Twisted Sisters

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Scene 12:

Background: Seashore

Tammy: What will I do if an octopus comes close to me? Tammy you idiot, why did I say yes to this crazy idea. Upla I will kill you now.

Titli: We’ll be across in one day. But it will be a whole lot of work and no babbling on the way. I am going to enjoy this time. One full day and no fights.

Upla: Yeah! this seems crazy. It sounded well earlier, but this seems crazy man. Tammy I am scared.

Titli: Shut up both of you. Come on let’s go. Hold hands everyone and do not let go.

Tammy: Upla how will we know where to go man? Did you bring a compass?

Upla: I have my phone and Google maps works fine. Why do I need a compass?

Tammy: Your phone won’t work inside the water stupid. I will die in the water. Aiyo Appa!

Tammy: Please God give me a choice this time to kill this stupid person I have come to love. I promise I will kill him quickly.

Titli: We do not need the compass, the Ram Setu rocks are our guide. We just need to follow them. Don’t worry and hold each other’s hand.

Tammy: At least we will be clean by the time we reach Sri Lanka.

Upla: What? No smell then from Tammy.

Narrator: Our trio wear two tyre tubes each, attach the pipes to a large piece of thermocol and start their journey. The going is easy at times when there is no current pushing or pulling them in one or the other direction. Their rudimentary air intake gear works just fine and no one shall be wiser that there are three brilliant minds of smuggling simply swimming under all radar into Sri Lanka.

Narrator: The only problem is that none of them can talk. But they point out the various fish and other things they encounter along the way. Their years of training on rooftops has also made them very strong and more or less they have no problem following the Ram Setu towards their destination.

Titli (thinking): Did I see a shark behind that rock?

Titli (thinking): There it is again. Is it playing hide and seek with us while it comes closer to take a look?

Titli (thinking): I should bring the attention of others to this shark and figure out a way fast. Maybe we should head to the large rock I see some ten feet away.

Narrator: The rock can give them protection from the shark but till they reach it, they are clearly visible to it as well making an easy target. The shark catches up to them and bites through the tyre tubes easily. It seems inedible but before it can make up its mind to attack again, they reach the rock and climb out of the water.

Titli: Hold on tight to each other and let’s wait for the shark to go away. It will also give us time to rest for a while.

Narrator: That was a smart move by Titli to choose the rock instead of waiting longer. They rest for now and wait for the shark to get bored and leave.

Upla: Man that was something. For a moment I thought I am dead today for sure. That shark was huge.

Narrator: It takes the rest of the day and half the night for the shark to stop moving around the rock. In the morning, they tentatively look around and when they are sure that the shark is nowhere, they start quickly on the rest of the journey.

Narrator: They have crossed more than half the distance from the Indian shore. They now race from one rock to the next. Throwing caution to the wind and not worrying much about the Coast Guards. Even if they get caught, they will at least live. Thankfully, they do not run into any more trouble and reach the Sri Lankan coast.

Narrator: They find their drop off person and give him the package. The return journey is tiring but uneventful and they reach India, battered but safe.

Background: Warehouse inside

Kwame: You guys are unbelievable. If there was a Nobel prize for smuggling, you have earned it.

Tammy: Yep, we are the best. Now where is the rest of our money?

Kwame (smiling): What money? I have already paid you in full. That’s how you work, right?

Titli: A deal is a deal and you are not playing fair. This is not done Kwame.

Terrorist 2: Behave little one. No one talks to Kwame like that and lives to tell the tale.

Upla: Shut up you moron. Are you his bodyguard? What happened to his father ‘Blue’?

Kwame: I shot him. He talked too much, sister. Just like you.

Tammy: I told you, no one calls him sister but me.

Narrator: In a fit of rage Tammy jumps next to Kwame and slits his throat with a knief lying on the drum next to him.

Tammy: Upla help. Blood...

Upla: Yes that is bound to happen when you slit a guy’s throat. Crazy… Unbelievable... Now we are murderers as well as smugglers.

Narrator: Nobody moves and no one had expected a thin, little girl to do anything of this sort. They cannot run as they are surrounded by terrorists. All they can do is wait.


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