Dragorea 1 The Quest of the Warriors Sword

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Chapter 2 The Sage

Edward took off for the Door and went to the city’s graveyards as he went to the grave keeper’s house The Old Man said Edward what brings you to this place? Edward said Demon is Andrew Blacks’ home. The demon looked at him and pointed to a small house on the far side of the graveyard.

Edward approached the House and entered it. Andrew met him in the hall and said in a stern voice what do you want I’m Busy. Edward said Andrew I come to ask you something. Andrew sat in his armchair and said very well, Warlock.

Edward said Please call me Edward I’m here to ask you about your brother Dragoen. Andrew’s eyes went cold and all expression wiped from his face. He said in a cold voice Dragoen is no course of me.

He and Dave abandoned this place 5 years ago after destroying Sailen. I know nothing more. Edward looked helplessly at Andrew and said I think he may be the only one who can stop Zoramore. Andrew got up and said Dragoen’s have dragons, not like me or Dave. And Andrew lifted the room.

Andrew said returning with a sword and giving it to Edward to take this strange sage dropped a week ago. That girl of yours keeps bothering me and tells her to stay away, Dave disappeared a week after Dragoen was cast out of the city I don’t know everything other than that. Andrew showed Edward to the door and slammed it behind him. Later Edward told King Morelock what Andrew said and about the profit.

King Morelock said are you shore Edward I had Dragoen thrown out of the city with my own hands if he is are Hero we seek we need to test him have Starlight go to Warriors Tomb and get him to escort her there and back if he is free to come and go. Edward said this law said we can’t send an outcast on a mission with a sage.

King Morelock said I’m king Edward I can change the laws Morelock said agent Sora Wright this down as the law and deliver it to The City Sage Starlight. Sora came to the King’s side and said sir I will do this you ask. King Morelock said handing Sora a bag full of 500 gold coins you’re a worthy man Sora I’ll pay you very well for this deed. Sora said thank you so much, sir.

After 1hr the lawmaker Sora ran off. King Morelock said Starlight has authored to convince them by any means. Edward said my daughter does like Dragoen he won’t be easy to talk into. Edward lifts the room and soon returned home putting his cloak and staff on the told and sitting in his armchair by the fire.

Starlight came into the room holding the notes sent to her by King Morelock. Starlight a very fine-looking girl with light long blue hair and tall and slander holding a wooden staff with flowers and vines wrapped up it with a green stone on the top and said Father it’s true he returned I’ve been waiting too long how do I get them to go with me.

Starlight leaning on her staff with a soft voice said again I never could tell him how I feel all through the years. Edward said Star Give him your sword and stop bothering Andrew he doesn’t want you over anymore.

Edward got up and put the sword on the table next to her kissed her forehead and started to walk into the next room and said Star by any means you have no chores do what you must now your chance to tell him you love him, you foolish girl.

Edward walked into the next room and closed the door. Starlight picked up the old sword and said looking at its rusted bald with strange writing along it thinking to herself why much I keep this old thing it’s done nothing but cause trouble.

She placed the sword in her built strap where it hung in front of her robes she then walked outside and headed to the cliffs was she remembered Dragoen liked to sit overlooking the western city. She wanted to do it so badly this time her heart was beating fast as she walked to the spot. Feeling burning deep inside she then decided how she would get them to list a way no man can resist. She knew she was attracted and no man can resist her looks. Soon she found Dragoen sitting on the edge of the cliffs with his clock beside him and his huge sword planted deep into the grown.

Starlight took off her cloak and hung in on Dragoen’s sword then she walked up behind him and said ... Dragoen... Dragoen never answered and didn’t turn around. Starlight stripped naked and said I need your help. I leave to go to The Warrior’s tomb at dawn. She walked up behind him and pressed her legs, agents his back hoping the world would look at her naked body.

Dragoen ignored her and did not turn to look then soon said Sage leave I don’t like naked girls he throws his cloak at her feet and said cover-up before you have seen and leave me alone!!! Starlight picked up his clock and then said No look at me dam it! she throws herself in front of Dragoen and sat in front of him with her face in his. She said I’ll force myself on you if you don’t.

Dragoen looking past her not even gazing down at her asked like no one was there he got up and walked over to his sword putting his hand on its handle with a Starlight cloak covering it and said sage! I hate sex sage Now leave!

Starlight got up and walked over and looked at her rusted sword picking it up and in front of Dragoen and her behind as tall as hem based in his deep blood-red eyes and pressed her body against his, putting her sword in his hand and said I rather die than be without you.

Dragoen accused the sword and said nothing as he looked done at it something sparked his interest and he throws his clock over Starlight and said I’ll Think about it Dragoen walked back and sat down on the cliff again starlight walked home confused about Dragoen’s response.

The Next Day Starlight was at the gate and about to leave the Strange Warrior came behind her and said in a deep voice you won’t live 5 mines if you step outside this gate Starlight turned around and saw Dragoen walking up to her he handed her clock and said Sage you’re brave or reader stupid Beast out here will rip you apart on site.

Stay close Sage and don’t touch me. It’s 8 days to the tomb. Starlight saw the sword and Dragoen blue and said I’m looking for the Dragon’s Sword King. Morelock orders are to return it to the city. Dragoen said very well then they walked down the path then soon Dragoen picked up Starlight and carried her in his arms and said Don’t look into the woods only look at me if you wish to live.

Starlight said Dragoen I know what you've Been thru I saw Everything. They did it to you. I know Sailen wants your fault. I saw what happened..... Dragoen said Sage you know nothing stop talking.

Dragoen stopped and put starlight down and said don’t move. Starlight said why... Dragoen covered her mouth and said throw her throws as she covered his voice in her head but his lips wort moving and said Don’t talk Sage Demons out here can hear a pin drop for miles. Dragoen pull hit Sword from behind him which faded to hit the back strap, healed it high in the air and swung it in a fighting pose.

Dragoen Said to starlight Claim on my back now. Starlight got up on Dragoen’s back and he took off running at high speeds down the path Starlight said asking why did you return to Dragorea. Dragoen Said that Dave went off on a mission to the Warriors Tomb to find an old sword but he has any luck after he enters the tomb and that was the last time I have seen him which was 4 years ago. I returned to Dragorea to find clues as to what the sword was after anything to help me track them.

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