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What happens when the world you know is a lie. When every monster that ever hid under your bed or in the stories you parents read to you at night are real and they were living among you. Who will kill the bad ones and protect the good? who will keep the peace or start the war? No human, king, or president could do. This is the job of a keeper. *****

Adventure / Romance
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I ran into the room following closely behind the Monster King, his red cape making it easy to follow him. I turned back to say something to Beck, but saw that I had lost him.

"Stop!" I yelled to the rìgh uilebheist.

"What are you going to do, keeper?" He said, taunting me, and turned into a different room. Suddenly, he stopped, his feet merely inches away from a steep cliff behind him. It was a black, deep abyss that took up most of the space; all there was for us was the ledge we were standing on.

"Are you going to jump?!" I asked, then I put my hand on my head "Wow show more concern for the evil villain trying to kill everyone." I murmured to myself sarcastically.

"That's what you think, keeper." He said, and rushed at me. I quickly got ready to fight, but as I took a step forward my foot got caught on a rope. I was pulled into the air, the edge of the cliff dangerously close.

"Fuck." I growled as I tried to get out my knife, but he grabbed it before I could.

"Oh my poor, poor keeper..." He cooed, "Did you really think you could beat me?" He asked, throwing my knife off the side of the cliff. I despondently watched my last weapon fall down the abyss.

"No. But I don't have to." I almost smiled, "You're powerless in this room, I can tell, and I have people who will hunt you down and kill you if you hurt me." I spit out.

"Most unlikely." He said the he grabbed the corner of his mask.

"What are you doing?" My eyes widened in fear.

"My keeper," God, I recognized that voice. "I am simply breaking your trust." He said and the pulled his mask off.

"YOU ASSHOLE!! WE TRUSTED YOU, YOU WERE OUR FAMILY." I screamed, staring into the eyes of the only man I trusted throughout my whole transition. Into the keeper I was, the women J had become.

"Oh my poor keeper, there was nothing you could've done! I know everything." He said, grinning as he pushed me so my body was over the cliff. He picked up the knife and made a small nick in the rope.

"They will come!! They will kill you." I choked out, threatening him and warning him at the same time.

"Are you so sure keeper?" He laughed like the villain he was flipping his cape around, then left my friends to find me and watch me die.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Why are villains so stupid? I can't believe I trusted him, ok don't panjc. I have to get out..." I started swinging side to side, trying to get to the ledge. Once I got really close, but a snapping sound made me stop. Shit, I thought, when I heard a voice yell to me.


"Beck!" I yelled, looking down as that's where his voice sounded like it was coming from.

"You alright?!"

"Yep, just hanging from a rope over a cavern and 'bout to fall to my eminent death! How are you?!" I called out to him, and I could practically taste sarcasm becoming bitter on my tongue.

"I'm doing good." Jones yelled.

"Shut up." Cele said, and I heard Jones getting smacked on the head.

"Look up, Fab." Beck said, I looked up and saw the four of them at the edge, looking at me.

"Ill use my magic to get you out," Cele said and starter murmuring some incantation trying to pull me up. Energy burst into her hands then died. "I... I... Can't."

"He made it so no one can use their powers here, Cele." I sighed, "I'm not going to last, so get him in here and kill him." The rope continued to snap and I flinched.

"Fab, we're not going to leave you. Just hang on; we have a plan." Beck said and went to grab the rope.

"No! Don't touch it. I'm the keeper so I... I... protect you guys, and this," I paused thr blood rushing to my head was making me dizzy. "This is me protecting you. Leave me and get him." I said, and the rope dropped a little causing Cele to let out a small cry in fear.

"Fab, I'm not leaving you no matter what, so shut up and let me save you." Beck said.

"No you shut up, I'm saving you this time! Trust me." I looked into his eyes. "I'll be okay, you'll see me again and I will always be with you. Okay?"

"I'm not letting you die." Jones growled. The pain in all their faces made me feel sick for doing this to them.

"Remember me." I said with a smile then the rope snapped.

"FABLE." Beck screamed as I watched them become smaller and smaller, as darkness started surounding me.


Names pronounced

Fable (fay-bal)

Nickname Fab (f-ay-b)

Jones ( J-OH-n-z )

Cele (s-ee-l)

Beckham (B-EH-k-uh-m)

Nick name beck (b-eh-k)

Benit (b-en-it)

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