The girl from Tokyo. (Tokyo no Ona)

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He thought his destiny was written, but after an extraordinary night with a mysterious girl in Tokyo he decides to change his path and find it at the other side of the world. Not knowing they're both looking for the same thing... A fresh start.

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My adventure starts in some random shipping point at the east of North Korea, my homeland.

It is autumn, I can feel the cold breeze kissing my cheeks so I decide to cover them up with the burgundy scarf I’m carrying over my knitted sweater.

I see the containers, they are impressive! All so big and with too many different colours surrounding me, where is all this stuff going to?
I heard steps so I hid behind a big yellow container and saw a suited man by the rear.

–¡We’re ready to sail! – He shouts.

I knew I had to hurry or the ship would leave.

I ran hiding from a container to another silently and full of adrenaline because I knew that if they see me, it’s over. I’m an intruder and I need to be cautious.

Finally I made it! I managed to sneak into the ship; all I had to do now was find a safe place to hide during the trip. I kept sneaking around and finally found a place that seemed to be an archive room that was full of boxes and papers that would become my company for the next weeks.

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