Dragorea 1 The Quest of the Warriors Sword

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Long ago evil ones plagued the land of Dracastey with vile ruthless monsters ruled by 3 evil bothers whose power and wisdom spread across the great land of Dracastey! A few cities of Dracastey sturgel to push the evil form their walls but out stands one, City above the rest! The evil lord Zormore hellbent in his power to rule everything. Zoramore starts to fare as he hires off a Hero who was foolish enough to stand up agents hem A hero who is outcasted and powerful faired by the City he calls home, His name Dragoen Blacks! Can Dragoen and his comrades stand up to the might brothers and bring pice to Dracastey? or will they fail like so many before them??? Hope you enjoy I am nervous about sharing this its just one part out of a 7 book store!

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: The Chosen One

Lord Dragon Eye walked up to an old gate withstood that 150 tall and 100 feet wide it was open and he walked in and looked around at the city it was huge with roads every but it was long abandoned Dragon Eye said to his partners Meia & Skearly well this place changed in the last 30 years hasn’t it? Skearly held her demon staff and said yes it was after the war everything was peaceful and everyone lifted the city to return to their homelands as it is now free of evil.

A young girl about 5 feet tall was beside Meia she was about 13 years in age wearing a long black robe she had a long heavy-looking sword strapped on her back her hair was long black with wight sterns mixed with green at the tips her eyes were partly covered by her hair. She looked around and said in a soft voice this is where it all started? Meia said yes Allaney this was where it happened in this city of Dragorea.

Allaney looked up at the castle in the distance which overlooked the city, her hair moved out of her face as one red eye her other eye was blue with 4 green rings around the poulpe. she said in a vaguely soft voice you promised to tell me the story about my Father and Mother. Lord Dragon Eye said very well it’s time you knew he sat on a bench and said again It all started Many years ago dark times when evil lurks everywhere and no one was safe it was 27 years ago in this city it was summer Dragorea Nicknamed the City of Dragons.

The City was threatened by the Evil force just beyond its mighty walls The Land was full of darkness and ruled by two powerful lords whose names were Zoramore & Lord Zacfish they Ruled in rained over everything in the world.

Dragorea at the time was one of a few safe places to live in simi pice from this evil no one left the city and anyone that tried to fight ended up dead no ware safe outside Dragorea the city walls hulled agents this power full Army for 500 years.

Dragorea was mighty with 10 150 foot tall towers and its 50-foot wall that are over 20 feet thick along the wall base are huge iron spike, rocks and thorns that make it impossible to breath there was a moat around the city full with a flesh-eating goo that will eat throw a rock if it fell it but has long dryad up.

The City has woodlands for Elves and other forest races, lakes were water fook lived, hills, rivers and a valley there were many small villages and farms. but the main city in the middle was the hub of Dragorea there were also 4 small towns each with mixed races. no one is strong enough to exit the city Dragorea is home to over 150 races

The Distends between each wall is 25 miles apart from one end to the other. The King and ruler of Dragorea are King Morelock, King Morelock sent 100s of troops to fight the Forces of Darkness for three freedoms from evil only to fail. Zaranore’s Warriors have overpowered and forced King Morelock into a powerless state.

Over one the lives Dragorea never returns King Morelock deeply depressed and worried, no peace welcome to the trapped and overflowing city people with sorrows and cries for freedom to leave the city to someday return to their homelands. With Evil filled the land Dragorea needs a hero who will step up, fight and destroy the evil from these dark times.

The Warlock and right-hand man to the king Named Edward Sits and Wrights hoping a young hero would soon arise as he reads the promise to himself. “A hero will rise from the dust of the night, a hero no one can understand, a hero stronger than anyone before him gifted with the powers to end Zaranore’s run.”

Edward read these words over and over but no such hero came King Morelock and Edward weigh for their hero to emerge but no one can be found throwing out the city falling in sorrow and despair. Morning Edward Say a strange young boy lifting a tree for his father starts the grow Edward throws No his a boy and he wails off thinking nothing more about what he saw as he Reported to The King with the daily reports.

In the City’s Graveyards the Grave Keeper and his 3 sons work and play Andrew Dave & Dragoen Andrew A wise and skillful boy mastered his sword and cunning speed.

Dave the Mage Mastered fire and ice His rude attitude and quick to judge-made them reckless and foolish. The Three Dragoen A huge boy for his age twice the size of Andrew and with great wisdom and strength he can crush iron to dust and with some mage-like powers as well as sword skill. his red eye made people scared of him and would run in far Dragoen spent most of his time allowed and cut off from the rest Dragoen was the outcast and no one ever talked to them his deep voice and clam cool don’t care attitude made hem hard to approach.

Only one Girl seems to like Dragoen she was deeply impressed by him but yet scared to talk to him and she all ways watched hem form a dissent. Day Dave grew tired and angry form avers one mistreating Dragoen and set out and burned down a town in rage and anger. Dragoen stopped Dave and throw them in the river Dragoen was blamed for Dave’s venges and cast out of the city.

Dave and Andrew visited Dragoen Intel Andrew too gave up and marked Dragoen as nothing more than a Fool This Arranged Dave and He burnt there house to dust. Dave Vanished and was never seen from again only to Dragoen giving him a Clock and telling them about The Warriors Tomb. Dave Abandon the City and Disappeared.

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