Jane Knight Rogue Officer

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This is War

It is August two thousand and fifteen.

A man by the name of Vladimir Mashkov lives and runs a multi-million-pound company in Russia, trading around the globe. His net worth with the companies is around forty-one billion, seven hundred million ruble. That is about half a billion in pounds. His companies trade in Moscow and Aybolit inside Russia as well as England, America, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. His businesses are in insurance, finance and manufacturing. He recently started manufacturing his version of a smart box.

He also bought a chemical company that made pesticides, for his father in the early nineties. It was a business that his father worked at as a regional manager. He worked for the company for twenty-five years and was wrongfully dismissed. So Vladimir bought the company in a share proxy fight and won control of the company. The officers of the company did not have intentions of selling the controlling shares. Vladimir did it for his father and he did it because he could.

Vladimir is forty years of age and has never married. He is six feet tall, white with dark skin like dirt. He is slim and clean-shaven. He has black hair that is short and greased back. He wears three-piece suits with a shirt and no tie, in various colours and fabric suits. He was educated in England when his father was working there for the company. He studied finance at university and went into insurance at graduate level. He ended up setting up his own insurance company and then the money made, divested into the two other industries, rather than it sitting in the bank. He used friends and business associates to fund his company via shares in a limited company. He also took some of his previous employers’ customers as well.

His personality is strong and so he clashed with his colleagues and peers. He chose to leave the company and set up his own insurance business in Russia.

His mother has always been a housewife and is in her late seventies. His parents live in their family estate a few miles outside of Moscow in Kuskovo. Vladimir has a sister called Ada who is thirty-five years of age.

She is almost seven foot tall, with long thin jet-black hair that falls over her shoulder. She keeps her hair in a bun behind her head, not on top. She is a professional boxer and she is a part of the Russian Olympic team, training for the two thousand and twenty games. She also fights in the heavyweight division, holding a few belts. Her body is the shape of a body builder with feminine features, no hormone changes caused by steroids.

She was educated in England as well. Her life went into a completely different direction. After she finished college, she went into boxing. She first tried out boxing when she was at school. She was bullied and so her father took her to a gym to build up her confidence. One of the trainers in the gym introduced her to boxing, so she can learn to defend herself against bullies. She caught the bug and decided to train professionally when she finished college.

She is a world heavyweight champion.

Vladimir has a girlfriend he met through his sister. Her name is Natalia and she is a professionally trained boxer as well, in the Olympic team. Vladimir and Natalia have been dating for about five years and he funds her to get to the two thousand and twenty Olympics. They have an odd sexual relationship together. Vladimir has a obsession of watching women boxers fighting inside the ring. He finds it arousing watching Natalia fighting and her getting knocked about inside the ring. Each time she finishes a fight, they have a sexual appetite to make love, before she has a shower and cleans up her face wounds. They are both sexually charged with each other.

Vladimir believes in protecting his family and his girlfriend but at the expense of other people. He has morals but sometimes it is close to a magnet and he loses his way. He was not aware of his company in Wales producing a Novichok chemical. His father found out after the father and daughter were killed in Salisbury. Vladimir found out that the company was investigated by someone who works in Military Intelligence Five. An investigation was made into the company. His assistant has a contact with Military Intelligence Six and that person gave his assistant a report. He read the report and it was prepared by a woman called Jane Knight. The person who headed the investigation was a man named Miles Stone. Based on the report, Vladimir and his father gathered it was two people working inside the company that were involved.

His father has been stressing about it for a few weeks since the company was shut down in late July. He has had sleepless nights. His father is with his mother at the family home at this moment in time, including his sister. Vladimir is currently at his girlfriend’s who is defending her title with a strong opponent. The fight is about to begin.

The fight is in Moscow at a televised arena. The room is like what you see in Las Vegas when a fight is on show there. He is currently at her latest defending title fight. He is sat in one of the four hospitality boxes high up. He decided to have some of his friends there to watch his girlfriend fight.

Vladimir has a confidante who is lent out by a society he is a part of. He follows him everywhere like a bodyguard, regardless of what his itinerary is. His name is Ulrik. He has interest in a lot of entities including national security in certain countries including England. Vladimir does not know what his background is. He uses Ulrik to gather information and consult. Ulrik has worked for him over a number of years. It is one of the reasons how Vladimir has amassed his fortune with insider trading.

