Dragorea 2 The Stone of Time

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As time flows so does the sand in the hourglass, Sparon learns a unknowing fact that the past holds a value key in Dragoens return. Now Sparon, Dearon & Starlight must Time Travel to understand an untold truth to unlock Zoramorse's spell that has Dragoen improvised, Can they discover the secrets without destroying the timeline and bring home the Hero or will they screw it all up and destroy not only them selfs but the would as well?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Stone Of Time

1 Year Has Passed scents battle with Lord Zoramore. Drageon’s Sudden Disappese in battle leaves a lot of unanswered questions and without a trace as to why? The evil that one’s thwarted the land has died away slightly. Starlight Sits in her woodland house she’s puzzled no one has heard from Sparon in almost a year.

No one knows what happened on the tower that fateful day in battle other than Dearon, Starlight has become the most powerful sage in all of Dracastey. Dearon often drops in to visit Starlight because she believes Dragoen can’t be dead, Starlight thinks otherwise. The death of her Father has scared Starlight & she regents the choices she made back then & Dearon’s sadness has made it harder.

Starlight’s not so sure it’s over as she has a strong feeling the worst of their battles has yet to come. One Morning Andrew came by with Dearon although it’s strange to see Andrew he hasn’t been the same since the Battle last year, he doesn’t care much for anyone and lives with a Demon girl with who he has been spending most of his time with he lives by the shoreline outside of Dragon City.

Andrew walked in with Dearon his face covered one afternoon and he wore a long black cloak. Dearon was dressed in her battle amour and had an old long sword on her back. Starlight invited them in and sat down in the chairs Starlight had set up. She said softly Welcome Andrew it’s been some time how...

She stopped and didn’t say anymore not wanting to bring up the past. Dearon was more depressed than normal and tries to look like Dragoen the best she can and said we have odd news. Starlight said as she was making tea “well, that’s nothing new”. Andrew said coldly. I was hunting in the woods 3 weeks ago and saw this strange ball of light that was greedy in colour I felt Dragoens Power briefly coming from it before it vanished. Dearon said I saw the same thing 3 days ago when I was at Sparon’s I headed over to see Andrew about it and he said he saw it too we both decided to talk to you as spells are your forte.

Starlight said with a puzzled look on her face “Strange”? Dearon Said we think it's Dragoen trying to call us somehow. Starlight dropped the teapot, it fell to the floor with a crash. She said what? Impossible he’s dead! Andrew said Stood up in Arnger and yelled you fool! we wouldn’t have said anything, Your wrong!

Starlight said Dragoen. Can’t be I felt his power vanish! Dearon Said I know He’s Alive! I searched the ruins his body was nowhere to be found! Andrew looked at Star and said for a girl that was madly in love with him you’re an idot!

Starlight said as she served them the tea “I know that now Andrew!” Andrew looked off and said you should have listened back then! Dearon drank her tea and Andrew said sadly Dave is dead, Edward as well Dragoen has vanished into a rift at Zoramore’s fortress.

Starlight looked and Andrew and said A Rift? Andrew Got up and walked over to the window and seared out and said yes Sage or haven’t you forgotten? Dearon in her native tongue said a few swear words and Andrew turned around with his sword drawn and pointed at Dearon’s throat and Said in a harsh cold voice Never speak that informed me again! Starlight slammed her fist on the table breaking it into two said Don’t Speak so clueless in my house! both of you Andrew put that dam sword away! Her eyes flashed a red glow. Both of you shut it!

Andrew sat down and put his Sword away. Dearon looked at her and said sorry it has been hard on us all these days, Sparon has been the only one happy and carefree. Starlight got out her wand and repaired the table with a spell and said Sparon is always cheer full.

Andrew said well we have the three stones and put the Warrior’s sword back before Zoramore got his hands on them, but the green ball of Light we saw led me to this Andrew reached into his clock pocket and pulled out an old book it was burned, battered dated about 200 years old. Dearon opened it and said the pages are blank and the title of it is burned off. She handed it to Starlight Starlight looked at it closely and opened it looking at each page she said after 10mins “there is nothing written here not even in spelling text? the pages, blank? but it's an old book. I’ll take a closer look in more detail later. Andrew said what does this mean?

Starlight said I don know but I have a theory. Starlight got up and walked into a room and returned with old boxes she set in on the table then opened it a green stone was sitting wrapped in a cloth. Dearon said what is this Star? Andrew looked at it and said Is that what I think it is? Starlight said Yes, it's a Time Stone. Andrew looked at the stone and said I know what it is am asking how did you get it these are rumoured to be forbidden.

Starlight I stole it from Zoramore’s safe? she closed the box it vanished. Dearon said just what are you planning on doing time travel? Starlight said nothing and sat down. Andrew said How will a Time Stone get Dragoen back? Dearon said bluntly Why do I have a bad feeling you planning something sage?

Starlight said time travel? that book may hold the key to Zoramores Rift spell and I want to know why! Andrew said Going back in time is chatting! changing everything! It's forbidden I want no part of it! Starlight said we're going back to the day this book was written, that ball of light you saw means something and that book is a clue a key of some kind. Andrew then got up and walked over to the window again and said jokingly if we do nothing Starlight will find a way to kill Dearon. Dearon looked at Starlight and said kill me! But why? she put on a cute dearon face with an awarded grin.

Starlight said I plan to find the writer of that book find answers on where Dragoen is & how to save him after all I owe him that… Andrew looked out the window and saw Sparon walking up to the house and said Star did you call Sparon he’s here? Starlight said Interesting timing never comes over this way. Dearon said it must be important or he wouldn’t bother.

A knock came at the door and Starlight opened it inviting him inside. Sparon within and greeted everyone with a hello and then sat down in a chair beside Dearon. Starlight said what brings you here? Andrew leaned on the window sill and said is your wife mad gen. Sparon shook his head and said this strange green orb I saw puzzled me while I was trying to find a way to get Dragoen black home.

Dearon & Andrew's jaws dropped and the room wends deadly slanted their faces wend wight. Sparon said with a surprised look, Is there something I shod know? Starlight explained to him what they just talked about and about the book & going back in time. Sparon then said what year are we going to. Andrew said about well aren’t we risking it! ok fine, it’s about 200 years. I recommend a week before the book was made. Sparon said looking at the book starlight brought to him “where did you find it”. Andrew said in an old cave on the ground next to a waired arch 3 miles east of Salum lake.

Sparon said Salum lake? there was a town by the lake about 150 years ago the town was abandoned, nothing was life-standing but ruins seem is a good place to start. Starlight said where excited was this town. Sparon said I’m not 100% sure I have never been to it myself self but I know was there, of course, I was told it was around the western side of the lake on a hill.

Dearon said I’ll fly over and see if I can see anything that may still be there. Sparen said I can teleport us to the townsite I know of the spot. Sparon looked around the room and said I hope you know what you doing Sage this is dangerous, time travel is forbidden for a reason! if it goes wrong the outcome can become irreversible, it's risky Sage.

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