Kate Noris

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What happens when a young girl wishes something different would happen to her life After Kare Norris' parents divorced she moved to Cardiff with her mom but something strange happened after an unexpected visit from her father

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Kate Noris had always hated living in Cardiff since she moved there with her mom after her dad divorced them. It was a place where she felt crossed. She wanted nothing but for something interesting to happen, her mind craved mystery and adventure. She felt trapped in a cycle of her daily routine. Everything was very bland since she could no longer see her old friends.

She was an artistic, wierd girl with a straight foward mind. Her friends saw her as an obedient, anxious angel. Once,she had even brought a drab old lady back from the brink of death. That's the sorth of woman she was

Kate walked over to the window and reflected on her grand surroundings. The snow flurried around the dimly lit street. Then she saw something in the distance or rather someone. It was the figure of Dan Bishop, her divorced father she wandered what he was doing here as he wasn't allowed to visit. She hated that man with a burning passion, not only did he betray her mother but his entire family as well

He signaled her to come outside. Kate gulped she wasn't ready to face him not after the horrible things he did. Her legs clanked and trembled as she walked out in the freezing weather, her mind told her to go back inside but determination of wanting to stand up to him held her tight and forced her to walk foward.

"I don't need you in my life anymore! Go away!"

Dan laughed Kate could not take it anymore her brown hair blew on her face as she cried from anger. She ran back inside slamming the door behind her. She ran to her room and threw herself on her bed.

"What does that jacka*s want from me"

She was just about to fall asleep when a loud gun shot pierced trough the silence jolting her into reality. She looked out the window and saw nothing. The snow had stopped falling everything was still. She felt something calling her not physically but mentally. She got up and went outside, she looked around but a void of darkness coverd her house. She closed her eyes hoping it would go away. This cant be a dream it felt too real. Before she knew it she was completely surrounded with darkness feeling the floor chip away.

Could this be the adventure Kate was hoping for?

To be continued♡

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