With the Wind

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Chapter 1

This house made for quite a comfortable space in the time it was built in. There were three bedrooms, a spacious living area and kitchen, a dark, but large cellar, an attic with a tiny window, and a beautiful back patio that opened up to the sea. Because it was on the cliff with such a glorious view, the price of the house was very high, and as soon as it was built, buyers flocked the sales counters. The family that ended up getting the home payed a big sum of around fourty-five thousand dollars — remember, this happened about fifty years ago, so houses didn’t cost very much.

Talewood back then was very small compared to Talewood today. It was just a small town with one blacksmith, one school, and people moving in were rejected for a small bit of time.

So this family, who which we don’t need to go into much detail, was satisfied with their new home and loved the view from the cliff. However, after a few months of living, something stirred up the wind around the town. Suddenly, the weather began to swipe the air with its hands and created winds as strong as a weak hurricane. Luckily, there was no threat of the buildings being destroyed, but townspeople still had to cover their windows tight to block the wind. The wind was so strong, even the crops were being torn up.

The people were afraid that their town would uproot itself. And what do people do when they hold fear? They blame. They turned to the family that had just settled in and made them their scapegoat.

“You cursed us by moving into that wretched house!” They would say, “Go to hell with your fancy woodworks, and leave us alone!”

Frightened and also being buffeted by winds, they fled the house, and miraculously, the winds quieted down on the town. But for the house on the cliff, they continued blowing hard, and the house was left alone for three years.

Now, at this time, I was about ten years old. My father, your great-grandfather, had just lost his job in Kingston, a nearby city, and we had to move to a new place. And as you would have guessed, we moved to Talewood. It was a big change, coming from an industrial city like Kingston. My father got a job as a blacksmith, while my mother became the librarian of the new library they’d built. And I was enrolled in the local academy, where almost all the kids of Talewood attended.

School was very difficult at first. Although the others didn’t physically bully me, they excluded me from their conversations and pastimes. After the first month, I still had no friends, and I was becoming depressed. The hopes of new friends, new discoveries, and a new life were dying out as the days went on.

That’s when I met Lucy.

Now, to understand Lucy, I’ll jump back in time. Lucy was a girl that had a very hard life. When she was very young, her father was a pilot in the army. He would always bring her with him on his test flights, the two of them soaring with the wind. She described to me, “It was like touching the sky. The sun would shine down on us with warmth. It was beautiful.” Lucy… she really wanted to fly like her father. She even dreamed of becoming a pilot, although her mother, Katherine, discouraged that because of women’s rights. You should have seen her face as her dream came true…


Anyway, this happiness did not last forever. When Lucy had just become eight years old, a massive war broke out — World War II. Her father had been commissioned to join a losing battle in Germany. Katherine in tears, he left for his country and for his honor. Two months later, they received notice that his plane had gone down somewhere in the ocean, and he was confirmed missing in action.

Although she was little, Lucy understood what losing her father meant. She and her mother were crushed.

Soon, they began to steadily lose money as it was hard for them to find a good paying job. Things continued to go downhill as the economy dropped and they lost their home. Then, Katherine remarried. The man was a successful businessman that had focused on his career before finding a wife. His name was Christian. They had met by chance, and he’d taken a liking to Katherine. So they got married, he became Lucy’s step-father, and Lucy and her mother moved in together.

However, I think Katherine only accepted him because of his money, because this guy — whew! He was an a- he was mean.

In the beginning, he acted nice. He was kind and loving, but there was an edge to his voice, like the tone was being faked. After a couple of weeks, he got angrier at things. Everytime his company ran into a problem, he would come home and whine about it to Katherine. Somehow, she put up with it for Lucy’s sake, but you could tell how much of a toll it was taking on Katherine. When Katherine suggested that they take a family vacation to ease off the stress, Christian told her that he had an even better idea. He wanted to move out entirely and abandon his company. Of course, she was against the idea, because it was just so careless and crazy, but both Christian and Katherine knew that he was the head of the house.

They moved out of their place when Lucy was still eleven and ended up in Talewood. And yep, you guessed it, they purchased the house that had been abandoned for three years — the cliff house.

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