Twisted Sisters

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Scene 13:

Background: Warehouse inside

Narrator: Terrorists are standing all around the warehouse with our Twisted Sisters in the middle. But thankfully their guns are not pointed at our heroes. These terrorists are discussing who should be the next leader.

Titli: Well... these folks really have no loyalty. We killed their leader and all they are worried about is who shall be the next boss? I do not like them at all.

Tammy: I guess we should hang around a bit and see. Maybe we can make some more money and then we go back to Delhi.

Upla: I am not sure... I guess we should run while we can. I have a bad feeling.

Tammy: There is a toilet. No one’s stopping you if you have a feeling.

Narrator: Suddenly there are police everywhere. While they thought that they were completely undetectable, the Coast Guard had picked up on their scent and raided the place with the police. Now that Kwame is gone and there is no clear leader yet, they take their chances. Some get shot but most of the others simply give up.

Narrator: Our trio thankfully survive as they do not know how to handle a gun. They were found by the police cowering behind a battered couch and brought to the police station.

Background: Police station

Cop: Yeah! You know nothing about Kwame and have just arrived today. Sure! I know.

Titli: Whisper... Tammy did something.

Tammy: What do I do? I am just so little and this is a cop. I am not going to manhandle him. That will make us all criminals. Oh! let me use my skill a second time. Or why not just bribe the officer. All cops love a bribe.

Narrator: Tammy tries to bribe the officer who gets really angry. In his words ‘Bollywood has put wrong things in your mind girl.’ He adds that they will spend the rest of their lives in prison just because they tried to bribe an honest officer. Tammy quickly closes her eyes and concentrates on her skill. Tammy has her hands tied behind her back but her mouth is open. She concentrates and calls for her communication skill to be present one last time.

Tammy: Dear Sir, We are but bystanders caught up in the circumstances and found by your elite team of officers. We were only at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe it was the right place and the right time cause now we are certain that we shall be able to reach home safely.

Titli (thinking): What the hell is Tammy saying? I hope she had heard me right and is using her skill or else we are doomed. I better wink at Upla or else he will say something and the magic will fall apart.

Cop: Do you take me for a fool? Do I not understand that you are trying to pull a fast one on me?

Upla: Sir, please hear us out. Tammy...

Tammy: Dear sir...

Cop: Are you trying to write a letter to the principal? What is this dear sir... dear sir? Come to the point.

Tammy: Sir we were trying to find our way back to Delhi. We are daily wagers and one fellow said that he can get us smuggled to Delhi. That is why we were in that warehouse. Sir, we are students in Delhi and had come to Mumbai to meet some of the stars in Bollywood and got stuck.

Cop: Daily wagers or students... make up your mind.

Cop: I don’t care either way. Maybe you are right. Maybe you are wrong. I will have to check. Do you have any papers to prove that you are from Delhi?

Titli: Sir, I remember my Aadhar number. Please check it.

Narrator: The cop checks and finds no reason to hold them further. He does find out that these kids are the reason that Kwame is dead somehow but not the exact process. He is more than happy that such a bad character is out of his hair for good. He cannot clearly thank them but atleast can send them home. They do seem like innocent children to him.

Cop: I am okay to let you go. But let me never catch you here or anywhere ever. Or else...

Narrator: They anyway have no intention of returning to Mumbai and promise to go home. They take a train and this time travel normally inside the train and reach Delhi safely.

Titli: That was close. I never want to see Mumbai again ever.

Tammy: Now that my skills are gone, I am just my old shit self again na?

Upla: You shall never be a shit ever my lovely giant Twisted Sister till I am with you.

Titli: Sometimes I do not understand you guys at all. You fight and yet you do not fight. You both are crazy, just like me.

Upla: But what if someone calls me a sister again Tammy?

Tammy: Then they better watch out. I do kill when I am angry enough. And not giving me money does make me most angry.

Titli: Remind me Upla to catch hold of her hands when she says so. This woman does kill.

Tammy: Et tu Brute! Upla hold my hands or I will kill Titli for calling me a woman.


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