Twisted Sisters

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Scene 9:

Background: Doctor’s home inside

Titli: Ok doc... What else do you do? Can you recommend us to your friends? You know we are the only ones who can roam around in this lock down.

Doctor: I still cannot believe you made that arsehole pay up first and then gave the goods. Amazing!

Background: Rooftop evening

Narrator: More orders come to them as the word about their skills spreads far and wide.

Titli: Three couriers yesterday and tonight seven... we are growing like wildfire.

Upla: Soon we shall have money to live like kings.

Tammy: Somehow my conscience is hurting me. Alcohol is fine, diamonds are okay, even guns I can live with. But drugs?

Titli: Look at this cheddar darling. How much respect will this money buy us? Plus, this work is only temporary. We will stop this courier business when we have a bit and then start something else that is legal.

Upla: You know all movies say that a life of crime is not good.

Tammy: Which movies do you watch, Upla? Does mommy dear show you the movies? Grow up man. A life of crime pays well.

Tammy: Fine... we will deliver everything for now. What are the orders today? I guess let us all split up and then we can cover more orders.

Titli: No... no splitting up. Our strength is our team work. What will happen when you come across a wall that is too high Tammy? Or when you need support on a thin roof Upla? We have to be together.

Upla (laughing): She will stand there and stomp her feet at the wall to come to her height. I will kill you.

Tammy: Very funny. I will kick your balls for it if you have any.

Upla: I have balls larger than your brains.

Titli: And there we go again... kids... we are businessmen now. Stop this bickering.

Tammy: But we will not deliver drugs. It is not right. Please.

Titli: I was thinking of asking you to change your mind. But you are right, bestie. I love you even more now for taking this decision. We are doing this only for the money and not to destroy lives.

Upla: I am confused. So we are delivering drugs but we do not want to deliver them and yet we want money. So, do we want money or not?

Tammy: Upla you fucking shit... You always have to kill a moment. I will kill you.

Titli (laughing): Someone hold me back or I will kill him too.

Upla: I love you too.

Titli: On a serious note, yesterday night that cop almost caught us. We cannot be lax. No petting any amount of cats on the job Upla. And no talking on the run both of you.

Tammy: I was not talking on the run.

Upla: Yeah you only fight all the time.

Titli: I hope when I become a mom, my children do not fight the way you two do all the time.


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