Twisted Sisters

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Scene 11:

Background: Warehouse inside

Narrator: They reach Mumbai and find the address.

Terrorist 1: So... you are the hot runners from Delhi. Good to finally meet you? I am Kwame.

Titli: We do not speak to minions. We will speak to the real Kwame only or there is no deal.

Kwame: Impressed. No one knows that. Who ratted us out? Blue was it you?

Blue: No Kwame. You know me. I will never hurt you. I am your biological father.

Tammy: Interesting. You are the father and your son runs the show. I wish I was like that.

Titli (thinking): This boy is crazy. His eyes are bloodshot. I think he is high. If he kills this man as his reputation goes, then Tammy will run and so shall I? Should I stop this fight or stay put? That Kwame and Blue have machine guns in their hands. I better keep my trap shut. I hope Tammy or Upla do not speak either.

Kwame: There is only one way to deal with insolence.

Blue: No Kwame, NO! I did nothing.

Narrator: He slowly brings the machine gun up. For a while it seems he will kill his father and then our story as well. But finally after around a minute of intense silence, he changes his mind. This kid is totally freaky. We hope our characters better watch what they speak to him and how they speak.

Titli: We are not interested in your family squabble. What’s the deal?

Kwame: You are right. I am in the presence of such esteemed runners. I am sure you asked around. Again, I am impressed.

Tammy: For a second I thought you were going to shoot your father.

Kwame: SILENCE! I too do not talk to minions.

Titli: We do this work not just for money. We do not work when the client has no manners. Apologise now.

Upla: Yeah! You do not mess with our sister bro.

Kwame: Oh... you are all sisters... but you are a guy... ahhh! Now I too know your secret. A twisted secret of the Twisted Sisters.

Titli: Enough about us. What is the deal here? We do have a train to catch.

Kwame: The deal is simple... take my diamonds and give them to my dealer in Sri Lanka. The Coast Guard knows we run diamonds and have taken away all of my runners. If you do this work, I will pay good money.

Upla: Anyone can take a boat and deliver. Why us?

Kwame: The Police and Coast Guards pick up anyone in boats easily due to the lock down. No boats! I am sure you guys will come up with something.

Tammy: Does the sea have buildings with roofs on which we can run?

Kwame: Don’t bore me with the details…

Upla: We take all the money in advance.

Kwame: What if you get caught? I pay only half now, half later. Take it or leave it, Sisters.

Tammy: No one else calls him Sister. I do not like this deal. Let’s go Titli. He is fucking crazy.

Kwame: No one leaves unless I tell you may leave.

Titli: Hey! Hey! Let’s start this again. No need to get angry. We take half now and half later. Where is the courier and the address please?

Kwame: That’s what I call an entrepreneur. Always money first. I like you. How about you join us?

Titli: Sure... but let us first do this job. Right?

Kwame: Give them the stuff. You have a week to get back for the rest of the money. Do not break my trust.

Background: Mumbai skyline night

Upla: Are you crazy Tammy? He is a terrorist. He had a gun on us. A machine gun!

Tammy: Nobody calls you a sister but me. But I like the name he gave us ‘Twisted Sisters’.

Titli: Alright! Now how do we get this from Mumbai to Sri Lanka. The ocean has no rooftops for us to run.

Tammy: That’s what I had asked that crazy kid.

Upla: We run under. I mean if you look at the ocean floor, it is like our rooftops just upside down. There are places where you can fall into and die and there are places which are nice and smooth.

Tammy (smiling): I never knew learning one skill will give you that much brain potty head. While we are running this upside down gauntlet of invisible rooftops, should we also grow a pair of gills like fish?

Titli: No we cannot run on the ocean floor. The pressure of the water on top will kill us, if we try. But maybe we can swim and somehow also take a break at times. I guess then we can do it.

Upla: We can swim sure. Sounds good.

Tammy: Come on Titli. The distance from Mumbai to Sri Lanka is too much even for us. Swimming is not easy, plus the Coast Guard are on their lookout. Will they not easily see someone swimming?

Titli: Take some tyre tubes from here. We will use a pipe with some floatation like thermocol on top for air. Then we swim but just a bit below the surface. No one will see us. Easy! Only three pieces of thermocol will be visible on top.

Tammy: Darling, from Mumbai to Sri Lanka in a week - under the water. Are you both out of your minds?

Upla: We shall go to the last point in India which I think is Dhanushkodi and then take the submerged Ram Setu structure as our reference points. The distance is something like 10 kms. It will be fun. Plus this part of the ocean has no deep trenches and a lot of places to play our hide and seek but inside water.

Tammy: Are you sure darling? How do you know all that?

Upla: 100% sure man. I know how to use my smartphone.

Tammy: I’m not sure if I have heard you ever make sense before. Are you my lil sister or the Mumbai air has done something to you? My lil twisted sister.

Upla: I am not Twisted… your mind is twisted… I will not speak to you.


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