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Follow Shuichi, the reincarnation of an old, powerful monster from Japanese legend as he takes over a corrupt organization, forges friendships, finds love and learns what life is really about. Contains graphic content (such as violence, strong language, mental, physical and sexual abuse, rape, LGBT topics) and is not suitable for younger people. Viewer discretion is definitely advised.

Adventure / Romance
Nora Greyy
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"Doctor we're ready. He's ready." An older man with salt and pepper hair turned in his office chair and looked up at the voice that spoke gently yet eagerly from his office door. Letting loose a soft sigh he slowly stood and gathered his paperwork for the project. Thirty years. It took thirty years to get here. Thirty long, difficult years but it was finally here. The moment where everything would change forever. The doctor motioned towards the door.

"Shall we, Salena?" The woman nodded once, her face grim and turned around before briskly walking down the long corridor. Her heels clicked loudly as they moved. She walked quickly, her steps unfaltering and her ahoulders squared as the two of them passed door after door.

"Are you ready Doctor? Or are you having doubts?" Salena asked over her shoulder. The doctor merely shook his head slowly as he scanned his badge. The large steel door clicked and slowly swung open, revealing a dark room with a metal table. It was here. It was ready. Finally ready. The sins he committed just to get to this point, the horrible things he had done along the way, he hoped that god didn't send him to hell for this. If there even was a god.

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