Twisted Sisters

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About the Author

I was born and brought up in Delhi and studied for a while in Australia in the late 1990s but as fate had it, returned back to the streets of Delhi to find myself loitering around in the North Campus of Delhi University. Here I found an opportunity to work on projects to teach Science and Maths to school children and carried on this task-driven by my core passion of writing. Those days the writings mainly included project reports and analysis of the various styles of teaching and learning than any kind of fictional or creative work.

Some people know me as a Dad, skating and football fanatic, part-time writer, creator of random home decorations, a gamer, and a self-acclaimed foodie – though not necessarily in that order. I am all yet none of these. I just look for fun in small things in my tiny private projects that are usually all strewn on my computer and around my home. A friend has bestowed on me the title of a digital freak too! My talks are usually centered around traveling, nature, environment, writing, and spying on your sob stories to give them a twist. Catch me over a longish call and I would have already connected enough dots in our casual talk to frame the backbone of my next story. Again a warning!

I am married and live in Delhi. My ten-year-old son, Mykey, continues to be my inspiration and usually the source from where all these stories get their twist. Mykey reminds me of the kid I was once in a bygone era. A chance encounter with mandible cancer in 2016 and the subsequent fights with myself to get better provided that mystical bone re-discover my passion to write stories. Perhaps through these stories, I envision a happier world, a disease-free life, and a healthier environment. I hope to leave the world a better place through these stories as my humble offering.

P. Kasturi Rangan

Delhi, India

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