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This story is about this girl who turned and found a boy to help her she went back to nomal

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So I was coming back home from school and saw my mother on the floor I tried to pick her up but she was too heavy so I started screaming "DAD" he was not at home so I collected my mom's phone to call but he didn't answer I called the ambulance and now my mother is in the hospital a few days later I was bringing pineapples to my mother in the hospital I saw this house that I been passing for days now so I decided to go inside it was dark so I turned on the lights I saw a vampire trying to hide his face from light I touched him he looked at me I was shocked because he was my father i screamed at him saying "how could you" then he immediately bit me on my neck and I fainted I woke on a bed my dad was in front of me I was to weak to scream at him so I left the room the sun was shining on me I started turning into stone so I came back inside I asked him what happened to me he told me " you are a vampire " I told him why he said he wanted the best for me I left the house to kill myself as I was turning into stone something or someone pushed me I fainted again and then I woke up I saw this boy his name was Jake he was so cute and looked like someone to help me he asked why I was turning myself to stone he had already know I was a vampire so I didn't answer him but he told me again that he can help me I thought he can't help but I need help tho so I was with him first we have to get the heart of the dark witch we had to go to a party to get a key to the place it was EMA's party ( my worst enbxemy ) all the girls were crouded Jake cause he was so cute he told he would ask ema for the key while I will stop all the girls from crouding Jake as I was blocking them and turned around I saw Jake and ema kissing so I ran to him and screamed at him the sun was up so I started to turn into stone so I ran back inside and everyone was look at me I stole an umbrella to cover the sun every night I will look for my mother and father so I went to the hospital but the guards will not let me in I lost my patience so I bit them scratched them and kill them a police officer saw me and call backup they starting chasing me all night it was morning I started to turn into stone I told them to stop following me but they didn't listen then someone pushed me I was shocked it was my dad he told me to run to the shed they took my dad I wanted to run after him but someone told me not to I was shocked it was my mother I hugged her she said I shouldn't go after him she said "he wanted the best for you I know he did wrong but forgive him he didn't me it"so I didn't run after him 3 months later my mother told me to start school so I will put makeup on my face cause I am pale so one day in school I was going to class I saw ema I tried to hide my face but she called me I told her "what do you want " she told me to stay away from Jake plus I was angry with him so what will make talk to him Jake was always trying to talk to me but I ingored him so after class he gave me a letter and said "my friend told me to give it to you" I knew his friend will like me cause he is also so cute so when I was where he told me it wasn't his friend it was Jake I was about to leave but he told to stay so I did he told me that ema was the dark witch I didn't believe until showed me a video on how transformed from ema to the dark witch I was really confused but he explained everything to me the plan etc then we killed her got the heart he told me to hold it at my chest so I did that and fainted I woke I was human again but Jake was a vampire but didn't care cause he was a vampire before I was shocked when he told he was a vampire before so I confessed my feeling to him then we started dating everything was back to normal I'm so happy


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