The Vengeful Assassin

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Daniel wouldn't let it go. He was out for revenge, and he would get it, No matter who he had to hurt. That was his promise to her. He would take everything from the guy who hurt her and then he would take his life. Daniel is a trained assassin. The only thing connecting him to his humanity was his best friend. They had been friends since Daniel's parents died. She had been supportive when he started his training. But she is dead, murdered by the man she loved, and now Daniel will show him the pain of loosing everything. But when time comes to kill him, will Daniel be able to? Will something else get in the way? Or Maybe someone will?

Adventure / Thriller
Knight Shadow
Age Rating:

Years Ago...

Daniel blew smoke out of his mouth. His cigarette was held in between his pointer and index finger. He was leaned against a brick wall with another guy next to him. He was a few inches shorter then Daniel. While Daniel was watching the streets, the guy next to him was playing on his phone.

“Must you smoke that cancer stick?” The person next to him asked with a snarky tone. Daniel looked over at the shorter male next to him.

“Yes Max I must,” Daniel paused as he smirked, “Especially if it annoys you,” Daniel put out the cigarette and continued to watch the surrounding streets.

“Whatever Pretty Boy,” Max retaliated, Daniel was about 6′4 with long black hair that fell into his face and grey eyes that held a sense on danger and mystery. I made girls very attracted to him, but his interest only lie on his job and the well being of Yale, his best friend. Max shot Daniel a quick glance before going back to his phone.

Max was barely 6′0 with white hair and bright green eyes. Even though Max was only a few inches shorter, he always felt that Daniel towered over him. Like the Eiffel Tower versus the Statue of Liberty. The two men were standing outside a closed Cafe both in black attire. They had black hoodies; the hood was up to conceal their looks.

Max and Daniel had been waiting for about 30 minutes. They were waiting for the client that hired them. “Hey Danny, did you like this job?” Max asked, Daniel looked over at Max. He was contemplating his words.

“I… No,” Daniel answered honestly, “But the pay is good,” Max knew that was Daniel’s way of avoiding the guilt.

“You know that the cold-hearted act you put on sucks, right?” Max asked Daniel closed his eyes before he returned to watching the surrounding streets. Max let out a slight laugh, “I know you do,” Max seemed to reply to the unanswered question.

“Are you them?” The boys looked over at a small female with long brown hair and small brown eyes. She was dressed in professional attire.

Max and Daniel kicked up from the wall they were resting against, “You are?” Daniel asked. His face was emotionless, Max’s sweet face was now just as emotionless. The women seemed a minor shocked at the two males, but her shaking hands handed them an envelope.

“I am the assistant for Mr. Beltharow,” The woman’s face was trying to put on a hard act but her entire body was shaking like crazy. “H-He wanted to give this to you, it’s the rest of the paycheck,” Daniel and Max exchanged looks.

“Open it then,” Max said. The assistant seemed surprised. Her shaking hands opened the envelope. She pulled out about 10 wads of cash, all 100′s. “Pleasure doing business with you,” Max and Daniel walked into a nearby alley leaving the assistants shaking in the middle of the sidewalk.

Max and Daniel walked out the other side of the alley. Their clothes seemed more normal. Max had on a bright red shirt with some black ripped jeans, the hoodie he had been wearing was now tied around his waist. Daniel was wearing a white shirt with a skull and crossbones on the back, his jeans were also just black.

“Did you think it was a trap?” Daniel asked, looking at Max.

Max answered, “In this line of work you can never me too careful,” Max cleared his throat. Daniel smiled with a soft nod.

“Guess so,”

The sniper on the roof watched them, ready to fire without a second thought. Until he lost sight of them in the crowds of people that exited a bus. He moved around and tried to find his targets again.

“Back here,” Daniel said loud enough for the sniper to hear. The sniper turned around his gun in hand but they ripped it from his grasp. “Who are you?”

“I’m not saying anything,” The sniper growled back. Max held the sniper rifle in his hands.

“Then you aren’t of any use,” Daniel said, with no hesitation Daniel pulled out his own gun and aiming at the sniper’s head. The loud echo of the gunshot rang out through the sky.

“I am telling you Max likes you,” Yale said as she ate ice cream.

