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Chapter IV:

Chapter IV:

“What did you think about that guy? Jackson? Jayson? No, what was his name again?” Harper asked me, still thinking about his name. “It was Jayden, by the way. And I think he’s kinda cool actually. What do you think?” I said while chewing the inside of my cheek a little. “How could you possibly think something like that?! He is fucking creepy, didn’t you see the look in his eyes, and he was in that gang too, so I wouldn’t trust him if I was you.” She said looking at me as if I were crazy. “Maybe he was in that gang, so what?! He said it himself ‘the biggest mistake of my life’ that were his exact words, and I see he is extremely sorry so I think we should trust him.” I said defending him. “And, he isn’t that creepy.” I mumbled while turning the tip of my foot in the ground and looking at it. “Are you insane?! He is the- . . .” But that’s when she got cut off by someone clearing her throat. “uhum . . .sorry for disturbing your little talk, but I came here to talk with my sister . . .” Said the voice behind us, so I decided to turn around to see my eldest sister standing before me, with a tight smile on her face. “Harper is with me; she’s not going to leave.” I said sternly. Which made Autumn gulp in surprise, by the tone I used again, while Harper smiled lightly at the way I defended her. “Uhm . . .okay.” Autumn said a little awkwardly. “Do you guys want to come to my apartment?” She asked trying the change the subject. Harper and I looked at each other. “Do you want to go?” I whispered to her. She gave a little nod.

“It’s a little more comfortable than here.” Autumn said as we both looked back up a her. “Yeah . . .sure.” I said a little unsure. “Okay, let’s go then.” Said Autumn getting really enthusiastic. ‘How much coffee did she get? How can she be so high, at this hour?’ So, I decided to ask her. “Autumn?” She turned around a little and stopped walking. “Yes?!” She asked, maybe a little too excited. “Why are you so…? Uhm… how do I say this nicely? Why are you so . . .” That’s when Harper answered. “High, crazy, drunk like, - . . .” She wanted to continue, but I cut her off. “Yeah, thanks Harp, it’s something like that . . .” Then Autumn’s face expression totally changed. “Why…Can’t I be excited that I finally found my lost, little sister and her best friend / neighbor?” She asked turning a little sad again. Now I felt guilty, so I just went over to her and gave her a hug. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” I whispered.

That’s when I felt something wet and cold on my head, my first instinct was to look up to see if it may be starting to rain but there weren’t even clouds in the sky, that’s when I looked up at my eldest sibling. Her make-up was a mess now. That made me laugh a little, because of that she gave me a strange look. The only thing I said about that was. “Your make-up.” At that she just looked at me wide eyed, what made me laugh even harder.

When I turned around looking for Harper, I saw her looking at us dreamily. “Come on, group hug.” Is what I said while gesturing for her to join us.

After our little moment, Autumn suggested to go to her apartment and that’s what we did.


When we stood in front of her apartment complex, both me and Harper were stunned. It had been a while ago that we stayed in an apartment. We slept in a hall one time, but that was because it was freezingly cold and sometimes we had to deliver something to someone.

Autumn searched for her key in her purse, opened the door and let us go first. When Harp and I entered the complex we stood perplex, this was just . . .Wow! How the hell could she afford this?

Autumn lead us to the elevator and tapped number six, wait isn’t that the highest floor? “Do you have the penthouse Autumn?” I asked quietly. She answered with one single nod. After six floors I heard a little ‘ding’, so we stepped out of the elevator and Autumn searched for her key. She opened the door and let us step in first. When we entered, our mouths dropped to the floor again. “My god . . .Autumn? How can you afford this?” She looked around, like her apartment was trash for her. “What do you mean ‘how can I afford this?’ this is one of the cheapest apartments in the neighborhood.” She said, giving us the ‘duh’ look.

After Autumn said that, Harper and I turned to each other with our mouths wide open. “What?!” we yelled at the same time. “How can this be one of the cheapest ones? I mean look at this.” I said while gesturing around it with my arms. “Ali, is right, I mean look at this.” Harper defended me. “Okay, this isn’t one of the cheapest, but it isn’t that expensive either.” Said my older sister while looking around.

