TKoT Vol. 4-1: "Goddess of Chains"

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(Book 4: Part 1 of ? )Andrea is no more and Ka'Azalin Rises as the Goddess of Chains. The Battle for Thanonal has just begin. The Council of Eights weapon is unleashed. The Holy Trinity of Celestia come to battle the rising forces of Avalon.

Adventure / Fantasy
Timidon Nodimit
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1: Pro-log

Twilight Kingdoms of Thanonal: Vol. 4: "Ka'Azalin, Goddess of Chains", Part 1: "Goddess of Chains"
Copyright: Alright Rights Reserved
Cover Art: Timidon Nodimit
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What you need to know

This is part of a series of episodic adventures, This is Vol. 4, allot is covered in the previous stories up to this point.
Events here take place directly after Twilight Kingdoms of Thanonal Vol. 3: Chains of the Heart)
Bhuul's has taken Andrea's brother as his Hand. The God of War Tristan crafted a battle plan against the Katalina. This involved multiple gods using grace. Bhuul captured Andrea in a God strength Devil Trap and burned her demon body to the ground leaving only her charred bones.
Katalina was defeated before she could even start her counter attack, by not being allowed to personally come and fight with her other form in Floastone, the Council of Eight denied this.
Andrea's soul is clinging to the vestiges of her bones, Charon is about to collect her soul and deliver her to Bhuul.
Oliver and his team have been removed. All is dark.
This sets the stage for Twilight Kingdoms of Thanonal Vol. 4: Ka'Azalin, Goddess of Chains.
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