Twisted Sisters

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Scene 8:

Narrator: Yes these two are still fighting over petty issues. And Titli now has learnt the Strategic Thinking skills.

Titli: hahhahaa... I never realised this skill had so many things. I think I made the right choice.

Titli: Guys... guys... stop this bickering all the time. If you want so much to kill each other then this roof has quite a few bricks lying around. Use them. See strategy in fight... I already know it and can help you fight better.

God’s Assistant: Come on! You can use the skill only twice. Remember? To use the skill in this situation you should have said ‘Oh dear lovely great almighty and all knowing Light Optimised Herculean Assistant Reader, please allow me from your unfathomable treasure one time to use my skill.’

Tammy: SHUT UP BITCH! That is so much of a tongue twister. I will get this mantra wrong all the time.

Upla (smiling): Maybe you should learn language skills.

Titli: As if anyone will remember all that kind of an invocation. Are you trying to con us?

God’s Assistant: Well I cannot lie being a servant of God but I sure am allowed to have a bit of fun... at your expense.

Tammy: I will kill him.

Upla: Oye! You can only kill me. That is for me only. I love you and you say that only to me.

Tammy: Oh my stupid lovely Upla. I love you too. Let’s both kill this Assistant.

Titli: Enough guys. At least be serious sometime na?

Upla: I am always serious. This Tammy is making a ruckus.

Tammy: Ohhh! Your love has already expired? I know your truth now. I will kill you.

Upla: If I just give you one punch, you will travel through this roof and into someone’s bed.

Tammy: Really? Someone’s bed? Do you think I am that easy to bed?

Upla: Hey sis... I didn’t mean it that way yaar. Sorry bhai. I love you man.

Titli: ENOUGH. Shut up both of you. NOW.

Titli: How do we use the skill? And no lies anymore and no more jokes.

God’s Assistant: Ok. Ok. Peace. To use the skill, just concentrate on the page and decide for which problem you want to solve. Simple.

Titli (thinking): Should I trust this fellow? But he was only joking earlier. Plus if it does not work I shall ask Tammy to scare him a bit and show him what us Shahdara guys are all about. But we don’t want him against us. He is a god.

Titli: Ok. You guys choose now.

Tammy: I am not sure yaar... Upla you choose something for me na?

Upla: Me? I am not sure either. Why don’t you decide for us na Titli.

Titli: I had learnt this Strategy skill to help these two. I shall use my skill for the first time and help you guys out.

God’s Assistant: That is good. It will also help me see if it really works.

Tammy: Are you trying to cheat us?

God’s Assistant: No. No. This has never been used by a human before. It is a new instance na. A good experiment.

Titli: Ok. Here we go. Concentrate on the skill and choose a skill for Tammy and Upla that can help us all later.

Upla: Oye... the page is glowing again. It always scares me.

Titli: Tammy should learn Communication Skills and Upla should learn Networking Skills.

Tammy: Yeah. Sure... me Communication Skills. You mean I do not know how to talk?

Upla: I told you Tammy. You have zero communication skills. Learn to behave as well.

Tammy: Fine. Let’s do this. I hope you are right Titli. I don’t think my poor brain can put up with too much learning.

Titli: These two skills and mine will make us proper Entrepreneurs. Then we can start a business and earn money.

Upla: Whatever you say Titli. I trust you and Tammy. Let’s do this now.

Narrator: The page glows again and Tammy and Upla get their chosen skills.

God’s Assistant: Great! My work is done here. Good luck to you all for your future. Just a word of advice, use them well. This quick fix to knowledge can or not provide the results you want but you have to make sure to choose wisely for the time when you are not using these powers.

Titli: Will we see you again?

God’s Assistant: Only if you all are not fighting so much. My head is spinning. And I have picked up some bad habits from you all.

Narrator: God’s assistant leaves and the three are left wondering how best to use these skills to earn money.


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