“Do you guys want a tour?” She asked while getting exited again. “Uhm…sure, if that’s okay for Harp.” After I said that I looked back at my best friend, who was still looking in awe at this apartment. “Hey” I said after a whistle “Earth to Harper, Earth to Harper.” After I said that, Harper’s head flied up. “Huh…? Were you guys talking about me?” She asked, looking confused. That made me and Autumn crack up a little. “Yeah. Do you want me to give you guys a tour, Alice already said that it’s okay, so it’s up- . . .” Autumn couldn’t even finish her sentence, because Harper gave her little squeal. “Yes. Omg. Yes. Please?” She’s could really be a five-year-old, if you replaced her with a five-year-old I think you wouldn’t even know the difference sometimes.

Then Autumn looked at me ‘how can you survive this’ she mouthed. At that I just shrugged and laughed a little at my friend who was still jumping in excitement. Autumn clapped her hands and said: “Let’s start then where’d ya wanna start.” She said, looking at each of us. I put my hand on Harper’s mouth, before she could ramble anything. “It doesn’t really matter; you can just show us around.”

“Okay, as you can see, we’re standing in the hall.” She said while gesturing her arms around. “It isn’t that big.” She added. But in my eyes the hall was like a palace for me. When you stepped in, on the left there was a flight of stairs and when you looked straight ahead there was a little sitting area and another hall that I think lead to the living room. On the right was a door, where I think the bathroom was. Then we continued the tour.


After the tour Autumn gave us, she suggested us to go sit on the couch while she would make us something. We denied first, but she insisted. Now, Harper and I were talking about everything and nothing.

“About earlier, that Jayden guy…how can you possibly think he’s ‘cool’?” Harper asked. As answer I just shrugged. “I just think he’s cool . . .I mean he isn’t that bad.” Harper looked at me as if I was crazy and that’s when she realized something. “What?” I asked a little confused. She just shook her head and just smirked. That’s when Autumn stepped in. “Here I’ve got you some home-made-cookies and a glass of milk. So, what were you guys talking about?” Was what Autumn asked while referring to me blushing a little and Harper who was still smirking like crazy. “Nothing.” Is what I squeaked. That made both of them laugh. “What’s up with her?” Autumn asked the still laughing together with Harper. “Let’s ask it herself.” She said while looking at me. “Nothi- . . .” I squeaked again, but I cut myself off and cleared my throat. “Nothing.” Autumn looked at me suspiciously, but let it go eventually.

“Here grab some.” She said handing us both a glass of milk and a cookie. “Thank you.” Harper and I said at the same time, which made Autumn chuckle lightly. “Hey, girls . . . uhm . . . do you think we could talk about what happened?” She asked nervously. “Not tonight.” Was what Harper said. She knew I wouldn’t want to talk about it tonight. Harper and I both looked at each other and I said: “I think we should go. So, you could get some sleep. We don’t want to disturb you with anything.” While I was saying that, Harper nodded slowly, but Autumn looked at us wide eyed. “What?” Harp and I asked at the same time, again. “You don’t think I will let you go back outside, right? There is no way in hell I let you go.” She said sternly. Which startled me and Harper a little. “But where do we have to go then?” Harper decided to ask. “You can take the couch, or I don’t think you mind sleeping in the same bed, in the guestroom.” She said while starting to clean up a little. “I don’t really mind.” I said and Harper agreed.


Autumn gave us both some clothes to change in and Harper was washing herself right now. So, I was wandering around in this giant maze, that Autumn called her apartment. When I neared a door, I hadn’t seen yet. I started thinking ‘Is it okay if I go in? Maybe it’s something private.’ But I was too curious and I couldn’t stand it anymore, so, I went inside.

When I entered through the door, I was shocked to see that there were pictures, almost everywhere. I went to look closer, to see what was on them. I was stunned, those were all family pictures. When I looked at all of them, memories started to flood back into my head.

**Flashback: **

“Jack, Will, we can’t do that to them, that’s just mean.” I said looking at my stupid twin brothers. They may be 5 years older and I may be the youngest one, only 6 right now, but I’m smarter than they ever will be.

“Look little sis,” Was what Jack said and Will continued “the only thing you have to do is film it.” And then Jack took over again. “Got it?” I nodded slightly. “Okay, let’s start this.” Jack said while clapping his hands. I didn’t really have to film much because those knuckleheads already placed a camera in the living room, hall and practically everywhere they go so I could just sit there and enjoy the show.