He is confident that Natalia will win, and besides it is on television. He also wants to show off that his girlfriend is sexy, feminine and strong. His friends are sharing a couple of premium vodka and expensive bubbly wine.

There are ten of them.

His parents and sister are not watching the fight. They are sat at home in the living room talking about the death of the two Russians in England. Ada is has taken the closure of the Welsh company to heart herself.

Secretly she was using the company herself, providing certain chemicals to the black market warfare. She did not care if the weapon ended up in the hands of terrorists. She was making money to fund her boxing career and her lifestyle. She did not want support from her parents or brother as she is fiercely independent. Her family to this day still do not know. She panicked, thinking it was her doing causing the two deaths. She was relieved among words that it was someone else. It made her rethink if she wants to continue selling chemicals on the black market. She also went to her customer for verification. A few days ago she received a mobile text from him to confirm.

The fight began a few minutes ago with both fighters biding their time, systematically sizing each other. Vladimir is over-enthusiastic with his friends laughing out loud and all having banter. The first round appeared to be boring for Vladimir as he does not like it when fighters stand around making meaningless punches. He prefers to see the fight from round five, as it begins to be more contact and physical. He also likes to make a bet that Natalia will win the fight.

It is now five rounds in, with his girlfriend pinning her opponent against one of the turnbuckles. As predicted by Vladimir, they start to become more physical and he starts to get aroused. He also likes to visualise how he thinks it will go so he can be more aroused by the fight. He is looking forward to having sex with his girlfriend after the fight. He will wait for her, in the changing room. His friends will be heading to a bar afterwards, when Vladimir goes to see his girlfriend. Again they both have an unusual sex appetite.

The fight finishes after the final tenth round. Vladimir can see that Natalia has been badly hurt. Her opponent is not any better. His girlfriend has a swollen left eye and a nosebleed. Her cheeks are red raw and her stomach is slightly bruised. The other fighter is much the same. The winner is decided by the judges.

The paparazzi are taking flash photography of the two fighters as they stand side by side of the referee. The spectators have been entertained. No one is going home until the result of the winner is announced.

Vladimir is already leaving to go down to her changing room to wait for her. His friends stay in the hospitality box to finish their drinks and wait for the results.

Natalia is overwhelmed when she is announced the winner. She is too exhausted to show gratitude or excitement. She hugs her opponent, then she is given her belt to take with her. Her assistant has already cleaned her face up, before the result was announced. She is ready to be escorted back to the changing room.

She is excited about seeing Vladimir in her changing room. On her mind is sex and what she would like to do to him. She just wants to be with her boyfriend now, after weeks of preparation and defending her title.

She is escorted out of the ring, after the presentation and photography, back to her changing room. She is expecting Vladimir to be in her changing room and she cannot wait to see him. She wants her physical pains to be washed away with the emotions and feelings from her him.

When she gets to her changing room, she sees Vladimir standing there and they both ask for her entourage to wait outside including Ulrik.

Natalia walks up to Vladimir and kisses him passionately on the lips even though her mouth hurts like hell. Vladimir has been waiting for this moment since arriving to see the fight. He finds her a complete turn-on, smelling her sweat and imagining what she smells like under her boxing shorts and underwear. Her nose starts to bleed slightly again after it is disturbed from kissing passionately. He uses his thumb to wipe the blood away and then kisses her passionately again.

He feels her hands on his front below his stomach and is instantly aroused. She continues to tease him by brushing her knuckles across it. He grabs her tight bum and massages as they continue to kiss. They then gently help each other out of their clothes.

While he helps her take off her top and sports bra she smiles at him, ‘Thanks for coming to see me fight.’

He has a serious face, ‘You turned me on when seeing you fighting.’

She gives him a coy look, ‘Did you imagine me being knocked about against the ropes?’

He smiles at her and then put his hands between her legs to feel for her groin guard. He is imagining it to be her labia. She parts her leg to allow him access to her intimate parts while going back to toying with his intimate part.

She starts to breathe heavily, ‘I really want you. I want you badly. When I was fighting, all I could think about was this. This moment. This is what kept me going.’

