Twisted Sisters

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Scene 10:

Background: Rooftop night

Titli: It’s been a month now that we have been running this courier business. We are the only couriers in Delhi in this lock down and business is booming. Let us now target other cities as well.

Upla: What about that call yesterday from Mumbai?

Titli: I was thinking of just that Upla.

Tammy: What call? Where was I when you got the call?

Titli: Upla got a call yesterday from a guy who wants us to run diamonds to Sri Lanka. But he wants us to come pick it up from Mumbai.

Titli: His name is Kwame. We can hitch a ride on one of the goods trains. It will be just like running on a rooftop.

Tammy: We should go for sure. Make as much money as possible. The business in Delhi is stable but cannot give us more money any faster.

Tammy: But Mumbai is too far and we do not know its rooftops the way we do here. Plus Delhi is giving us enough money. Should we be greedy?

Titli: That’s true. We need money and fast. But let’s not be too greedy. We should ask around a bit about this fellow and then go take the job if it pays well.

Upla: I have already asked about this guy. They deal in blood diamonds. Not sure what that means. But there is something more interesting to it. Kwame on the phone did not sound to me like the top guy. Something is fishy.

Tammy: I am telling you, it is a trap. The CBI, FBI, Police... Everyone is up to speed on us and we are doomed.

Upla: If you won’t go, then I won’t go either.

Titli: What is the interesting bit of information you found Upla?

Upla: Oh! Yes! I also found that Kwame is a 12 year old kid. But he never speaks on the phone.

Titli: So my hunch was right. These fellows are professionals unlike what we are used to in Delhi. There will be risks but they are paying huge too.

Tammy: Did you say ‘Blood Diamonds’. I am not touching any blood. I am a vegetarian.

Upla: You say you will kill me at least ten times in a day. Will you kill with your talks?

Tammy: Upla I will kill you. I am telling you. I will eat your heart and throw the rest away. But I will not touch any blood. Yuck!

Upla: Btw what are blood diamonds?

Titli: Google says “Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army’s war efforts, or a warlord’s activity.”

Tammy: English please someone.

Upla: It means not our concern. They will pay good money.

Titli (thinking): If I tell her that these diamonds are mined by forcing kids into labour and the atrocities, my team will never agree. But I cannot keep this information from them as well.

Titli: These diamonds are mined by bonded child labourers. Some of them never see the light of day since they are born. Others are forced to become criminals but that is the life they are taught. They are uber dangerous and the money goes to kill a lot of people as well as to terrorist activities.

Titli: I cannot lie to you or tell you half truths.

Titli: Now should we do it or not?

Tammy: We cannot stop these things on our own. Not sure. But it is a lot of money. I guess let us do it.

Upla: If you are ready then I am ready too.

Titli: Fine! Upla go and find out the next goods train schedule to Mumbai. Pack light and let’s go.


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