It’s like 3 AM. And the boys were planning this prank for like four days or something. They have laid Autumn in Levi’s bed and Levi in Autumn’s, while they were sleeping, they’re both pretty deep sleepers so it wasn’t that hard. They also changed their alarms, so that’s why we’re all up right now. Of course, our parents aren’t home right now, because as always work is so much more important. Suddenly I hear two radios spring on followed by two loud groans. Jack, Will and I quickly run to our own dorms and pretend that we also just got up.

After five minutes of waiting, I stood up and went to the living room where I turned the tv on. Five minutes later my two idiotic brothers came into the room, both smirking. “What now?” I asked with a sigh, kind of tired, I mean who wouldn’t be tired it’s literally 3 in the morning now and the only reason I am up now, is because of those assholes, I call brothers, who want to pull a stupid prank out on my sisters. “We put paint in their shampoos.” Jack said, while they were both still smirking their ass off. Oh, how I wanted to punch that smirk right off their faces right now.

That’s when I suddenly heard two screams. “3, 2, 1” I whispered. That’s when the yelling started. “JACK, WILL” Autumn and Levi yelled. Now it was my turn. “And RUN!” At that Will and Jack ran out of to the front door, I actually had no idea where they were heading to. That’s when Autumn and Levi ran into the living room and turned their heads wildly around. I started cracking up when I noticed Levi having neon pink hair and Autumn having hers flashy green. That’s when they noticed me and they looked at me as if they could just kill them, as answer on their unasked question, I just nodded to the front door and they were off again. I decided to look where they were but it was pitch black, so I didn’t see anything, but that’s when I suddenly heard screaming again. I quickly turned the lights from the front yard on and ran outside.

Where I was welcomed with the view of my brothers laughing their butts off and my sisters covered in flower. I cracked up a little, but I stopped immediately when I saw the look in Levi’s eyes. Yeah, I thought I needed to go make some mourning cards.

At that the boys just ran into the backyard. Probably going through the backdoor. I yawned a little and announced that I was going back to bed, because I had school tomorrow.


The next morning when I woke up it was deathly quiet and that scared me, it had never been so quiet. Did Levi really kill the boys? Just to check if they were okay, I went into their room and saw that they were both awake. And it looked like they were planning something, something really big. “Hey, guys.” At that they both looked up at me. It was kind of creepy that they always did everything at the same time, but I was already used to it, by now. “Oh…hey little sis.” Will said, he stood up and walked me back to the door. He leaned against the door. “Hey, you can go help Autumn with making breakfast. Or watch TV a little. But your brother and I are a little busy.” And then he tried to close the door, but I put my foot in between the doorframe and the door. “Why can’t I go in?” I asked pretending that I would almost cry. So, that’s what I did, I squeezed myself briefly and let the tears fall. “Do you guys not like me?” I sobbed a little. “No, no of course we like you, but- urgh…” He cut himself off and turned briefly around and then back. He groaned and said: “Come on, come in.” At that I just started giggling and said to him: “You’re a pussy, older brother.” But I still went in. When Jack looked up from his computer, he gave a glare to Will, but a little smile to me. I walked up to him and gave him a hug. “What did you do now, that he let you in?” He asked, nodding slightly to Will who was on his phone, still standing by the door. “I cried.” I giggled. “You cried, huh? I didn’t know you could do that so good little princess.” He said and started tickling me.

**End Of Flashback**

“Curiosity kills the cat, huh?” I heard a voice say behind me. I knew it was Autumn, so I asked her: “Do you still remember these?” I said while using my arms wildly to show everything. “Remember what?” She asked softly, while stepping slowly towards me. “Everything, all these pictures, I mean.” She hummed slightly. “Of course, I remember all of this. That are the best memories in my life.” She said with a chuckle. “I mean how could I possibly forget these pranks the boys put on us. I have no idea how they took that picture.” She said while pointing to the picture of Levi and her covered in flower. At that I started to crack up a little. “And that one.” She pointed to the picture where Jack and Will where tickling me, it was the day after they pranked my sisters. “I wasn’t there at the moment, but I will cherish it forever.”

We looked at the pictures for a while and laughed at some memories. These were the moments I love. Being with my family, friends or my loved ones. I knew I had to go back soon, to figure everything out, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy the moments in between them even though they were short.


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