He laughs, ‘I wanted to jump into the ring and make love in front of everyone including your opponent.’

They are both completely naked now and he motions her to go against the wall. He parts her leg with his knee and she groans slightly. He kneels down so his face is eye level to her intimate part. He then smells her natural odour before giving her pleasure.

She groans, ‘I have missed this.’

He continues to stimulate her and slides his tongue up and down from her intimate part to the top of her bum crevice and back again. He does this a few times including stimulating her sphincter. She is groaning and breathing heavily as he makes her sensors spark like fireworks. He is finding himself get more and more aroused until he is ready to enter himself inside her.

Eventually he stands back up and teases her by rubbing the end of himself along her bum crevice, hinting that he will enter inside her bum. But he chooses to enter inside her lady part instead. She eagerly welcomes him and sticks her bum out to allow him to go inside deep. He is vigorous and fast which she likes and prefers the roughness.

After he makes her sparks fly, he continues until he is able to relieve himself. Once they are both released, she turns round and kneels down. She has always had a need to smell her sense on him and give him oral. Again this is their own personal unusual sexual activity.

After they have finished, they shower together before making themselves presentable. They go home to their apartment they share in Moscow. They are chauffeur-driven by Ulrik. When they get home, she goes upstairs to get ready for bed. He goes into the living room. Ulrik leaves them alone, heading back to his own place. While Vladimir is in the living room, he hears the landline ring. He picks it up, not thinking anything of it. It is his sister on the phone and she is quiet on the phone. She has something to say about their father. While she is talking, his face goes pale and he stares into space. Eventually he flops into an armchair by the phone. He puts the handset on his leg and looks in disbelief.

His girlfriend naturally comes back downstairs and sees him sitting there. She walks over to see what is up.

She curiously asks, ‘What is the matter?’

She senses it is bad news and gives him a hug not knowing what has happened. He rests his chin on her shoulder staring into space still. She has a blank face wondering what is the matter and is there for him.

A few days have passed and Vladimir, Ada, Natalia and Ulrik are at church for his father’s funeral. Paying their last respects before his father is buried. Vladimir is looking inside the open casket. Just staring at him with a sombre expression, no emotion or tears. His sister is sat behind him with a black veil over her head. His girlfriend is sat next to his sister.

Ulrik walks up to him slowly and whispers in his ear. They both walk out of the church and stand by the entrance.

After the burial, the people who attended the funeral all go back to the family home in Kuskovo, east of Moscow.

The estate was built in the eighteenth century. The interior has been kept in its original form.

About fifty people attended the funeral who are standing and sitting in the living room. The size of the room is equivalent to four double bedrooms and the interior is still its original eighteenth-century design. While they are in there, Vladimir and his sister Ada are in the study room with his assistant Ulrik. His girlfriend is with the other guests and their mother for company, in the living room for the wake. Vladimir is sat behind a desk and they are sat in front or standing facing him. He wants to summarise how his father came to have a heart attack and die.

Vladimir turns to Ulrik, ‘We have four people that we need to deal with.’

Ulrik looks confused, ’I thought it was only two. Miles

Stone and this Jane Knight.’

Ada pipes up, ‘The two who worked in the company.’

Vladimir looks at Ada, ‘Exactly. I want them taken care of. Then we go after Stone and Knight.’

Ulrik looks at the both of them, ‘I have to get this passed by the committee. They can only sanction it.’

Vladimir is angered by his comment, ‘No one, not even the committee, tells me what to do.’

Ulrik looks out into the distance, ‘I would do the same. But I have my orders. You go after them without consent, you will be considered a rogue officer.’

Vladimir laughs, ‘Ha ha ha. Rogue officer. When I did not sanction my company to supply the weapon to kill those people.’

Ada looks at Ulrik and then Vladimir, ‘I want to avenge my father’s death. But Ulrik is right. We need the committee behind us. They have the know-how and the contact. Ulrik can only find so much.’

Vladimir ponders and then looks at Ulrik, ’Set it up.


The meeting is over and they return to the gathering in the living room for the wake.

A couple of weeks have gone by when Vladimir attends his meeting with the committee in the Cayman islands. During the annual company party for management and sales team, a private room at the back of the building that is hidden away, is used for the meeting. There are twenty people that attend each time, representing companies and families. There are twenty people around the circular table including a man they call the ‘the chairman’ and Vladimir. The meeting has been going on for a couple of hours with minutes of the meeting concluding.