“No, He doesn’t,” Daniel said, grabbing the carton of ice cream from Yale, ” I am pretty sure he barely likes me as a collegue,”

“Your right,” Yale said throwing her hands up in defeat as Daniel ate some ice cream “Yep he is to busy liking you in the I wanna screw you way,” Yale smiled innocently, Daniel almost choked on his ice cream.

“Stop it Yale,” Daniel snapped “That weird,” Yale’s smile grew when she saw Daniel’s cheeks were a tint of red.

“Says the one with red cheeks,” Daniel hide his face, making Yale laugh.

“You are evil,” Daniel said between his hands. Yale messed with Daniels hair.

“Aw come on Danny you and Max would be so cuuute,” Yale laid her head on Daniel’s lap. “Just make your move and boom you are together forever,”

“Enough about my love life what about yours?” Daniel asked his face was still a soft shade of red. Yale groaned and sat up.

“Terribly Jordon is being really clingy and forceful,” Yale said “He always has to know were I’m going, what I’m doing and who I am hanging out with,” Daniel raised his eyebrows.

“Yale, Jordon sounds possesive,” Daniel responded, Yale’s happy smile fell into a frown. “You shouldn’t stay with him if he is possesive,”

“B-But I love him,” Yale said, Daniel furrowed his eyebrows.

“Does he love you?” Daniel asked Yale snapped her head around to look at the black hair boy.

“How dare you ask me that?” Yale snapped “Stop trying to make everyone out to be a bad guy he-he isn’t,” Yale’s confidence failed when she said ‘he isn’t’

“Yale I-” Daniel tried to explain.

“No, Daniel,” Yale stood up “Not everyone is like your ex or like you Jordan treats me right,” Daniel flinched before standing up as well.

“Like me?” He asks “Yale you are so desperate right now that possessiveness is dangerous,” Yale opened her mouth to object “I am leaving,” Daniel picked up his jacket and walked out of the house.

“Daniel,” Yale called “Wait,”

He stopped and turned his head to the side speaking only loud enough for Yale to hear “Call me when you realize how dangerous he is,” Daniel hopped into his car and drove off.

“Wow that is rough,” Max said as he opened his door. Daniel nodded, he left out the part were Yale as talking to him about that fact that me may or may not like Max.

“I don’t know what to do about her,” Daniel followed Max into his house.

“She will realize how possessive he is,” Max points out “Then all you have to do is be the hero of the tale and save her ass,” Daniel gave Max a confused look. “Don’t you like Yale?” He asked

“Why does everyone think I like Yale?” Daniel said “First Joshua, then Raven now you I. Do. Not. Like. Yale,” Daniel explained

“Okay okay calm down,” Max said, having a mini dance party while Daniel was in the bathroom “Do you like someone?”

Daniel walked out of the bathroom the blood on his face was gone”Uh...You,” Daniel mummbled quietly under his breath.

“Who?” Max asked, Daniel shrugged. Sitting on the couch Daniel looked over at Max who was making a bowl of cereal.

“Cereal?” Daniel judged. Max rolled his eyes.

“Yes, Yes Cereal,” Max said “It is delicous, easy to make and the best meal to make when you are barely awake,” Max defended.

“Judge ruled in the defendents case,” Daniel said, Max scoffed.

“I would be a hot lawyer,” Max said.

“Yep,” Daniel answered, Max looked away as a blush found its way onto his cheeks. “Not smart but hot yes,”

“Excuse me I am smart,” Max put his bowl of cereal down, he sat next to Daniel who was going through plans on how to tell someone you like them without making it awkward and weird.

“Just make your move and boom you are together forever,” Yale's voice played in Daniels head.

"Make a move," Daniel said out loud, Max looked at him.

"What?" He asked interested "Make a move on what?"

Daniel built up his confidence "You," He stared at the wall as Max sat there shocked.

"What?" Max asked, shocked, "What do you mean?" Daniel let out a frustrated groan. He turned to Max who was really red.

The black hair boy pushed the shorter male flat onto the couch, his hands on either side of Max's head. "I mean I like you and I," Max gripped onto Daniels shirt and pulled him closer. Until thier lips met, in a soft kiss. It turned into a heated make out session, which lead to a long night.

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