The Wanted

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4 kids on the to catch The Seeker. A traveler who stole something that belongs to them

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"May God have mercy on your souls" Sister Faith said looking at Kale and his brother. They were mostly known for their vey sturborn behaviour.

They were never happy or sad , they just wanted to eave the orphanage very soon. Thay had another friend called Ruth. Her parents denied her cause they wanted a boy but she was never sad as well, she learnt to expect the fact that she is were she is.

Kale always wanted to find out why his parents left him. He was always good and was always obiedient. They disowed him atthe age of 12.

So they wanted to escape.
It wasn't easy getting out of that place so they dicussed it during recess.
But what they looking for was not really what it seems.

They were able to sneak out of the orphanage
without anyone on their path.
They decided to go to Kale's grandmother.
They were cold and pale and scared, Ruth almost fainted on the fact that the churchis going to kill them alive. Kale's grandma gave them tea and told them the story about why Kale's parent's left him.

"The were in this cult, handled by the one they call, The Seeker. He goes around to look for adult to aquire the souls of children to become his little empire of demons"

Kale and Anothy were not only suprised but irritated by the the fact that their parents wanted to kill them.

"This woman is definitely on drugs" Ruth said shocked
"Your calling my grandmother a drug taker"
Anothy called her out.
"No, thats not what I meant but she can't be saying the truth" Ruth said

"That explains the ophranage getting packed everyday and no one has adopted anyone for the past 16 years and why your name's AnothyHis grandma explained

"And better keep that trash mouth to yourself young lady" she wacked her stick at Ruth's toes.

"So what's the next move, we can't go anywhere or do anything cause we will get killed" Anothy pointed out.

"Let's stop this thing,So that children don't have to die in the hands of adults and maybe, judt maybe we can gets our parents back" Kale said

Ruth said "I may risk my life for people at the orphanage but not for my parents, they were mean to me, treated me as if I was an illitrate..."
she cried before ended her point but was comforted by Kale.

"Maybe are parents are mind controled and didn't know what they were doing"Anothy replied

"We will find out when we get there ..." Kale said but was distured by Ruth saying "HOW Kale, we don't even know what is happening to us"

"I think I can help you" said Kal's Grandma
They followed her to a very dirty storage and then found a book

"Like the movies"Kal whispered to Ruth as she chuckled.

"This was one of their books used to transport them to The Seeker's World, if you use it correctly it will take you their" said Grandma

As the boys went to pack some stuff, Ruth started thinking about the book Kale's Grandma gave the them. She said to herself "How did she know what was used for when there was no title no the cover?, maybe she read it too or she just wants to trick us into going there"
Her thoughts were interrupted when Kale and Anothy were ready to go.

"I can't wait" said Anothy
"Yh,wait" Ruth sighed
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