Gwendolynn's journey

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When I left her room, I decided to come back to my room to rest before dinner. I wanted to think about what she had said concerning Merek not being the skirt chaser people portrayed
him to be. I knew in my heart that it was true and it made me so happy to know that he thought I was special enough to bring home. I heard a knock at the door, stood up and crossed the room to open it. I found Matilda on the other side. She wore a magnificent deep purple gown, adorned with gold details around the sleeves and collar. Her hair was curled and fell loose behind her, a small flower crown sat on her head and some petals had fallen in her curls. She smiled as I bowed. She took my arm and we walked towards the dining room.

“I hope your stay with us has been good until now.”

“Oh yes, you have a beautiful house and everyone is so welcoming.”

She nodded and added, “it is because we see that you are special to Merek and he deserves to have happiness.”

I smiled as I thought of being the one that could provide him with said happiness.

“My husband cannot give his blessing to you, but I do. I think you would be an amazing Queen when the time comes.”

I gasped and she laughed.

“I hadn’t thought of that.”

I thought of Merek being a worthy King, but me being Queen? It was absurd to me.

“Queen.” I whispered, as we made our way into the dining room, where Merek and Elspeth were waiting for us.

Elspeth jumped out of her chair and shrieked,

“Your brother has been found! The guards are bringing him as we speak.”

I laughed at the outburst and thanked them all for finding him.
She sat down and waited for me to sit next to her before continuing,

“you never did say why you wished to see him?”

I cleared my throat, I had to tell them, they had been so good to

“My father is sick. He had not gotten out of bed for multiple days when I decided to leave in search for William. I just want to tell him so he can see our papa one last time. I fear however that I waited too long and that he might already be gone to the next world before we return.”

They all looked very sad, Merek the most.

“You should have told me Gwendolynn, we would have ridden more to get to him sooner.”

I nodded but kept my thoughts to myself. I had been so engulfed with my emerging feelings for him, that most of the time I had not
been thinking straight.

“My mind was on other matters during my travels.”

He understood not to press any further and just as I felt hunger hit my stomach, the food arrived.

We heard yelling far away in another part of the castle, the noise echoed throughout. I recognized that it was my brother. I stood up and walked towards the noise, Merek stood quickly and stayed by my side.

“Why am I here!? Why am I here!?”

The guards let him go and he stood back. As soon as William saw me, he laughed and ran towards me to embrace me. When he let me go, I noticed how changed he was. He was wearing fine clothes, his hair seemed clean and neat and his moustache was trimmed to perfection. He was very different then how I remembered him. Merek greeted him and explained why they
had brought him here. I told him that they had graciously agreed to help me find him because I had some important news. I took him to the side and told him about our father. He didn’t seem too sad about the news, but I had expected that. He nodded and looked at Merek, he thanked him for helping me.

“It was an honour to accompany your sister.”

William asked if we could talk alone and I agreed, asking him to join me in the library.

“I don’t want to make the journey home Gwen. Father made it very clear when I left that he did not want me coming back. I would rather not disobey him, even on his deathbed.”

It didn’t surprise me that he didn’t want to come back with me. I just wanted him to know about it and have the time to see him if he did have a change of heart. I explained this to him and he

“You have always known me better than anyone else.”

After he left my bedchamber, Merek knocked and came in after I told him he could.

“Will your brother go back with you?”

I shook my head and added, “I hope he has a change of heart. It would make papa happy to see him.”

He nodded and took my hand in his own.

“We are both going through some difficult family issues it seems.”

I nodded and said,

“I will need to go back home as soon as it is possible for me. I do not want to leave you and your family, but I need to see him again.”

He nodded but looked very sad.

“I would like to offer you my protection on the way back. If you agree, we could ride together to make the journey faster.”

I nodded right away, of course I accepted to make the journey back with him.

“You have been an immense help through all of this Merek and I thank you from my heart.”

I squeezed his hand, knowing that it was the closest I would get to him. Ever since his sister had caught us kissing, he had kept his
distance. He brought my hand up to his mouth and kissed it gently. He looked at me with something new in his eyes, was I mistaken or was it love?

“I have a proposition for you Gwendolynn. I would like to accompany you back home and then I would hope for you to come back here and make this your new home. Your father would be most welcome if he wants to come as well.”

As soon as I opened my eyes, I realized a new day was upon us. I thought back to the night before and what had happened between Merek and I. After he had made the marriage proposal, I had grabbed his hand and placed it on my heart.

“This heart beats for you now.”

He immediately took me in his arms and buried his face in my hair. He pulled back and looked at me again with the most loving gaze.

“Gwendolynn, I love you.”

I said it back before he even finished saying it to me. He brought his face close to mine and kissed me tenderly.

“I want much more Merek.”

I just could not resist this man, I couldn’t wait to be his wife.

“It is very hard to resist you Merek.”

He laughed and kissed me again and again until his hands
were around my waist.

“Be patient my love, we have the rest of our lives to give in to the

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