Vladimir throws out his request, ‘I have a problem. Something that needs scratching.’

The person chairing the meeting responds, ‘What is it Vladimir?’

Vladimir does not hold back, ‘I have two people that have gone into the wind. And I have two bastards who closed my business down. As a result, killing my father.’ The chairman replies, ‘Why do you want these people killed?’

Vladimir keeps his anger at bay, ‘They caused my company, which I bought for my father, to be shut down.’

The chairman asks, ‘I speak on behalf of everyone. We are sorry for your loss. We have to keep focus on our objective.’

Vladimir reminds the committee of the favour he agreed to, ‘I was going to use the company to manufacture the smart box. Don’t you think it will be a bit odd having the smart box held at my insurance company when we don’t even manufacture. This has also inconvenienced you.’

The chairman asks everyone to leave. The eighteen people leave via a back door that does not take them through the annual party, but outside where there are no people, traffic or tourists. The chairman stands up from opposite him and walks over. He sits next to him facing his chair to him.

The chairman studies him, ‘What do you want to do exactly? I have been informed. You know the rules. Any actions made outside our remit, you take the hit.’

Vladimir is aware of this, ‘Someone else went rogue, not me.’

The chairman leans back, putting his hand to his chin looking down, ‘I see. And you think you can threaten us by saying that the authorities could look into our next phase.’

Vladimir is a bit standoffish, ‘I am pre-empting what could happen. I am being looked into now. They will likely be coming after the rest of my companies.’

The chairman ponders, ‘The real problem is Ivor. He has been talking to the authorities.’

Vladimir does not know who he is, ‘Ivor? Who is Ivor?’

The chairman says, ‘His father was one of us. He passed away a couple of weeks ago. We approached him, telling him about our committee. To replace his father. But he said no. However we have something on him which will change his mind when the time comes.’

Vladimir is not bothered by that, ‘Did Ivor also get my company shut down?’

The chairman is annoyed, ‘No! No. He whistle-blew on Geegore Industries but your company left breadcrumbs with forensic.’

Vladimir thought that there were five people to kill, ‘So do I have the committee’s backing?’

The chairman ponders, ‘Only the two people at your company. We will find them. And… dispose of them.’

Vladimir is curious, ‘How will you find them and dispose of them?’

The chairman is vague, ‘I have my sources. Once our next phase is in place, you can do whatever you like with the two agents.’

Vladimir gets up disappointed and goes to walk back to his party.

The chairman quickly makes it clear, ‘You go after them, you are a rogue officer. They will come after you. They are about to set up an agency. Specifically tailored to go after people like us. Get your company in order. The committee will not back you. You are on your own.’

Vladimir stops walking but does not face him, ‘So be it. I will take on the agency. I have a half-a-million-pound business. I have my resources.’

Vladimir continues to walk on and the chairman stays in his seat, pondering on what he thinks he will do to keep the committee’s plan on track. They are reliant on his business manufacturing the smart boxes.

It is September two thousand and sixteen, twelve months later.

In London, Ivor is at his desk when he notices that two men are coming over towards him. They are in black suits which indicate they are a part of the bank security. He quickly gives Miles a call.

The phone is ringing for ages and he is about to hang up, ‘Hello?’

Ivor quickly responds, ‘I think I have been rumbled. I need to leave.’

Miles perks up at his desk, ‘Wait. Are you sure? What about the information you were going to give me.’

Ivor has only seconds to spare, ‘I will give this to you when I have safely left the country.’

Miles panics, ‘Where are you going?’

Hangs up. Miles is now worried as he does not have anyone who can go and get the information he has that Miles has been waiting for. He tries to call his mobile number and it rings out. Miles thinks that he is still in the building as he remembers that Ivor cannot get a signal in the building. Miles decides to allow for five minutes to give Ivor time to leave the building. Miles looks out into the open office to look for any agents that might have come back just now, but no one. He glances in the corner, having thoughts if she could be ready. Then rushes the idea out of his head. He can see that five minutes has passed and suddenly his mobile rings. He picks it up frantically.

