected from the bank?’

I look up at him from my mobile, ‘Yeah sure. Have I done something wrong?’

He looks at me with a quizzical look, ‘How do you mean?’

I pluck up the courage, ‘You seem distant from me. If I upset you, then I am sorry.’

Charles sits on the bed next to me and smiles, ‘Sorry. I get pissed when someone tries to kill me and the one I care about.’

I feel relieved and sigh, ‘Well in that case, I will dig out all the documents we picked up from the bank.’

Charles gets up from the bed and paces along the carpet back and forth, at the foot of the bed. I cannot help looking at him as my boyfriend. He looks at me now and again and gives me a smile in between having deep thoughts. I lay out all the documents including deeds, contracts and intellectual property. These were additions to the bank statements. There was nothing that stood out from the bank statements except for the ins and outs of transactions. I notice that the contract description was in English and not Russian. I found this weird as English is not his first language.

I read the contract to find something interesting.

I look up at Charles, ‘What is Vladimir’s next appointment on his itinerary?’

Charles looks at me and ponders on the question, ‘You have the bit of paper. Like I said, I am not going to Russia.’

I roll my eyes and dig out the itinerary, ‘Right. His next visit is back in… Russia. There is a contract for delivery of arms on Tuesday. That is two days’ time.’

Charles asks, ‘Where is the deal taking place?’

I look at the fine details, ‘It doesn’t say.’

Charles asks for the bank statements. He scours the date on the contract and a date on the bank statement.

Charles’ eyes light up, ‘There you go. A bank transaction took place a few days after the contract was signed. Get Barney to trace the origin. We find out who is buying, we find out where it is taking place.’

I look to see if there is anything else I have not noticed from his itinerary, ‘I cannot believe this. I almost missed it. Today, he was to be in Russia. Killing us must have changed his plans. He should have been in a place called Aybolit.’

Charles clicks his fingers, ‘That is where he is keeping the arms. He is either doing the deal there or is moving it a location. We need to get our people there to cease the weapons. If anything send a drone there.’

I think about us going, ’We can get a flight there now.

We can stop him.’

Charles nods his head, ‘We are not operative field agents. It is not our job to shoot in and out. We have done our job now. We retrieved evidence, now it is time to head to London. Leave M-I-Six to deal with it. The assignment is over.’

I feel that we should be doing something. Charles suggests we call our people rather than wait till we get back to London. So we give them time to send in the Calvary.

I hear Charles on the phone, ‘We need to stop an arms deal from taking place. Preferably drones or planes. What, what do you mean it will take a couple of days? We don’t have a few days. The deal is going down in two days’ time on Tuesday. Great. So he gets away with making a deal and then the buyers plant a bomb in London.’

I sense the person on the other side of the phone is useless, ‘What is happening?’

Charles shushes me, ‘This is urgent. Vladimir is literally on his way now to make the deal.’

Charles throws the phone on the floor and it bounces on the bed.

Charles is seething, ‘They say they cannot get there on time. They don’t have any allies near by.’

I think of Miles and Mary, ‘What about our people, Miles and Mary.’

Charles is quick to say, ‘Not their field. We are just gatherers of information. We still head back to England.’

I disagree, ‘You have a gun. We can get there now. What about drones?’

Charles eyes widen, ‘Yeah, but, we do not know the co-ordinates. We need to stop the actual deal. We could be in Russia and miss them.’

I think of time going by, ‘We have nothing to lose. Either way, we are screwed. At least we can follow them from Aybolit. Then get them the co-ordinates from there.’

Charles looks like he agrees, ‘That is it then. Jane, pack your bags. We are off to Russia.’

We arrive in Russia, in Moscow at Domodedovo Moscow Airport. From Moscow, we get hire a car and use the sat nav in the car to drive to Aybolit. The journey takes about three hours and thirty minutes. It is about midnight that we arrive. There appears to be no activity and so assume they have already been and gone.

We park the car around the corner from the site. There are no guards around and it is pitch black apart from lights inside the complex. We can see a modern office building, five floors facing the entrance. In front of the office building to the left is a warehouse. The warehouse is made out of brickwork with a corrugated tin roof. The front of the warehouse facing us is a metal roller door. We notice that there is a window at ground level and so choose to go through that, hoping that there is no alarm.

We have to get deal with a mesh fence first and we do not have any cutting equipment. We decide to scale the fence and use our jackets to place over the barbed wires. It is cold and has been snowing. We had to buy winter clothes from the airport duty free shops. It takes us a few minutes to climb over. Once we are over, we walk over to the window. It is obviously locked and decide to break the glass to open the window. Charles looks for an object that could be lying around the grounds. I help him and I see a area with rubbish. I go over to find any fairly large object. I see a segment of a rusty old brown pipe. I get Charles’ attention and we use this to smash the glass. Charles does the honours. The window swivels horizontally and we are slim enough to slide through. I guess if there was a fire, you need to be able to escape through it.

Once we are inside, we realise it is too dark without the lights on. The warehouse has rows of metal shelves filled with wooden boxes.

I say to Charles, ‘What is a warehouse doing at a service company selling insurance?’

Charles agrees, ‘We need to check what is inside these boxes.’

We look around in the dark using our torches on our mobiles for a crowbar or something that is used to open crates. We see a door to another room and go inside. When we go inside, we see it is a stock room with another door that leads to another room behind it. We ignore it and look for something in the store room. Charles sees a box opener and so we use it to open a random box. When we do open one of the boxes on the bottom shelf not far from the storage room, we see it is a variation of a smart box. It looks like an Amazon echo but is branded under another name in Russian. We look at each other wondering why Vladimir would be looking to getting into the market with this. Again why is it here at an insurance company?

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