Twisted Sisters

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Scene 9:

Background: Rooftop night

Tammy: We should not waste these skills na? I will not use it at all.

Titli: What’s the point of having skills and not using them?

Upla: Maybe if we do not use the skills they will grow like money in the bank.

Titli: Money in the bank does not grow unless you put it to some use. Either you put it to use or the bank uses it and gives you an interest. Money doesn’t grow on trees Upla.

Titli: Upla first you use your skill and find us a quick way to make money.

Upla: I just concentrate on the skill and then...

Titli: Concentrate on the skill and think of making money quickly.

Upla: hmm... interesting... That Dr. Kripan in Gali 73 deals in smuggling diamonds. He has a consignment but cannot move out due to the lockdown. That is the easiest way to make money at present.

Titli: Talk about double lives... Sure. Let’s go and wake him up.

Upla: He scares me. Whenever ma takes me to him, he uses his injection. It hurts. I will stay on the roof, you guys go inside.

Tammy: Ohh baby hurts on her arse. I will keep an injection with me the next time you fight. Now I know what I need to do and I did not even use my skill for it.

Upla: What are we waiting for? Let us go and speak to the Doctor na?

Titli: So only I and Tammy will go inside the house and speak to him. You will act as our look out?

Titli: whisper... hey doc... wake up.

Tammy: This house smells bad. This doc will die in his own fumes.

Doctor: What are you people doing in my bedroom?

Titli: We can act as a courier for your diamonds?

Doctor: What diamonds? Are you thieves? Please do not hurt me. I have no diamonds. I am only a poor doctor.

Tammy (thinking): I need to use my Communication Skills. We are wasting our time. He will rouse up the house and then we are in trouble.

Tammy (thinking): Skills start.

Tammy: Doc we will give you a huge discount on our courier services and you anyways have no other choice. The delivery date is due and any delay means you have to pay them and not the other way round.

Tammy: Talking without powers will only make him deny and then he will make a problem. Better to use the skills.

Doctor: You are a godsend to my problem. Here are the diamonds that need to be delivered to an address in Vasant Kunj on the other side of Delhi. Do it and instead of you giving me a discount, I will give you something extra.

Upla: What happened? I heard no noise? Is the doctor dead?

Tammy: Why would he be dead you stupid? We have the job. Money shall pour from the heavens, we shall bath in honey, velvet robes shall part and the world shall be ours.

Narrator: Rooftops are the same everywhere. But some rooftops stink of money and are way too cool. The trio finds the address in no time at all.

Background: A clean rooftop in the night with trees in the distance.

Titli: Well this is the address that the doctor said. I wonder where is our drop off fellow?

Man in the bathrobe: Well... well... well... I never thought it possible when the doctor called. Good. You guys are amazing.

Man in the bathrobe: Did the doctor send any special wishes for me?

Titli: Oh! you have no clue how amazing we are yet!

Tammy: Yes... he said... you stink.

Titli: There has to be honor amongst thieves. Plus he seems rich and powerful. Better not to take a risk. But then no risk, no gain. And we are paupers. Risk it girl. We know what your special wish is. Here are the diamonds. Where is the money?

Man in the bathrobe: You are new to the game. I first count them diamonds and then you see the money. If I am satisfied.

Titli: Yeah sure. Why not? While we are waiting, do you want us to sing and dance for you to entertain you as well?

Titli: I don’t have time for your nonsense. The money now or we are gone with the entire lot of diamonds.

Upla: Pay up now. We know where you live. We also know where the police station is located. I have Google maps.

Tammy: I wonder what will happen when your family finds your body on the roof. The last time I checked, you are alone here and we are three. This is a huge house, and a large garden too... I don’t think even if you shout anyone will hear.

Titli: The money or your life?

Man in the bathrobe: This is not the way to do business.

Titli: Our way or the highway... your choice... now... no more delays.

Man in bathrobe: This is horrible. Fine. Here is the money. Take it all.

Titli: Upla... take it and count it. If it is the entire amount, then you get the diamonds.

Upla: Can you please switch on the light? I am sure you have a light on this makkhan roof.

Man in the bathrobe: It is the entire money. The diamond or you get into trouble.

Titli: Well... I guess we shall take a few diamonds with us because of your bad manners. Next time, learn some manners when you deal with us. Bye.

Background: Another rooftop while running back to their home

Tammy: Upla you crazy thing... Do you have lights? What if he had a gun? These rich bastards are crazy.

Upla: Not as crazy as me. I would have kissed him and asked him to adopt me. A life of luxury.

Titli: I shall stash these diamonds in our secret place along with the money. We are entrepreneurs now. This is our first profit. Wow.


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