Miles answers, ‘Hello?’

Ivor quickly speaks, ‘I am in a taxi and only narrowly escaped. I had to give my coat to someone else. They went to the wrong taxi. My family have set up a hiding place for me. But I must get to another place. I will let you know when I get there.’

Miles does not know what to say, ‘And then you will give me the file. That will bury Vladimir’s company in Russia.’

Ivor is quiet on the phone as he pauses, ‘Yes. But I only trust one person.’

Miles goes quiet himself, ‘Who?’

Ivor blurts out, ‘Your other contact. You spoke about so much. He knows much as I do.’

Miles thinks quickly, ‘I will send someone else. He is good. He will get up to speed to quickly. His name is Charles May. He is a bloody good agent.’

Ivor is quick to rubbish the idea, ‘I want Knight. And only Knight. He helped you shut down the company in Wales.’

Miles squeezes his eyes shut and then opens them, ‘No. He is tied up in another assignment. Charles or no one.’

Ivor is adamant, ‘Knight or no one. You don’t see me for dust.’

Miles decides to trick him, to have Charles act as Knight, ‘Okay. I will send Knight. He is black. He will be tall.’

Ivor is relieved, ‘Good. I will call you when I get to my destination. I will expect your contact to be here in forty-eight hours.’

Miles realises that he has shot himself in the foot, ‘He won’t be able to be there until three days.’

Ivor pauses, thinking about his itinerary, ‘I need to be on another flight Sunday morning. Your agent needs to be here Saturday evening.’

Miles has a million thoughts going through his head, ‘I can have my agent there Friday night. Why not Friday night?’

Ivor is thinking that he needs time to get to the apartment and pick up his get-out clause. Information that can sink the bank if they try to kill him, ‘I can’t do Friday, I need to sort out a couple of things.’

Miles knows that he cannot change his mind, ’Okay.

Done. I will get him out there for Saturday.’

Ivor hangs up the phone in the taxi and tells the taxi driver to head to the airport. He wants to buy a ticket at the airport and wait for a flight in the clothes he is in. His family is rich and he has ready cash and so does not need to rely on his salary to purchase a ticket. He also knows that his cards will be cancelled by his employers and also he does not want them to know where he is going.

Ivor is heading for Saint Tropez where he hid information that can get his employers into trouble that Miles does not know about. He has hard copies of the information in a box in the apartment hidden inside the air vent, that no other executive that uses the same apartment knows exists. He needs the information to take with him to Montenegro where he cannot be extricated to protect himself. His family is waiting to pick him up from the airport on Sunday morning on a private jet. He already had this planned for months and kept asking for reassurance from his uncle to get a plane to Saint Tropez within an hour’s notice.

When he gets to Heathrow airport, he looks for the booking desk he knows that takes flights there. The same booking desk he has used for years when he had free flights to Saint Tropez as a bonus for a year’s work. He knows how to get to the booking desk by heart.

Once he arrives at the booking desk, he asks them for a return flight so not to raise suspicion, even though he knows that he has no plans to come back. They tell him that they only have a red-eye flight at one in the morning. He takes it and then goes to an airport stationery shop to buy a book to read while he waits for his one o’clock flight. He is paying everything with a card that is cash only and cannot be traced by anyone, except for the bank which is not linked to his employer.

Miles is in a dilemma in what to do, to get the information that Ivor has that can help with pursuing Vladimir. He does not think that Knight is ready but he does not have a choice. Someone coming in cold will have no idea what to do with the information and only bring it back, wasting valuable time. He wants the person to have knowledge of the trail so far, so they can then move on along the trail rather than come back to England and the trail going cold. Miles needs someone to finish what began a year ago. He is looking at Knight who has been working on the case from the beginning who knows what to look out for. All she needs is a co-pilot to help her get the information and help her follow the trail to the end of the rainbow. Enough time has been wasted. All the original six agents are already tied up with other assignments on-going.

He decides to go to Mary for clearance to promote Knight to field agent status to allow her to go in the field. He decides to use the excuse of her having training in defence and how to shoot a gun, even though she will not be issued one. He will also tell Mary that he is already considering Charles to be her co-pilot to get the information. He quickly draws up a template form from the server to fill out with reasons why Knight should be able to be promoted to field agent.

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