Twisted Sisters

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Scene 14:

Background: Rooftops Delhi night

Titli: We now have enough money and should let go of this smuggling thing while we still can. I do not want another run-in with the police ever.

Tammy: True that... and I never want to see another terrorist or any bad character ever.

Upla: I will never visit that doctor. I still cannot see him as a smuggler. I have lost complete faith in him.

Titli: We must now use this money and invest it in something good.

Titli: I shall use my Strategic Thinking skill a second time and find a way how this money can earn us more money in a legal manner.

Titli: Okay... We should buy two bungalows at the border of Delhi by declaring them ghost infested at a cheaper price. Then later we will sell it off to make a profit.

Tammy: Oh! That’s why there are so many buildings that have ghosts in Delhi. I never knew that this was their modus operandi.

Upla: And I will use my networking skills to find a fellow who can get us a lower price now and then later help us sell it off with a higher margin. Wait... Okay. Found such a fellow. Let’s go.

Narrator: Now all of them have used up their skills twice and there is no more godly help. They meet the property dealer and buy the properties dirt cheap. They are happy that they have been able to invest their money and need not anymore stash it in the secret location.

Titli: Great... we bought the bungalows and have a few diamonds from our first job still left. That we shall use to party later.

God’s Assistant: Hello guys! How are the skills helping you out?

Tammy: Wow! When did you appear? Don’t you even call out like we used to do at school “May I come in Ma’am?”

Upla: Yeah man! Don’t give us a heart attack like this. Good to see you though.

Titli: What are you doing here?

God’s Assistant: I was passing through and dropped in to see how you guys are doing.

Tammy: You sure, you did not just drop in for choley bhature?

God’s Assistant: I won’t say no to that lovely dish. But I have less time today. How are things with you guys?

Narrator: They tell him the entire story and all of their wanderings and run-ins with the shark and the cops. They also tell him that all of them have used their skills twice each.

Titli: So do you think we did well in buying those ghost bungalows?

God’s Assistant: I think you have been taken for a ride. I did tell you that one needs to choose wisely how to use the skills to succeed. Life is about chances and skills coming together at the right time and the right place.

God’s Assistant: Those bungalows are being torn down as per government orders which even the property dealers had no knowledge of.

Tammy: I will kill those property dealers.

Titli: Can we not do something to get our money back?

God’s Assistant: That’s right. Never give up, never surrender. You don’t need any skills other than what god has already provided to succeed. Good luck. I have to run now.

Titli: You know I can join a Kung-fu School and soon I shall be the best. Tammy I think you too should use your Arithmetic skills. But what do we do about Upla yaar?

Tammy: I will not leave my Upla behind. That’s gross if you visualise it wrongly but I love her.

Upla: We have only one skill... Roof Running.

Narrator: An idea forms in their heads and they start the marketing of their parkour skills. They make videos of their roof running under the name ‘Twisted Sisters’. They post it on the internet and make money. In a few years they get a call from the World Parkour Association to attend and compete as the only Indian team in their Mumbai edition.

Background: Mumbai event

Cop (smiling): Didn’t I tell you guys never to show your face here again?

Titli: Sorry sir. We were invited to attend this Parkour fest.

Cop: Now do not start the application process of talking with me again. You did well. Congratulations. Welcome to Mumbai.

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